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Technical Review: A Trusted Look Under the Hood

TechEmpower - Product Management

Many CEOs of software-enabled businesses call us with a similar concern: Are we getting the right results from our software team? Most innovators don’t have a technical background, so it’s hard to evaluate the truth of the situation. The explanation from software leadership is often unsatisfying or unclear.

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Sales Technology: 3 Trends You Need to Know

Intercom, Inc.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended entire industries, forcing rapid change in the ways companies do business and dramatically accelerating the adoption of new technologies. Below, we take a closer look at the top three trends in the sales tech landscape to consider when choosing the right software for your sales organization.


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Effective customer engagement is business critical – insights from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Intercom, Inc.

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to enterprises – are realizing the business value of personal, efficient customer engagement. Businesses lack the connected tools needed to provide personal, in-context communications.

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Digital Sustainability: A Growing Frontier in Software Development

The Product Coalition

Software development with sustainability in mind is a rising trend in digital spaces. Digital technology has inadvertently become a significant contributor to the growing carbon footprint of the tech industry. As we increasingly depend on digital solutions, the environmental impact of this reliance becomes more apparent.

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Innovation Systems: Advancing Practices to Create New Value

As technology transforms the global business landscape, companies need to examine and update their internal processes for innovation to keep pace.

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Free vs Paid Analytics Platforms: How to Choose One (+ Best Tools in Each Category)


Analytics tools offer a competitive advantage for companies investing in prolonged product growth. However, not all companies can invest precious resources in an analytics tool. In reality, some companies are better served using free vs paid analytics platforms. There are different types of analytics tools.

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2021 Engagement Benchmarks for Education Apps

Alchemer Mobile

Quick transitions to remote learning, usage and integration hurdles, lack of funding for new tech, and massive fluctuations in MAU all played a role in delivering a challenging year for educators and education technology across the country. Ratings, Reviews, and Interactions. Ratings, Reviews, and Interactions.