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Common Product Vision Board Mistakes

Roman Pichler

This article assumes that you are familiar with the product vision board or the key elements of a product strategy : market, value proposition, standout features, and business goals. Vision Captures Product Idea or Business Objective. Additionally, such a vision is hardly inspiring. Target Group is (too) Big and Heterogenous.

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Why Your Engineers Are Hungry for Your Product Vision.

The Product Coalition

Let’s talk about how to define a product vision, and why the lack of a product vision is so detrimental to your team. As I’ll explain below, the “why” and “where” form your product vision, and your product team (especially your engineers), not only want this from you, but need it in order to do their best work. Directionality.

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How To Avoid the Product Version 1 and Done Dilemma

Product Management University

Version 1 Products Need a Vision and Strategic Roadmap The easiest way to avoid the version 1 product dilemma is to describe what the product will ultimately help customers accomplish, why that outcome is valuable, and in pecking order, the biggest obstacles standing in the way of that outcome. The strategic roadmap is the next layer down.

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Product Vision: Speak Language People Will Understand

The Product Coalition

It’ll describe some points divided as follows: Setting the product vision Getting people onboard (stakeholder management) to make it happen How to talk with other areas to get to this vision Why is setting a Product Vision important? Alice Product Manager”- Without Product Vision, any direction will be taken.

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How Product Managers Can Define a Product Vision to Guide Their Team

Speaker: Christian Bonilla, VP of Product Management at UserTesting

Rather, they start with a strong product vision. Getting that vision right is one of the most important responsibilities of the product team. Join Christian Bonilla, VP of Product at UserTesting, as he reveals tips for taking ownership of the product vision to guide the development process.

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What is Product Vision?

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Product Vision or Product Vision Statement is the long-term goal for a product includes the long-term mission and the motivation behind its creation, along with why it’s important. Product visions, ultimately, serve as the guideposts for the development of the products. What is a Product Vision?

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How To Build a Customer-Facing Roadmap That Communicates Your Product Vision


This vision holds true with our own organization as well. This year, we focus on the major priorities that help us achieve our vision while maintaining an easy-to-use, delightful, and flexible user experience. Through this exercise, we have uncovered helpful best practices and tips for creating your own customer-facing roadmap.