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Airbn b has just announced that all of its employees can remain remote forever, keeping their cushy San Francisco salaries even if they move to the boondocks. What do product people think of this? Subscribe to my weekly Nano-letter: Sign Up. Subscribe to One Thing Weekly. Name. *. First Name.

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Product User Segmentation: What Is It and How To Implement Segmentation in Your SaaS Product?


Are you aware that product user segmentation affects all stages of the user journey and the overall growth of a business? You can use product usage data to develop an effective marketing strategy, improve products, retain customers , as well as to accelerate customer adoption.

Metrics Hierarchy and Metrics Pyramid: Aligning Product and Business Goals

The Product Coalition

Metrics Pyramid, Metrics Hierarchy, Unit Economy, Funnels?—?there there are many ways to connect and organize metrics and dashboards. Choosing the right approach is 80% of success. As a consultant on advanced analytics, I often hear, “ Our business metrics were rising.

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

Use Deliveries to Offer New Decision Points for Tactics and Strategy

Johanna Rothman

We often think that finishing a story from the backlog is “just” tactical. However, the more often we deliver in short feedback loops, the more often we can make strategic decisions. Finishing a story creates a new decision point, for both the product and the corporate strategy.

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What Does a Cloud Architect Do?

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Nowadays, it's almost impossible to go long without hearing some reference to "the cloud" in one way or another. It seems as though, more often than not, software products are delivered to customers "as a service," that is, through the cloud.

Intercom’s product principles: Build better solutions by keeping it simple

Inside Intercom

Complexity hampers our ability to move quickly. At Intercom, keeping it simple means being deliberate about getting things into our customers’ hands in the most straightforward way. We often fall into the trap of assuming that the more complex a product, the more powerful it is.

Cross-functional collaboration Q&A: Why and how does communication break down? (Pt. 1)


This post is part one of a two-part series to understand the challenges of cross-functional communication, why it’s worth fighting for, and winning strategies from the field. Watch a recording of the full discussion here.

What is IVR deflection?

Inside Intercom

IVR stands for interactive voice response, and is a tool typically used to respond to customer queries at call centers. . IVR deflection is a specific technique that seeks to improve the IVR customer experience, allowing customers to have a multichannel experience. .

Knowing What Products Not to Build: A Case Study With NBC Universal

Knowing what not to build is just as important as what to build when it comes to product development. Learn how NBC Universal saved millions by knowing what not to build and created a more cohesive customer experience with Feedback Loop.

Writing prototype usability testing tasks


When it comes to prototype usability testing, it's crucial to get accurate feedback and data so you can move forward in the UX design process. One of the best ways to ensure accuracy is by writing appropriate tasks for your users to follow. However, this is not an easy feat.