Making the transition from consultant to product engineer

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But making the transition from consultant engineer to a product engineer was a revelation – I realized that working as an engineer in client services and working as a product engineer are essentially two completely different jobs, bridged only by the common use of technology. By “consultant engineer”, I mean an engineer developing software for a client (which is again different from being an independent contractor). Being a Consultant Engineer.

The "Why" of Interviewing—Suzanne Abate, PM Consultant and Instructor

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

I helped technology and resource startups raise capital and get listed on the Venture Exchange up in Toronto. Through my work as a product consultant and product management instructor, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of questions about what product management is.

How consulting helped me to be a better PM

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Last year, I made the switch from technology consulting to product management. As a technology consultant, I would move from client to client, spending about 6 months on average with each before moving on to the next. Things are a little different in startup world.

Startup Dust

Oren Steinberg

The biggest asset any startup has is the time of its entrepreneurs and key talents. The success or failure of the startup often hinges on their ability to focus their efforts on the critical path at any given time. As the startup grows and faces scalability and growth challenges the issue of focus becomes even more challenging. 2 unexperienced entrepreneurs have a great idea for their first startup. The post Startup Dust appeared first on Oren Steinberg - blog.

Freelance Consulting and Product Management – Time to Join the gig Economy?

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Therein lies the opportunity for a product management consultant. Consulting on a part-time and freelance basis may be a viable option for you, depending on where you are in your career. marketing acumen to promote the nascent consulting business.

Building a Product Startup Within an Agency

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We decided, about 18 months ago, that our consultancy business model, though growing and successful, could benefit from diversification — specifically, from creating something with tangible intellectual property. Let me explain: Why a Product Startup?

Truth needs to be told?—?startups fail because CEOs have lousy bosses

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startups fail because CEOs have lousy bosses Why do startup fail? They are all reasons the founders mentioned when asked to tell why their startups failed. I’m saying this as a 3 time CEO of startups that shut down (I’ll save my success stories for a different post).

This Brand Strategy Can Make Your Startup Look Bigger Than It Is

First Round Review

As a founding partner of Rock Health and seasoned consultant, Leslie Ziegler has helped brand dozens of startups. Here's what the success stories had in common. Continue reading at First Round Review »

9 essential sales steps you need to grow your SaaS startup

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In the early stages of most SaaS startups’ lives, the CEO or founder often acts as the initial head of sales. Alan Gleeson is a B2B Marketing Consultant based in London with a passion for helping SaaS businesses to grow.

TEI 080: Innovate like a startup – with Michael Docherty - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

When established companies decide they need to be more innovative, they often talk in terms of acting more like a startup. But acting like a startup is much more challenging in reality, especially for larger organizations. Instead, established companies can partner with startups.

The ABCs of Product – Melissa Perri on The Product Experience

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I see a lot of product managers from an enterprise company go, ‘Hey, I’m gonna work at a startup, it’s gonna be awesome’ And then they get in there and they go ‘Holy crap, what happened?

Podcast: Too Many Product Managers with Ken Norton

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When the opportunity came up to chat with him, we wanted to cover something new – the idea that startups are hiring too many product managers. Should you go work at a startup? Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Lily has spent 13 years in the tech industry working mainly with startups in the SaaS and mobile space. Should you go work at a startup?

Mastering Design Sprints – Kai Haley on The Product Experience

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Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Lily has spent 13 years in the tech industry working mainly with startups in the SaaS and mobile space.

Product Managers Try To Find Stores To Fill Malls

The Accidental Product Manager

They especially like startup firms that may have gotten their start online but are now looking to expand into physical stores now that they have gotten both customers and brand recognition. Blue Elephant Consulting –. Malls need stores, but what kind of stores?

Close Your Eyes and Imagine a Strategy. Let Me Guess: Got Nothing?

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Ability to create simple physical devices at scale (so a pure internet-based startup could not compete). (4) And the co-author of the strategy and book is a long-time consultant of Porter’s own consulting firm, Monitor! strategy fitbit startup-lessons product-strategy startup

Podcast: Marketplace Thinking and Fur Babies with Christopher Nheu

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His presentation, Product Thinking for Marketplace Startups , does an amazing job of documenting the differences between pipes and platforms, the three fundamental forces of marketplaces, and the specific challenges of catering to customers concerned with the well-being of their fur babies.

