3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

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In this new video and blog post we discuss something that is exceedingly important in the product world: messaging. Fortunately Bill is here to provide us with three tests that.[continue The post 3 Tests for Great Product Messaging appeared first on 280 Group Product Management.

Stepping up Your A/B Tests

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This is the first of two posts that deep dive on A/B testing, expanding on a talk I gave at Google Playtime 2016 in London. In this post I share some of the learnings we’ve had after running 60+ A/B tests at Peak , looking at each step of the A/B testing cycle in turn.

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Tracking your A/B tests

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This is the second of two posts that deep dive on A/B tests, expanding on a talk I gave at Google Playtime 2016 in London. As mentioned in the first post, if you plan to run a lot of A/B tests then you should think about using a document to store test information, which I call the tracker.

Naimish Gohil – Adapting Your Product for a Changing Market

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From uniform to behaviour to the school vision, everyone working at a school needs to be able to give a consistent message to the students. Mixed messages are what cause difficulties in learning environments and the best seek to root them out. In order to get to this stage, they took the approach of any good product manager – they tested repeatedly to learn what worked best and iterated.

A Practitioner's Guide to Product Message Maps

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Jot down the key message headings. Now open the datasheet for that product and compare the message headings to those you wrote down. ” That’s because few high-tech vendors take the time to create product message maps and apply them to their marketing communications. Instead, they essentially reinvent the wheel with each new content piece, resulting in disjointed, inconsistent messages and confused buyers. Message Map Basics. Message Pillars.

Choosing the Right Beta Sites

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The key word in the phrase “beta testing” is not “beta,” it’s “testing.” Beta testing is defined as testing of a release candidate by customers on customer systems.

3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery

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They interview customers , run usability tests, and conduct A/B tests. Hypothesis Testing. And you can use the other half to test a couple prototypes. Because Frank’s team already had designs, they just started by prototype testing their concept designs.

How aligning product and marketing teams improves customer experience

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As traditional marketing messaging is increasingly met with distrust, consumers are now empowered by their smartphones and mobile connectivity to find and engage with businesses at almost any stage of the marketing funnel.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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The test is supplying just the right information to make progress and achieve results. Contributed by Cynthia Andre. In 2016, Glassdoor identified Product Management as the #8 best job to have in America, with a job score of 4.5 out of 5.

How To Fix A Product Management Mistake: Diet Pepsi

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They conducted countless taste tests and tinkered with their Diet Pepsi product development definition all in a quest to give their customers what they wanted. Pepsi’s product managers screwed up Diet Pepsi, can they fix it? Image Credit: Mike Mozart.

Transitioning from Scrum to Kanban

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Our teams were already experienced in Agile development and were working in two week sprints, with a regression test and proposed release at the end of each sprint, but the business stakeholders were still concerned about the speed of delivery.

Product Development: Turning Months Into Weeks

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For our app, a user can immediately see when another user has added a message. We needed to be able to let users know when they have unread messages. When it notices a new message, it stamps it with the time and marks it as unread.

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

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Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days. If we build in usability testing earlier in the development cycle, we are able to answer, “Can customers use it?” It’s helping us test if our solutions deliver on our desired outcomes.

When was the Last Time you Talked to Your Customers?

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I think we are all very familiar with the temptation to dive into Mixpanel for hours, or the excitement when you see your A/B test results. Luckily Revue was already a heavy user of Intercom , a customer messaging platform, which for me is pretty much like finding a goldmine!

What is a Digital Product?

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Product. What is a product ? It might be tempting to say, something we can market or sell. But when it comes to digital products, this definition has only limited applicability. Take the search function on your company’s website. Is that a product? Or is the entire website the product?

The biggest challenge for product managers?

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Whenever you find yourself debating feature prioritization with colleagues, be the person who says, “Let’s test this.” I’ve actually had the most consistent results cold-messaging people on LinkedIn who looked like my target users and paying them to let me pick their brains for an hour or two.

How Software Usage Analytics Supports Agile Development


In agile development, work takes place in cycles and is tested in two to four week time periods to create a product increment. First, with a combination of usage analytics and in-app messaging, we can test our assumptions in real–time within hours of actually deploying new functionality out there.

Startups are cheaper to build, but more expensive to grow – here’s why

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Companies can test and master paid spend much earlier and run meaningful experiments with budget as low as $50. The way ad platforms are now structured with these features allows you to run small tests with sub-scale campaigns. Startups should be getting cheaper to build.

Product to Product: Atlassian’s Evan Michner on why PMs need to be great writers


Eleni: A lot of the writing that product managers do might be in context that we don’t consider writing—like a Slack message or slide deck. ” So user testing to some extent. "If It’s a self-test of does this actually make sense?

Product Management Insights: How Usage Analytics Helps Your Developers


But as we started to dig into use by our customers, one of the most utilized pieces of functionality was a very minor testing feature, something that accounted for about one percent of the product’s total functionality. During testing cycles, it can be challenging for developers to get unbiased feedback on the customer experience. When I was a product manager, I encountered a scenario that is probably familiar to my fellow PMs here.

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

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As you move forward, spreading out the right information to the right people at the right time is critical to send a clear message that you care for them and are doing what you can to deliver on what was planned. Why do you want to spend time on unit tests for such a simple feature?

