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Internal Product Development by Lucia Adams

Mind the Product

Developing influence across an organisation allows you to drive products – and transformation – forward. In 2002, she huddled into a “bunker room” at The Times to rethink the direction of the newspaper as it moved from a print to a digital model. How do you embody change?” Lucia says be prepared for lows as well as highs.

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Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2019 vs 2002


Take a look at her analysis from 2019 and her 2002 report. The post Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2019 vs 2002 appeared first on Development Corporate. She has published a renowned annual research report since 2001. The differences and trends are fascinating.


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366: This is modified Agile for hardware development – with Dorian Simpson and Gary Hinkle

Product Innovation Educators

How product managers can use the Modified Agile for Hardware Development Framework. Many teams have tried adopting Scrum for developing hardware products, not always successfully. Dorian has a deep background in product development, starting in engineering and then moving to business leadership roles.? Timeboxed learning cycles.

Agile 111
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Top Cross-Platform App Development Companies in 2020

The Product Coalition

To help you make a better-informed decision about your future technology partner, we’ve conducted market and industry research in order to define the best cross-platform app development companies. why cross-platform app development? It is an established boutique design and software development house based in Warsaw, Poland.

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R.C. (Rocky) Rosacker – Principal Consultant

Clint Padgett – Project Success

Rosacker came to PSI with over 20 years of financial management and program development experience in Government service. He has been the lead consultant for the development of several Project Management Offices. Since 2002 Mr. Rosacker has worked with Caterpillar, Inc in emerging markets development.

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The Evolution of Netflix

The Product Coalition

By the end of 2002, Netflix had reached 800,000 subscribers¹ , firmly establishing itself as a major player in the rental market. At a time when brick-and-mortar video rental stores dominated the market, Netflix offered unparalleled convenience and selection, allowing subscribers to order DVDs online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

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Resume and Interview Workshop with Keith Cline

bpma ProductHub

In 2002, Keith founded Dissero, a recruiting firm focused on early to mid-stage venture-backed technology companies. Our mission is to inspire, equip and help advance women in product by encouraging career leadership, development, support, mentoring, and building relationships with like-minded women.

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