The importance of exercising courage

Lead on Purpose

I’ve recently had several experiences that required me to get out of my comfort zone. The subject of courage has becoming particularly important and meaningful to me in recent weeks and months. Different situations in my consulting work and with … Continue reading → Team Building clarity confidence courage decisiveness strength teamwork

Inspiration: If human beings don't keep exercising their lips.

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If human beings don't keep exercising their lips, their brains start working.—Douglas —Douglas Adams, author, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Why do we have such trouble with silence? A caesura is a long pause.

How To Be More Creative: Simple Exercises For Your Team

UX Studio

The post How To Be More Creative: Simple Exercises For Your Team appeared first on UX Studio. I’m walking on thin ice here, but sometimes I feel that UX design is killing my creativity. When it comes to the design process, I follow all the steps in the book. But occasionally, something gets lost along the way: true innovation. Then, I wonder: how to be more creative in a UX setting, while still putting the user first? What lies behind a creative crisis and how to avoid it.

3 Exercises to Sharpen Your UX Skills


Like an athlete, you need to train and … The post 3 Exercises to Sharpen Your UX Skills appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Being a great UXer takes a lot of work. You need to be creative, empathetic, articulate, and patient ( among many, many, other qualities ). And those traits don’t just manifest overnight. Design Popular Product

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

This exercise is not a one-shot deal. exercise in imitation. PRICE 22 Pricing for Value This exercise can get you started, but it is best performed along with third-party intelligence gathering. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS.

26.2 Reasons Why Talking to Users Is Like Exercising


Our very own VP of product, John-Henry Forster, shares his love of running and interviewing users, and what the two have in common


Featured Product Management Consultant Interview: Phil Burton

280 Group

Our first featured Product Management Consultant is Phil Burton, a seasoned PM veteran who talks about the most difficult parts of Product Management, his favorite training exercise and more.

Optimizing internal product communications

Folding Burritos

There’s a simple exercise that brings a lot of clarity to how we can structure our communication about the product with stakeholders. To start the exercise off, we need to write down the list of questions that we get asked by (or that we ask) stakeholders.

Twitter character limit and human behavior


and called the entire experiment a useless exercise. When Twitter increased its length character limit to 280, the world started writing them off (again!) The results are out. There are more pleasantries on Twitter than earlier. Last year, we upgraded tweet length to 280 and guess what? Use of 'please' is up 54% and 'thank [.]. The post Twitter character limit and human behavior appeared first on NextBigWhat. Product Management

Yes, Product Managers really are Superheroes (No Exaggeration!)

Sequent Learning

? The First Experience The first exercise we do in our product management essentials workshops is to have the participant teams (there are typically 4-5 teams grouped by tables) list the challenges that a product manager faces and then draw a picture of a Product Manager.

Technical Debt and Product Success

Roman Pichler

In the worst case, you have to go through a rewriting exercise where some parts or even the entire product are being redeveloped. Why Technical Debt Matters for Product People.

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Define the Formula that Drives the Business

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

I think you get the point of this exercise. Here is an example for our hypothetical case (you can download the template here ): (Excel has been our tool for this exercise, but feel free to use whatever tool you desire.

Twitter character limit and human behavior


and called the entire experiment a useless exercise. When Twitter increased its length character limit to 280, the world started writing them off (again!) The results are out. There are more pleasantries on Twitter than earlier. Last year, we upgraded tweet length to 280 and guess what? Use of 'please' is up 54% and 'thank […] More The post Twitter character limit and human behavior appeared first on NextBigWhat. Product Management

How to Run Product Portfolios at Scale

Mind the Product

One of the first exercises I run with executive teams is mapping their business portfolio to visualize current work in progress and how it aligns to the overall business strategy. In this talk I share my lessons learnt from client engagements with many of the world’s largest organizations.

"Be a sponge". and other advice for the first 30 days of a new job

Product Manager in Heels

Exercise! Starting a new job can be tough. I recently started a new job and some of the basic advice I learned years ago still applied.

This Keystone Habit Will Fuel the Rest of Your Continuous Discovery Habits

Product Talk

For most people, exercise is a keystone habit. When we exercise regularly, we naturally tend to eat better, we have more energy, and so we are more productive at work. I love working as a discovery coach. I work with dozens of teams at several companies spanning many industries.

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Just say no. Prioritization and Product Management

Product Manager in Heels

I find myself doing a similar exercise, keeping revenue opportunity at the front of my mind in order to make the best choices. Another method that has come in handy for me, and aligns with the questioning exercise above.

Mental Models Applied: Using A 2×2 Chart For Handling Competitive Objections

The Secret PM Handbook

As an exercise for myself, I decided to take a mental model that’s usually used for decision making – a 2×2 matrix – and apply it to marketing. Consider doing the exercise again with a different pair of differentiating capabilities. In some earlier articles and in a talk I gave at a local product management meetup , I’ve shared about the importance of having a toolkit of mental models.

Growth Mindset in Product Management

Roman Pichler

A great way to cultivate a growth mindset and open mind is to learn a new skill, for example, learning to draw or paint, sing, play an instrument, take up yoga, or another form of exercise. Are you, for example, critical of the other person’s work and quick to exercise judgement?

