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My favorite UX design workbooks: develop your skills by solving exercises

UX Planet

DESIGN WORKBOOKS How to put design theory into practice in an efficient way My favorite UX design workbooks: develop your skills by solving exercises Learning design theory is a good step towards becoming a better designer, but it is also important to put the things you’ve learned into practice.

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The Product Interview?—?A Technical Exercise

The Product Coalition

A Technical Exercise In this post, I’ll offer my idea of the sort of technical abilities expected from a product manager. Okay, those were way too many words to explain that knowledge is usually not a bad thing for a PM… Exercise 1: know your data structure Take the following data structure of a note-taking app.


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Document. Refine. Repeat! Mastering the Product Process.

280 Group

In the waterfall approach, there are no explicit review processes for catching and reducing mistakes, but continuous reviews occur within each phase and must pass a “gate” prior to proceeding to the next phase. Ideation exercises and prioritization techniques are helpful during this phase. Phase 7: Retire .

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How To Create A Powerful Product Experimentation System?

The Product Coalition

A well designed experimentation system allows a company to accelerate growth by creating faster feedback loops and enabling progressive delivery. Allocate time regularly- The only way to get enough ideas to run a high velocity testing system is to set aside time for it. How to prioritize the ideas for maximum business value?

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Product Demos: Avoiding the Trap of Telling vs. Selling

Product Management University

Selling Demos The selling demo on the other hand, is an exercise in customer value themes and storytelling. Can you explain how your system reads resumes from job applicants?” It’s one of the biggest reasons buyers go radio silent after a demo. Instead of going right into the explanation, you can do one of two things.

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Product Management 2019: Year In Review


In our upcoming 2020 Product Management Report, we found that they’re relying on a handful of options depending on the scale and scope of the exercise and which stakeholders are included. Customers are no longer “trapped” with vendors they don’t want to stick with because moving data between systems is easier.

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How to Get High-Quality and Useful Mobile Customer Feedback

Alchemer Mobile

Unfortunately, app store reviews are often the only easily-accessible place (aside from social media) for customers to air their grievances. As you’ll be able to see after going through this exercise, simply letting people leave any feedback they want on the app store isn’t useful or productive. Why is this? Ratings prompts.