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Gibson Biddle – Wicked Hard Decisions at Netflix

Mind the Product

In 2002, Netflix went public. There was a major anthrax scare in 2002, making people afraid to open their mail. Amazon, however, was already a huge established company and household name. Since that was the time that DVDs were starting to show up, he thought that maybe they could be mailed as well.

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Top Cross-Platform App Development Companies in 2020

The Product Coalition

It has been recently named the Top Mobile App Development Company by , Top App Developer in Chicago by , and Top App Development Company by The Manifest. It has been recently named one of the best mobile app development companies in the world by The Manifest , , GoodFirms , and


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Venture Funds Arrive in the Mastodon Space

Crafty CTO

Gruber had just written a short piece about Medium launching their own Mastodon server – with the fun, short domain name of You know which ones aren’t dead from 2002? I recently had a Mastodon exchange with John Gruber of Daring Fireball (and Markdown ) fame. The new server will be open to those with paid Medium accounts.

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CX pioneer Jeanne Bliss on building customer-centric businesses

Intercom, Inc.

I’ve been coaching leaders around the world since 2002. I had left Microsoft in 2002 and had started doing a lot of public speaking. As somebody whose surname is Reddy, I always appreciate someone with a word that can be used in a website for their name. After that, I wrote four books. One part data, one part empathy.

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The Ultimate Conversation Design Course Guide

UX Planet

Following this example, Inga Café-Ruoff published an updated 2002 list on the VTG publication, called, “ The Ultimate List of Conversation Design Courses ”. There are free educational resources, namely: webinars or podcasts, about Conversational AI and design.

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Dialling it up: The evolution of phone support

Intercom, Inc.

The clue’s in the name. And it wasn’t just those two laying claims – an Italian immigrant named Antonio Meucci filed an announcement of his similar invention in 1871. He was totally overlooked until the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution in 2002 honoring his contributions and work to the telephone.

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Top 7 UX Research Agency in 2023

UX Studio: Product Management

From many clients, we’re proud to say that we worked with names such as Netflix, Google, HBO, Zignaly, and IncQuery Labs. He is also the author of The Design of Everyday Things , published in 2002, which is one of the most essential books in the world of design. . Both of these writings have been cited in thousands of articles. .