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7 Ways Product Marketers Can Collaborate with Product Managers to Move More Product

280 Group

According to a recent 280 Group poll, only 32% of organizations currently have a defined Product Marketing Manager role. This position has gained traction in enterprise organizations over the past few years, and for good reason: Product Marketing is essential for getting the word out about a product and driving sales.

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Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Pinar Alpay, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Signicat

280 Group

For our next installment of our Women in Product Management Series, I interviewed Pinar Alpay , Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Signicat. Product Managers are the CEO of their products, so they have to be strategic and operational, as well. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Product Management.

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Product Management University Launches The Customer Outcome Framework for Product Management, Product Marketing, Sales and Customer Success

Product Management University

Today, Product Management University announced the availability of its Customer Outcome Framework for B2B. When product management, product marketing, sales and customer success teams are problem-focused, they all see the customer through a different lens. One View of the Customer. Measurable Customer Value.

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How product marketing managers and product managers can collaborate

Mind the Product

Based on four decades of experience in the B2B product world, product experts, Poornima and Rahul share best practices for product managers and product market managers collaborating effectively.

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The Problem with Product Market Fit (and What to Use Instead)

Speaker: Daniel Elizalde - Product Executive and Advisor

There is a big problem with the term "product market fit." Launching successful products requires a rare combination of market understanding, iterative development, and a lot of luck. Our role as Product Managers is to eliminate confusion, not add to it.

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Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Christine Itwaru, Head of Product Management at

280 Group

For our next installment of our Women in Product Management Series, I interviewed   Christine Itwaru , Head of Product at   Nicole : Welcome and thank you, Christine. I’m very excited to have you share your insights and experiences in Product Management. Christine : Thank you, Nicole, for having me.

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Small Business, Product Management, and Product Marketing Empowerment: Maximizing Success Through Web-Based Advancements

Spice Catalyst

In the article for small business, author Gwen Payne includes product management and product marketing. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, small businesses need to leverage web-based updates to thrive amid fierce competition.

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Power of the Platform: A PM's Path to a Winning Product Experience

Speaker: Marcus Andrews - Director of Product Marketing & Keren Wexler - Sr. Director of Product

Leveraging a single platform that combines product analytics, in-app guides, and feedback management solutions can be the most effective way to deliver digital experiences users love. Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing, and Keren Wexler, Sr. This is an exclusive session you don't want to miss!

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How to Achieve Product-Market Fit

Speaker: Dan Olsen - Product Management Trainer and Consultant, Author, and Speaker

Everyone working on a product is trying to achieve the same goal: product-market fit. But most products fail to do so. In this webinar, product management expert Dan Olsen will share his simple but effective framework for achieving product-market fit from his book The Lean Product Playbook.

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Why the Product Message Should Come From Product Management

Speaker: Jordan Bergtraum, Head of Product at Equip ID & Consultant

Features and benefits may be part of the overall product marketing plan, but they are NOT the basis for a compelling “Product Message”. Product Managers may feel the “message” should be developed by the Product Marketing function, but I disagree. The benefits of a good product message.

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Product Market Fit: A Lesson from Sephora’s Head of Product

Speaker: Sneha Narahalli - VP, Head of Product at Sephora

Only 20% of these companies attain product market fit, despite years of excruciating effort by founders, early employees, and investors. The first and most important step in product development is finding PMF. Creating an iterative process to identify Product Market Fit.

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Iterate Your Way to a Top Analytics Product Experience

Speaker: Richard Cheng, Associate Product Manager, Mark43

Tune in to this webinar to hear how Mark43 Product Manager Richard Cheng went about researching, prototyping, and iterating to deliver analytics and business intelligence tools to police departments, emergency call centers, and other public safety agencies, bringing Mark43 users a positive and effective product experience.

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How Leveraging Data Creates Efficient Product Roadmaps

Speaker: Hannah Chaplin - Product Marketing Principal & Steve Cheshire - Product Manager

Without product usage data and user feedback guiding your product roadmap, product managers and engineers end up wasting money, time, and effort building what they think stakeholders want, rather than what they know they need. Leveraging product data to assess true business value and make informed decisions.

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Collaborate Better with Your Customer-Facing Teams

Speaker: Hope Gurion, Product Leader Coach, Fearless Product LLC

Join Hope Gurion, Product Leader Coach at Fearless Product, as she shares 3 techniques to accelerate your cross-functional collaboration with other customer-centered teams like sales, product marketing, and customer success. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours!

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Building Products Your Customers Love with Empathy and Human Insights

Speaker: Lija Hogan, Customer Experience Consultant at UserTesting & Daniele Hohol, Senior Product Manager at UserTesting

Product teams are continuously under tight deadlines to quickly validate new ideas, features and offerings to innovate successfully, ensure product market fit, and avoid rework. Without the customer’s perspective these teams often end up wasting time and resources building features that customers don’t use.