Product Leadership in Scrum

Roman Pichler

While the three roles exercise different leadership, the people involved must effectively collaborate to achieve product success and align product strategy, roadmap, backlog, design and technology, and process decisions—without losing focus of their respective core responsibility. [1].

Product Operations Dashboard

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

Below are some of the high-level category of KPIs you want to continuously measure and many of them would have come out of the exercises we covered in the previous couple of posts. It’s Monday morning and you just launched a marketing campaign to promote a new feature.

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Finding Your Product's Critical Event(s)

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

For example, a product release with a new feature might impact your analysis so make sure to compare the right set of users Knowing your product usage interval is very important to this exercise.

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Serve Fewer Markets. Win More Deals.

bpma ProductHub

In a recent exercise with a product team, I challenged them to list the markets where the company could potentially sell. by Sarela Bliman-Cohen. Reprinted with permission from the Product Management and Strategic Marketing Blog.

6 Guiding Principles for Effective Product Discovery

Product Talk

After exploring the distinct perspectives on your team, use the exercise described in this video to create a shared map. This is one of the most powerful exercises I’ve come across for quickly getting to a shared understanding.

UX Research Training: Kick-start UX Research In Your Product Team

UX Studio

Practice with hands-on exercises, learn how to conduct interviews and usability tests. exercises to practice. Whether you have a new or an existing product, you need to get to know your audience, explore their pain points and needs.

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Distinctive Competencies: Why There's No Such Thing as a Commodity

Pragmatic Marketing

In this interactive session, Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving and vice president of marketing Rebecca Kalogeris will lead the audience through an exercise to identify and apply distinctive competencies using some of the biggest brands in the world. Distinctive competencies are powerful things, but too many companies fail to recognize their importance or spend the time required to identify and build theirs up.

Product Requirements: Throw Out the Laundry List and Have Some Fun

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In one, it’s a purely technical exercise. Throw Out The “Laundry List”. My boss calls me into his office and says that it’s time to create a new product description. “OK,” OK,” I say, not sure what to expect at this new company.

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

Roman Pichler

This is not meant to be a scientific exercise but based on the information you have collected whilst identifying the key factors. The Strategy Canvas. The Strategy Canvas was developed by Kim and Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Theory.

Auckland, 29 August: Product Management Leadership Games

Mironov Consulting

So rather than a traditional PowerPoint talk for Product Tank Auckland, we’ll mix some front-of-room slides with leadership exercises borrowed from Rich’s private workshops. Topic: Product Management Leadership Games.

10-30-50 Product Management—Shreyas Doshi, Product Lead at Stripe

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Picking projects that force you to exercise your weaknesses is the best strategy here. Shreyas Doshi is a product lead at Stripe. In this Path to PM post, we discuss switching product management careers and Shreyas's 10-30-50 product management framework to becoming a successful product lead. Previously Shreyas has served as a director of product management at Twitter, and a group product manager at Google and Yahoo! Tell us about how you first broke into product management.

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

Carry out this exercise together with the development team. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

Job Hunting Is Product Management

Pragmatic Marketing

Out of instinct, he resorted to the kind of product thinking he had spent four years practicing: He treated his job hunt as an exercise in finding product/market fit.

Shifting Markets, Shifting Strategy: Three Considerations

Proficientz – Product Management University

For some, the current market climate presents a world of opportunity and for others it’s an exercise in survival. Shifting markets usually constitute a shift in product strategy for most organizations.

More on Branding.

Under10 Playbook

Branding is the exercise of telling your story to get people to buy your product. Branding is what you do when your product doesn't matter.— — Steve Johnson, Under 10. I know this one'll get the brand-oriented marketers into an uproar but there's a big difference between brandING and your brand. Branding is a verb; brand is a noun. Your brand results from years of delivering great products and creating satisfied customers.

Five Tips for Leveraging Empathy in Product Management

Roman Pichler

Why Empathy Matters. Possibly the most profound challenge in product management is to understand the needs of users and customers. Without developing the right understanding, our chances of creating a successful product are slim.

Santa Clara, 27 April 2018: Certificate in Productizing Innovation

Mironov Consulting

Rich will cover some core product/innovation topics during his April 27th session with a mix of presentation materials and student exercises: Product management organizations, working with peer organizations, and influence versus authority.

Four Steps to Product Feature ROI

Proficientz – Product Management University

It’s a mind numbing exercise for product managers and developers and in most cases a fool’s errand. If your proposed R&D investments map to the most critical business goals of your target customers (80/20 rule) the feature ROI exercise becomes relatively simple. Senior executives often request a product feature ROI prior to approving plans for product development.

Mindfulness Tips for Product Managers and Product Owners

Roman Pichler

Go for a walk, do some exercise, chat with colleagues (but try not to talk about work). Like any exercise, regular short meditation sessions tend to be better than an occasional, long one. What is Mindfulness?

The power of a well-timed NO…and how to give one to your boss


By taking ownership of the exercise, you’re acknowledging that you value their input, plus it gives you the opportunity to formulate a well-constructed case against their request vs. a shoot-from-the-hip no-go response. Saying no is a true art.

5 Things to Remember When Running a Design Sprint

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As some participants in your design sprint may be inclined toward visualizing their ideas, encourage sketching exercises like 6 Ups and storyboarding and have paper and/or whiteboards handy so you’re ready when inspiration strikes. (3) by C Emera Trujillo.