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The Product Interview?—?A Technical Exercise

The Product Coalition

A Technical Exercise In this post, I’ll offer my idea of the sort of technical abilities expected from a product manager. My take on it: while I love ex-developer PMs, and find that their teams often execute better, this is by no means a requirement. The Product Interview?—?A The correct answer is always C.

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Common Product Vision Board Mistakes

Roman Pichler

A good vision exercises pull—it describes a future state that people want to bring about. It can also result in a large product backlog and high development cost: The greater the number of people who should benefit from your product is, the more diverse their needs are likely to be, and the more features are usually required to address them.

Vision 299

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How To Be More Creative: Simple Exercises For Your Team

UX Studio

It sounds weird at first but wait… Trick 2: Bad ideas don’t always turn out that bad. For one, we automatically exclude a lot of ideas because we find them bad or useless for some reason. Re-evaluating these bad ideas can open up brand new perspectives. How To Create A Convincing Product Vision To Guide Your Team.

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Product Management Training in 2020: How to Decide

280 Group

Completely compatible with the Agile development methodology by bridging the need for long-term roadmap development with the need for short-term flexibility in planning. According to a study by State of Learning & Development , employees are able to spend 40-60% less time on learning when using a course online.

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Building Great Products With a Highly Skilled PM Team – Secrets from a Product Leader

280 Group

Join our upcoming webinar, Building Great Products with Superior Product Management Skills , where we’ll go into more detail on all of the tips below and provide you with actions you can take to develop a highly skilled, more effective product management team. Register here. So, how do you get there? Establish a Learning Culture.

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Developing a Thorough Understanding of Atomic Roadmapping Habits


And for product managers, it’s important to develop your own atomic roadmapping habits. . Learn how to set up your roadmap for success: Building New Habits and Breaking Bad Ones. Develop effective atomic roadmapping habits can allow your team to develop a clearer product vision. Imposter syndrome.

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How to Set Product Manager Goals for the New Year in 4 Simple Steps

The Product Manager Coach Blog

Get ready for a fantastic new year with my quick goal setting and year-end retrospective exercise designed specifically for product managers looking to grow their careers. That’s why I’ve put together this quick goal setting and year-end retrospective exercise specifically for product managers looking to grow their careers.