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The Product Interview?—?A Technical Exercise

The Product Coalition

A Technical Exercise In this post, I’ll offer my idea of the sort of technical abilities expected from a product manager. Okay, those were way too many words to explain that knowledge is usually not a bad thing for a PM… Exercise 1: know your data structure Take the following data structure of a note-taking app.

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My favorite UX design workbooks: develop your skills by solving exercises

UX Planet

DESIGN WORKBOOKS How to put design theory into practice in an efficient way My favorite UX design workbooks: develop your skills by solving exercises Learning design theory is a good step towards becoming a better designer, but it is also important to put the things you’ve learned into practice.


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The importance of exercising courage

Lead on Purpose

I’ve recently had several experiences that required me to get out of my comfort zone. The subject of courage has becoming particularly important and meaningful to me in recent weeks and months. Different situations in my consulting work and with … Continue reading →

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Annual Planning in Uncertain Times: 6 Tactics for Rethinking Your Company’s End-of-Year Exercise

First Round Review

Leaders like Lenny Rachitsky, Nels Gilbreth, Jeff Lawson, Annie Duke, Ravi Mehta and more share the inventive frameworks they lean on for this annual exercise. We’ve combed the extensive Review archives for a timely roundup of the most unique advice for end-of-year strategic planning.

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Five Ways to Use Product Management Best Practices

As you move into the new year you can help your product team prepare for success by exercising those product leadership muscles and implementing product management best practices. Here are our top tips for how you can lay the right foundations and get your product strategy off to a flying start.

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Influencing change through UX design: An Arbor Day exercise


The post Influencing change through UX design: An Arbor Day exercise appeared first on TryMyUI Blog. We partnered with Marilyn Salzman to conduct a usability test on our platform to see if users could be convinced to.

UX 52
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Decoding Product Leadership

Roman Pichler

1 ] In fact, some people argue that product leadership can only be exercised by a management role. Leadership can therefore be exercised without being a boss. The leadership they exercise is called emergent or lateral leadership.[ The leadership they exercise has been assigned or granted by the CEO or another executive.

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Go to the Cloud: How Product Managers Can Lead a Cloud Transformation

Speaker: Stephanie Lewandowski, Senior Product Manager, Teachstone

However, moving your product to the Cloud is not a simple lift-and-shift exercise. Leading a digital transformation inevitably means considering the Cloud for your products. Cloud offers great flexibility, increased security, and more innovation opportunities.

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How Product Managers Can Define a Product Vision to Guide Their Team

Speaker: Christian Bonilla, VP of Product Management at UserTesting

Defining the product vision is a high-stakes exercise, which makes it all the more important to avoid some common pitfalls product managers encounter: confusing the company’s vision with their product vision, defining a vision that’s too abstract to be useful in strategic planning, or combining the “what” and the “how” in the product vision.