Fri.Jan 06, 2023

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What is Experience-Led Growth?


Over the next few years, customer experience will surpass price and product as the most important differentiator in business-to-business (B2B) organizations. It’s safe to say that prioritizing customers’ experience is essential to organizational success and growth. This is where experience-led growth comes into play.

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How to find out what your customers want by Janet Bumpas

Mind the Product

In this ProductTank Oslo talk, product consultant and coach Janet Bumpas explains the key aspect of a product hero: building a product that customers love. What are products exactly? Are they a blend of features unified in a central theme? Are they tools to complete certain jobs or enhance users’ living standards? Or are products simply [.] Read more » The post How to find out what your customers want by Janet Bumpas appeared first on Mind the Product.


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Mobile App Tracking Best Practices and Tools: The 2023 Guide

The Product Coalition

If you’re reading this, you’re here because you need to get a better understanding of how users interact with your app. This article will take you through the mobile app tracking process from start to finish, the best practices for mobile application tracking, and the best mobile app tracking tools to do so. What is Mobile App Tracking? Mobile app tracking is the process of capturing data points across user activities in a mobile application with the aim to uncover the insight needed to improve

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How To Recognize Effective Project and Program Management

Johanna Rothman

Random Feature Roadmap for One Program. Several people on social media have denigrated the terms “project manager” and “program manager.” These people claim there is no need for either role in an effective team, especially an agile team because the team can manage its own deliverables. While some agile teams can manage their own deliverables, that's not the only role for a project or program manager.

Agile 117
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7 Pitfalls for Apache Cassandra in Production

Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database that boasts an architecture that delivers high scalability, near 100% availability, and powerful read-and-write performance required for many data-heavy use cases. However, many developers and administrators who are new to this NoSQL database often encounter several challenges that can impact its performance.

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Freemium or Free Trial: What do Your Buyers Prefer? – Jana Frejova PMM lead at Spendesk


Freemium or Free-Trial? That is the question that many product managers and marketing managers need to tackle to choose the best pricing strategy for their SaaS products. If you are one of them, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what Jana Frejova , Product Marketing Lead at Spendesk Spendesk , discussed in her recent presentation at the Product Drive Summit 2022 organized by Userpilot.

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How to Screen Beta Test Applicants to Maximize the Value of Your User Test


By taking the time to properly screen applicants and build a strong recruitment strategy around your test goals, you can not only ensure the success of your beta test, but also maximize the overall value and usefulness of your product.

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Top 5 Best Product Management Websites of 2022


So many websites and so little time. And while that truism could be applied equally to recipes, sports analysis, or politics, we’re focusing here on product management websites. It turns out a lot of product folks like to share their tips and wisdom on the Internet. Here at ProductPlan, we can’t get enough of product-related content, so we’re always on the lookout for who’s doling out easily-digestible-yet-professionally-fulfilling insights.

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The Ultimate List of Product Experience Resources for 2023


As the business world prepares to weather this year’s economic headwinds, savvy SaaS organizations are doing more than battening down the hatches. They’re investing in product experience (PX) and product-led growth (PLG) strategies to efficiently chart a path to durable growth—and smooth sailing when market conditions improve. In a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) report sponsored by Gainsight PX , researchers found that 81% of survey respondents strongly agree that a strong digi

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Best Practices to Improve Product and Feature Velocity


Feature velocity is one of the product management buzzwords but what exactly does it mean? This is one of the questions we answer in the article, so if you’re after the answer, you’re in the right place. We also discuss why velocity matters, and look at ways to improve your team’s velocity. Are you ready to jump in? TL;DR. Velocity is a metric that describes how much work a team can deliver during a sprint.

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Platform Product Management Beyond Features: Introducing B-MAP for Platform Ecosystem Success

Traditional PM struggles with the complexities of platform ecosystems. B-MAP framework tackles this challenge. B-MAP goes beyond features, focusing on building, managing, adapting, and partnering to foster a thriving platform ecosystem.