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What Product Managers Need to Know in 2021 [+Webinar]

280 Group

Here’s what we covered back in January: Meeting Customers Wherever They Are. Customer Privacy & Digital Rights. Improving Product Management Skills & Teams (Product Operations, Product Experimentation, Actionable customer insights, Change Management). Become even more Customer-Centric. Seamless Experiences.

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Announcing Intercom’s new AI features

Intercom, Inc.

And Intercom’s area of focus – customer service – is among those most poised to benefit. However, getting from technological breakthrough to useful applications is far from straightforward. We always believe the best way to cut through the hype is by putting real features in the hands of our customers. Great stuff!”


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Leveraging Data Analytics for E-Commerce Business Growth

Valerian Tech

Efficient data analytics allows e-commerce companies to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, optimize their operations, and make informed business decisions. Understanding Customer Behavior Data analytics enables e-commerce businesses to gain deep insights into customer behavior and preferences.

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Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry with Technology Implementation

Valerian Tech

From improving customer experience to streamlining operations, technology has revolutionized the way hospitality businesses operate and given companies access to extremely valuable insights. Moreover, staff-scheduling software and real-time communication tools streamline workforce management and enhance staff productivity.

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Beats, Bootstrapping and Life – Mat Clayton on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

Mixcloud CTO and co-founder Mat Clayton helped bootstrap his company from humble beginnings in an empty warehouse with no internet connection to more than 15 million active users over a 10-year period, all before they took their first round of funding. The Product Experience is hosted by Lily Smith and Randy Silver.

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Conducting User Research in Product Management

The Product Guy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Ian Moulton, lead a conversation around “Conducting User Research”. Jordan lives in Manhattan and in his spare time likes to play soccer. Ladislav focuses on user centric product development, especially on brand, usability and revenue product challenges.

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Blog/Website Relaunch: Under the Hood of

Crafty CTO

I decided on the same approach this time around – take the opportunity to learn something new, state of the art, and very different. The Cloudflare experience solving this issue was really good – a lot of capabilities, a well-crafted interface, for $0. New needs This time around, my requirements were a little broader.