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Top Cross-Platform App Development Companies in 2020

The Product Coalition

Are you still thinking over whom you can trust and depute implementing your big app idea? To help you make a better-informed decision about your future technology partner, we’ve conducted market and industry research in order to define the best cross-platform app development companies. You might wonder?—?why

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Top 5 Startup App Development Companies in 2021

The Product Coalition

Are you seeking a trusted app development company for a long-term partnership? Here we provide a brief overview of the best app developers for startups for 2021. From day one, most startups are concerned with the question “How to find the best technology partner.” You’re in the right place!


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What Is A SaaS Product Growth Strategy? [Examples Included]


Is a SaaS product growth strategy essential to a modern business’s survival? What SaaS product growth strategies can you implement to get there? That's exactly what we'll cover in this article: what is a SaaS product growth strategy and what are the main growth strategy types. What is a SaaS product growth strategy?

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393: Tech-driven vs. market-driven innovation – with John Cooley, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

Today we are exploring technology-driven vs. market-driven innovation. There are times that a technology comes first and later a problem associated with a market need is found that the technology addresses. He founded Nanoramic in 2009 and now serves as the Chief of Products and Innovation.

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Top 10 Japanese Startups


PKSHA Technology Inc. It is an e-commerce company that provides a platform on the C2C online resale marketplace. The platform started from a mobile phone app and has expanded to a website with more than 10 million active monthly users. PKSHA Technology Inc. The platform primarily sells A.I. SanBio Ltd.

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Best App Designing Companies to Work With in 2021

UX Studio: Product Management

As an expert app designing company, we have prepared an in-depth overview of the top app design agencies to work with in 2021. Thus, we are sharing our selection of the best app designing companies for your consideration. How much it will cost to design a mobile app in 2021. List of top 10 mobile app design companies.

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Ethical Crossroads: Is Your UX Design Helping or Hurting?

UX Planet

Sometimes, reading a heartfelt “This app helps me stay connected to my family!” Designers can cleverly orchestrate entire journeys through websites or apps, leading us through paths designed to optimize metrics, not empower our free choices. Share case studies, highlight research findings, and always put the user first.