Internal Product Development by Lucia Adams

Mind the Product

In 2002, she huddled into a “bunker room” at The Times to rethink the direction of the newspaper as it moved from a print to a digital model. Developing influence across an organisation allows you to drive products – and transformation – forward.

Resume and Interview Workshop with Keith Cline

bpma ProductHub

In 2002, Keith founded Dissero, a recruiting firm focused on early to mid-stage venture-backed technology companies. Contributed by Cait Porte. In November, the Boston Women in Product (BWP) hosted an event with the support of Keith Cline.

Resume and Interview Workshop with Keith Klein

bpma ProductHub

In 2002, Keith founded Dissero, a recruiting firm focused on early to mid-stage venture-backed technology companies. Contributed by Cait Porte. In November, the Boston Women in Product (BWP) hosted an event with the support of Keith Cline.

Feature prioritization in product management: the key to building products that sell

Product Management Unpacked

The technique was refined by James Grenning in 2002. There are many methodologies for feature prioritization in product management. If you are a product manager dealing with this, beware that one size doesn’t fit all.

Why Commitment Culture Wins by Damian Hughes

Mind the Product

Taken from Baron & Hannan, 2002. In this ProductTank Manchester talk, Damian Hughes proposes that we should strive to create “commitment cultures”, as this kind of culture more often wins than other forms of culture.

Why Drawing Maps Sharpens Your Thinking

Product Talk

2002, March). In 2002 AAAI Spring Symposium, Sketch Understanding Workshop, Stanford University, AAAI Technical Report SS-02-08 (pp. “Could it have been the drawing of maps that boosted our ancestors beyond the threshold which the other apes just failed to cross?”.

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3 Data-Driven Tactics Meetup is Considering to Optimize Offline Connections


Meetup’s co-founder and CEO Scott Heiferman says he created the company in 2002 to “use the Internet to get people off of the Internet.” But even an offline community can be optimized with data-driven tactics.

Web Design Inspiration in 2019: Where to Search for Ideas If You are Stuck?

UX Studio

Thus Template Monster was born back in 2002. . Working as a web designer requires a lot of creativity, skills, constant personal and professional development.

How Can Product Managers Get Kids To Buy Groceries?

The Accidental Product Manager

between 2002 and 2007. How to get millennials to buy groceries Image Credit: Britt-knee. If you were the product manager for a grocery store, you wouldn’t think that you’d have to worry about getting young people to come into your store and buy things, would you?

4 key steps towards a growth engine strategy

Product Warrior

To illustrate how to use this tool, below is a made up example reviewing Apple in Jan 2002 after a successful launch of the first iPod.

Salesforce’s Mike Kreaden on how to build a platform to drive growth

Inside Intercom

You’ve had a number of roles at Salesforce since you joined the company back in early 2002, from product management to startup relations. When I started in 2002, I was the first product manager for the API.

Selling Vs. Learning

Mironov Consulting

Here’s my interview guide from 2002.) I talk with product managers all the time, and always ask whether they are talking directly with end users and target customers. The most frequent response from enterprise product managers is “Of course! I’m on sales calls two or three times a week.” .

A book for all Product Managers: The Art of Product Management

All About Product Management

Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator by Rich Mironov This book compiles some of Rich's most popular columns from 2002 to 2008. It includes thoughts on building and maintaining product organizations, understanding how customers think, ideas for how to price new products, and ways to motivate people who don’t work for you. Collected into a single volume, it paints a picture of a typical interrupt-driven day.

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Getting Developers’ Buy-In on Build versus Buy

Mironov Consulting

The interface is from 2002 and only a handful of our employees can operate it, but it contains dozens of pre-written email templates.

7 Lessons We Learned About Product Development From Our Own Customers


Intuit recognized the value in the feedback and in 2002, launched Quickbooks — accounting software for small to medium sized businesses.

Network effects and Feedback loops?—?the Betamax and VHS story

The Product Coalition

The last Sony Betamax unit was produced in 2002. Network effects and Feedback loops?—?the

Why the Ride-Share market in Australia is proving hard for disruptors

The Product Coalition

Only seven years later in 2002, its estimated eBay owned 70% of the US based online auction market. Photo by Bogdan Kupriets on Unsplash eBay was famously launched in the home of Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb way back in September of 1995.

Optimizing for Fundamental vs Strategic Value

Sachin Rekhi

Last.FM , a social music service founded in 2002, was ultimately acquired by CBS Interactive for $280M in May 2007. Every week I meet with different entrepreneurs asking for my advice on topics ranging from funding strategy, exit opportunities, user acquisition, monetization, to technology investment.