Key Best Practices for Using Customer Feedback

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With older customers, we’re typically interested in satisfaction, power-user and early-testing feedback and pain points that the product doesn’t solve. Testing — methods that help us test and validate if a concrete idea, feature or value proposition matches our expectations or not.

Innovation vs. Execution


Culture of experimentation - teams know they can run tests, and some will succeed and many will fail, and this is acceptable and understood. Culture of discovery techniques - the mechanisms are in place for ideas to be tested out quickly and safely (protecting brand, revenue, customers and colleagues). And what is the message if missing a commitment is seen as easily excusable?

Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

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The product management interview process is intimidating because it tests your expertise and domain knowledge in many different areas. Eliminate probing questions and error messages; no one wants to use a program that makes them feel responsible for its faults.

Books 30

Microsoft Application Insights vs. Revulytics Usage Intelligence: Play the Game You're Best At


Revulytics provides built-in mechanisms to test for server and Internet availability, provides reliable, secure caching in the event of network problems, aggregates telemetry for delivery at a specific time so as not to impact performance and gives developers full control of when to sync and what to track. With in-application messaging, you can connect the dots between insights you’ve gathered from usage data to drive a deeper connection with your customers.

Three Superpowers of a Product Manager

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The important message here is that you reserve time for each other and that everybody knows that this is the place and time to show up and discuss things.

Moving from Solutions to Problems

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The issue to test there would be safety and practicality; would people be willing to use the app while driving, just to see if there are spaces? Both of us need to accept them, as this will be the litmus test for the idea.

How we Saved our Funnel Drop-offs After They Happened

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The gifter’s journey may have various entry points and paths, but the two final steps of the funnel would typically be: Once the user chooses the product to be sent as a gift, they enter the recipient’s name and email address and write a personal message. It was worth a test.

User Research Tools and Methodologies – Morag McLaren (ProductTank London)

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This will allow you to come up with a messaging framework that lets you pitch based on whether they act based on their heart, their head or their wallet. Pick one thing to test that you know you can change and measure your outcomes on.

How to Survive the Product Zombie Apocalypse

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At that point, it’s crucial to remember that killing a feature or product should be treated exactly like a release – you’ll need a clear schedule, a tested transition plan, and well-planned messaging. Survive the product zombie apocalypse with Lisa Long, product Manager at appear.in

Why Are Spotify’s Freemium Conversion Rates So High? Look To the Data.


According to another Harvard Business Review article, Spotify has an “experiment-friendly culture,” and if people don’t know the best way to do something, they’ll run A/B tests to figure it out. With detailed information on how they’re using the product, you can target them with thoughtful, relevant messaging on how some of the paid features will help them better accomplish their jobs.

Nine UX Research Methods Product People Should Know

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Usability testing. After getting a clickable prototype or even just some early sketches, start testing ideas. Usability tests will uncover many usability issues: what do they and don’t they understand? During a usability test we give certain tasks to our test participants, which they try to accomplish using our product, and we observe how they perform. First recruit test participants from the target group. A/B or Multivariate testing. A/B testing.

Travis – thank you for leading us at Uber

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He’ll ask about the sample sizes on your A/B tests. There’s a lot more to say about Travis, but I want to leave all of you with a series of messages on my Facebook feed from my teammates and friends at Uber.

Behind Every Great Product


Hate mail started streaming in from everywhere - including emails directly to Bill Gates who would forward them on to the team with messages like "this is depressing MSFT's stock price. One of many tests they tried was to move to a subscription service. Article: Behind Every Great Product.

Creating effective customer feedback loops for product teams


With a tagging system in place that classifies Intercom conversations and messages based on feature requests, bugs, feedback and more, the team tracks and classifies all incoming feedback in a neat, organized manner that they can transfer over to product.

Don’t Build Products Just for Power Users


Email’s still kicking around but there are tons of messaging apps and platforms like Slack that dominate communication. Here are some options: Run beta tests that are only available to a select group of power users. Their name says it all, power users. Users with power.

Release Notes and Four Great Ways to Communicate Product Updates

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Conduct interviews and user tests, and create (tiny) user journeys. Analyze and create the perfect channels and methods for product updates with user tests and metrics. Modals draw attention to clear and simple messages, even in case of impatient users. a simple and kind message, a vote page visible in the background and. Test with real users. We get used to home and neighbourhood just like products we use every day.

Implementing Consumption-Based Licensing: How Software Usage Analytics Can Help


In such a way, you create a test group to see what works to sell in this model, and what doesn’t, limiting the risk of introducing a new business model. Marketing can leverage usage data to message customers with relevant, compelling messaging around new features, as well as how they can better leverage ones they have in place already.

Agile Through a Matrix Lens

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Requirements continually revisited – this is what we see nimble teams doing – at different levels of granularity, context, and relevance; at a low level, this is A|B testing and at a high level this is a pivot.

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Virtual reality and your product development process

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Will we have our email, Slack, and text messages simulacra or find that businesses begin to run on messaging systems native to a virtual environment? Always ask yourself, “What’s the smallest, simplest version of this idea we can build to test our hypothesis?”.