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What is Product Strategy?

Product Bookshelf

Martin Good Strategy, Bad Strategy by Richard Rumels Product strategy is a set of choices informed by product vision and company objectives. Strategy development requires imagination and creativity ; a good strategy is not the result of detailed analysis. Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley and Roger L.

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Common Product Vision Board Mistakes

Roman Pichler

A good vision exercises pull—it describes a future state that people want to bring about. Solution : Describe the ultimate purpose of your product, the positive change the product should bring about like “healthy eating”. Additionally, such a vision is hardly inspiring. Cause : A confusion about what an effective product vision is.

Vision 300

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Aligning Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers for Success – Interview With Aatir Abdul Rauf


PMs prioritize product development and functionality, while PMMs focus on market adoption and product desirability. They articulate the value of the product and make it compelling to prospects through messaging and positioning exercises. What are some key differences in priorities between PMs and PMMs?

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Permission To Stay Focused

Mironov Consulting

An essential role of CPOs and other product leaders that’s never listed in the job description is giving organizational 'air cover' to product managers to postpone almost all new requests — so that their teams can finish work already underway.    Lately, I’m calling this permission to stay focused.

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Developing a Thorough Understanding of Atomic Roadmapping Habits


As we get more comfortable, we keep doing it to get the same positive outcome. And for product managers, it’s important to develop your own atomic roadmapping habits. . Learn how to set up your roadmap for success: Building New Habits and Breaking Bad Ones. Good habits make us more productive and efficient.

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Becoming a Transcendent Leader: A Personal Journey

The Product Coalition

Transcendent leaders rise above self-interest and ego and focus on uplifting others and positively impacting the world. It is rooted in the understanding that authentic leadership emerges when we transcend our ambitions and dedicate ourselves to uplifting others and positively impacting the world.

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Behind The 10 Most Common Product Management Interview Questions

The Product Coalition

The Most Common Product Management Interview Questions What do you see as a Product Manager’s main role within product development? How do you see your career developing in the next 5 years? What are your main strengths and weaknesses? What do you see as a Product Manager’s main role within product development?