Building help content into your product launch

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When you’re gearing up for a big product launch, creating help content is often the last thing on your mind. There’s so much that goes into preparing for product launches – ensuring your beta testing goes smoothly, locking in your marketing campaign, getting your sales team up to speed.

How to evolve product launches as you grow

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As a product-first company, new product launches are a core part of Intercom’s DNA – which means there’s always an abundance of juicy launches for us product marketers to work on. 3 tips for a successful product launch plan.

Powerful techniques for product launch

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So many product managers focus on the BUILD aspects of product but often forget about empowering the launch and its promotion. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about launch techniques. Shouldn’t we use the same approach in managing a launch?

Product Launch: Reducing the Product Manager’s Workload

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When do most Product Managers start thinking about the product launch? Finding the time to involve the rest of the company to the extent necessary for launch success is difficult. It’s not nearly enough to make all the other factions self sufficient, so you continue to pay the price with everyone depending on you to do their job – sales demos, writing marketing materials, getting involved in customer support cases, etc.

The Art of Developing Your Launch Strategy

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No matter how awesome your product, without a well-conceived launch strategy, it will likely sputter off the launch pad. What Is a Launch Strategy? Your product launch strategy delineates the approach you plan to take in getting your product to market. You can start ruminating over what to include in your launch strategy as early as the conception phase. 1 – Who are your top priority audiences for the product?

Managing Manufactured Products: Preparing to Launch

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In this third post in his series on product management for manufactured products, Dustin Levy looks at how you prepare for launch. Often, these prototypes will demonstrate selected features or subsystems of the final product you intend to launch. Once all features and subsystems are developed, you will begin to prepare for production readiness. In some organizations, production readiness and launch are synonymous. Setting the Launch Date.

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Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

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Most of those new signups will look at your product once and, for a multitude of reasons, never come back. You just embarked on a big marketing campaign and spent all that time and money getting them in the door, only for them to see no value in your product and walk right back out again. Bootstrapping “Product Education” When I first joined Intercom, my role didn’t really have a name. As the function grew, I hired a team of product people.

The importance of an effective product marketing strategy

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Despite the mountain of evidence contradicting the mantra of “if you build it, they will come”, it’s still extremely prevalent among product-first companies. Do they know where to go to promote their product, and how to do it once they get there? Getting through the first product launch requires more than a marketing Band-Aid; it requires instilling a company-wide philosophy that marketing and product aren’t two antithetical forces but two sides of the same coin.

Announcing Product Tours: A new way to create powerful, personalized user onboarding

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There’s a pattern that’s all too common in our industry – you build a rock-solid product, spend a lot of cash and effort attracting people to discover that product, but then fall down at the crucial point of helping your customers actually find value.

Launching A New Product? Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Company.

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Align everyone in sales, marketing, product, customer success, and professional services. Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash You’ve been planning this launch and everyone involved in the process knows everything they need to know. Has your business leader approved of the product launch?

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From Awareness to Adoption: Keys to a Successful New Feature Launch


Product teams must not only create an amazing product, they also need to set the stage for the product getting the awareness it requires for trial and user adoption. Attention: How to successfully launch a new product feature.

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Consider a soft launch

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Meghan was hired a few weeks before an initial product launch. She couldn’t find many of the core product pieces so she was forced to start from scratch. She jumped right in to understand personas and problems so she could define the product positioning.

How Product Managers can Leverage All-Hands Meetings to Foster Alignment


Product. Product. How Product Managers can Leverage All-Hands Meetings to Foster Alignment. How Product Managers can Leverage All-Hands Meetings to Foster Alignment. Why product updates should be part of every all-hands meeting. ROADMAP TEMPLATES Product Roadmap.

3 Easy Steps To New Product Adoption


So, you’ve successfully launched a product and now you’re planning to launch a new product within the category. We’re here to give you ideas for your new product adoption. If product launches were easy, then everyone’s product would be a hit.

How live chat increases conversion rates

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How to use live chat for a product launch. Perhaps that’s on your pricing page when they are trying to choose between options, or perhaps it’s on a promotional landing page when they’ve clicked on an ad and are trying to figure out how your product fits their needs.

Why I Moved From Customer Success to Product-led Growth


I’ll try to explain the reasons I think product-led growth is going to be our company’s next main growth driver. Customer Success Is Not Your Product. Thus we used the customer success team to make product development faster. Customer Success is not your product.

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Dos and Don’ts of Product Presentation

If you’re gearing up for your next product launch, you’re probably preparing a product presentation Powerpoint. Your new product presentation is not just about showing off your latest development. Create your product roadmap with Craft for a smart product presentation.

TEI 222: Presenting new products at trade shows and events – with Amy McWhirter

Product Innovation Educators

Learn how to cut through the noise and make human connections presenting new products. For many product people, participating in their industry trade show each year is one of the most important things they do. Summary of some concepts discussed for product managers. [2:54]

Product Discovery vs Daily Business by Natalie Moschner and Giorgia Gabrielli

Mind the Product

In this talk to the MTP Engage Hamburg audience my colleague Natalie Moschner and I share some of our experiences and learnings from implementing product discovery in daily work routines, and we look at how we integrated product discovery in a firm with over 400 employees like AutoScout24.

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Why live chat isn’t just for customer service anymore

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How to use live chat for a product launch. Perhaps that’s on your pricing page when they are trying to choose between options, or perhaps it’s on a promotional landing page when they’ve clicked on an ad and are trying to figure out how your product fits their needs. At Salesloft, Intercom drives 40% of sales demos booked, an 8X improvement over their previous live chat tool.

How live chat can warm up your cold outbound leads

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As an outbound SDR, this approach has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes me to schedule demos, and also creates meaningful, personal engagement at scale. Naturally we run our emails and live chat in Intercom, but the process can apply to other products too. How to use live chat for a product launch.

How to Conduct an Effective Competitive Analysis


Product. Product. Product Management. /. Product Strategy. / Competitors make our own products better—they create urgency and drive innovation by providing both motivation and a measuring stick. Competitive insight should inform, not drive the product roadmap.

Need for speed: how to address leads faster with live chat

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You can have the world’s most talented sales team and the greatest product but still lose to a competitor. Contact forms still have their place, but there’s a delay between when someone fills out a “request a demo” form to when an SDR follows up. How to use live chat for a product launch. In Sales, timing is everything. A recent HBR study analyzed 1.25

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The Ultimate In-App Marketing Guide for Product Marketers in 2019


I’ll use examples from top SaaS products throughout, and provide you with actionable takeaways. It’s aimed at users who are already paying for your product. Unlike other products, SaaS users pay for your product over and over. What is our product’s “Aha Moment”?

5 Unique Challenges for Mobile Product Managers (and How to Handle Them)

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By Andre Theus, Vice President of Marketing at ProductPlan Being the product manager in any industry can be an exhausting undertaking. Managing your product’s backlog. Product demos. Product management isn’t for the lazy.

What is Product Marketing? A Data-Backed Definition

The Product Coalition

An insight into Product Marketing roles, responsibilities and KPIs after interviewing dozens of Product Marketing Managers. The State of Product Marketing today Product Marketing is like Customer Success was 5 years ago; misunderstood but easily thrown around.