Thu.Mar 30, 2023

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Top product management reads in March

Mind the Product

A brief run through of the top five most-read product management posts published on Mind the Product in March 2023 Read more » The post Top product management reads in March appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Market Segmentation: The Key to Unlocking Your Product’s Marketing Potential in B2B

Product Management University

If you’re a dog or cat owner and your clothing and furniture are covered in pet hair, do you reach for the generic lint roller, or do you buy the “pet hair pick-up,” a product that’s basically a lint roller with your furry friends on the label? Most pet owners will choose the pet hair pick-up because it speaks to their specific needs.

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10 Best Practices for Shopping Cart Page Optimization

AB Tasty

Learn how to optimize your shopping cart page and reduce shopping cart abandonment with best practices from top e-commerce websites.

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Creating and Leveraging a Product Roadmap

Gocious Blog

A product roadmap is an important tool that helps to outline the product development process. From product conception through to product completion, it defines all of the steps that are needed to build the finished product.

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Beyond the Basics of A/B Tests: Innovative Experimentation Tactics You Need to Know as a Data or Product Professional

Speaker: Timothy Chan, PhD., Head of Data Science

Are you ready to move beyond the basics and take a deep dive into the cutting-edge techniques that are reshaping the landscape of experimentation? From Sequential Testing to Multi-Armed Bandits, Switchback Experiments to Stratified Sampling, Timothy Chan, Data Science Lead, is here to unravel the mysteries of these powerful methodologies that are revolutionizing how we approach testing.

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Creating a Culture of Experimentation


Ashit Kumar, Web Analytics & Experimentation Lead at Spotify, and Philip Knape, Senior Product Manager at Einride, give their tips on how to foster a culture of experimentation in product development.

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How Stakeholders are Involved in Beta Tests


Assembling the right management team for a beta is a fundamental step to a successful test. The stakeholder team is responsible for managing and coordinating the beta test, gathering and analyzing feedback from beta testers, and working with the development team to address any issues that are identified.

Testing 52
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Pioneers in Open Source: Facing Adversity & Navigating Imposter Syndrome

Modus Create

In this fascinating conversation, Spotify iOS engineer Anna Beltrami shares how she has faced adversity and imposter syndrome as a woman in the tech industry. As a child, Anna had a brain tumor that completely changed the course of her life. Using it as motivation, she found a drive and passion within to push herself forward and started getting into coding.

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How Looker Segments Customers for Digital Customer Success


Originally published June 2, 2022 By Brian LaFaille, former Global Head of CS Strategic Programs at Looker Digital Customer Success is for everyone. This is the message that has echoed across LinkedIn and in the wider CS community for some time. We caught up with Brian LaFaille, former Global Head of Customer Success Strategic Programs at Looker, to get his take on segmentation and how they score customers at Looker.

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dscout + Miro study: How can we improve stakeholder engagement?

dscout People Nerds

Collaborating with stakeholders is a foundational part of any successful study. So how is it currently working out for UXRs? We investigated.

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Exploring PerfDog Whitepaper 2024: Unlock the Power of Performance Testing

Key Takeaways Robust Platform & Multi-System Support: Brief introduction to PerfDog's extensive compatibility across various operating systems and hardware platforms including Android, iOS, PC, gaming consoles and more. In-Depth Performance Metrics: Quick view of the extensive range of metrics for system, graphics and rendering, user experience, in-depth analysis, and more.

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Women’s History Month

Business of Software Conference

Throughout March we are sharing some of the brightest and best talks from BoS to celebrate the wonderful women we have welcomed on stage. Tiffany DaSilva Tiffany DaSilva is the founder of, an eCommerce site dedicated to helping everyday people live their best life. She has spent the past 20 years in all facets of digital marketing working for startups like Geosign, Achievers & Shopify, as well as, a growth marketing consultant for over 80 companies from startup to enterprise.

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Top Product Management Trends in 2023


We asked 6 product experts about what they think will be the most important product management trends in 2023. More growth, newer tools and different roles are just some of them.

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How To Ensure High-Value Software for Business Success


Did you know that software investment can make or break your business? A relevant one can enhance your processes and drive organizational success. Not surprisingly, more and more businesses are investing in them. Yes, that’s right, and the numbers say it all! According to surveys, global spending on enterprise software in 2022 was more than […] The post How To Ensure High-Value Software for Business Success first appeared on Development Corporate.

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Enhanced GPU Monitoring with eG Enterprise v7.2

eG Innovations

I’m delighted to be able to share that the v7.2 release of eG Enterprise has added a number of significant enhancements to extend or support monitoring of GPUs in the datacenter and cloud. New GPU Monitoring capabilities in eG Enterprise v7.2 include: Vendor support expanded beyond NVIDIA to include AMD and Intel GPU technologies, allowing you compare and monitor on-prem GPU environments and cloud enabled GPU instances side-by-side and chose the most cost-effective and relevant options Extended

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Product Management Careers: Job Prospects, Pathways, and Must-Have Skills (2024)

The product management job market in 2024 reflects the fast-growing and ever-evolving nature of the field. For product managers looking to future-proof their careers and take advantage of new opportunities, staying informed about the professional landscape is a smart move. In this comprehensive career guide from Regis College, you’ll learn about: The current job outlook for product managers in 2024 Six professional pathways and the average salaries for these roles in the U.S.

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A Brief History of Feature Toggles: How the Software Tool Has Evolved


Feature toggles—or feature flags or flippers—are a powerful tool software engineers use to enable and disable certain features within a codebase. This allows changes in the system to be tested with minimal risk of disruption or downtime. Let’s look at how feature toggle usage has evolved over the years, from early manual methods to modern automated systems.

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How to establish a product analytics practice


Product analytics promises us something incredible: With more behavioral data about your users, you can make more informed product decisions. But what if you feel like you’re drowning in data? If you have a mature, well-established product, it’s even harder to mine through millions of end users and billions of data points. Or what if you have no data but need to generate insights quickly?