B2C 101

Why your engineering processes need to solve real problems

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In software consulting, the problems are predictability and accountability for your customers. Product Management Startups cupcake Engineering engineering process process product management startupsI came to Intercom from a company with a culture of heavyweight engineering processes. It was a well-oiled machine with battle-tested and often updated procedures. From an engineering perspective, it successfully kept you focused on coding.

Lawrence of Arabia, the Original Agile Disruptor, Had Sore Feet

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… And what that means for startups and innovators today [We were] just sentient puppets on God’s stage: indeed, our taskmaster was merciless, merciless, so long as our bruised feet could stagger forward on the road … so very brief and sore was life with us. Startups, though, are vaporous?—?they

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Dear CEO, Innovation Starts with a Good Product Manager

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I’ve worked for more than a decade in product management with Fortune 500 companies and startups, and I realize I’m seeing a scary pattern. Product managers are only hired after the innovation or startup teams get concepts or funding approved. You would think that someone holding this position would be leading innovation teams or startups, but the problem lies in companies justifying the investment for the role. According to CB Insights, this is 42% of startups.

How Apps Can Shape Your Future Self

Nir Eyal

Nir’s Note: This guest post is written by Jeni Fisher, a London-based Googler who consults startups on applying behavioral insights to achieve business and user goals. Early on in my role as an Apps partner manager at Google Play, I was drawn towards the Self-Improvement apps space because their persuasive influence transcends screen-level interactions. Their mission is […]. The post How Apps Can Shape Your Future Self appeared first on Nir and Far.

Get Your Team Experimenting More by Using One Little Word…

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For me, as for many, the idea of applying a scientific approach (experiments, hypothesis, etc) to product management came from Eric Ries in Lean Startup. Lean Product Management Product Management Basics Product Management Characteristics Lean Startup product planning

Deconstructing Being Agile

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Organizations began looking to consultants to help them become more agile, and an entire Agile industry was born. business entrepreneurship agile startup technologyHas the spirit of being agile been lost behind a mountain of rules?

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Lean experiments: Tristan Kromer on better product process

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I spoke to Lean Startup coach Tristan Kromer at Lean Startup Week earlier this month, where he presented a workshop about a “lean experiments toolbox”. He is also editor and primary author of the Real Startup Book and runs lean consulting firm TriKro LLC.

How to hand over your project to another software house? A CEO guide.

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Such top-down knowledge and perfect understanding is core to the partnership based on consultancy, responsibility and strong motivation. agile software-development software-outsourcing startup-lessons startup-life

Finding the Truth Behind MVPs

Melissa Perri

A Successful Start I learned about Minimum Viable Products like 99% of other Product Managers - through The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Someone picked up The Lean Startup , had their mind blown, and said “We should do that here!” The Minimum Viable Product was first coined by Steve Blank and then made popular by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup. In the beginning, we talked about this concept as something to validate startup ideas. lean Product Management startups

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Product Managers Learn How To Deal With A Close Shave

The Accidental Product Manager

The Gillette product managers have been watching their customers defect and go to internet startups. The goal is to see if this will stop their existing customers from defecting from them to online startups.

Why Product Managers Should Learn to Code

Mind the Product

I’ve had all sorts of job titles; digital marketer, growth hacker, creative technologist, UXer, startup product person, product strategist, product owner, lean coach and consultant. I’ve been a startup founder – when I completely tanked my first foray building product.

Design leadership as a subversive activity

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Kirk to Taylor’s Spock, Drucker was also a management consultant, but he wasn’t all that much of a numbers guy. Design design design leadership design process design system startupsDesign management can be a strange beast.

How to design your Insights-as-a-Service business model

Oren Steinberg

Since almost every company today is a big-data company, it comes as no surprise that so many startups are drawn to offer Insights-as-a-Service. What do these startups need to do to prevail? These are provided by consultants, advisors, vertical experts or AI specialists. Machine Learning AI Business Model Pricing Startup Subscription8 business models for Insights-as-a-Service.

How To Cross the Strategy-to-Execution Chasm

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When working with external “corporate strategy” consultants, I found the level of strategic work to be all over the place ranging from high level M&A recommendations to low level project management / implementation support, driven by the functional strategy of whoever was paying the consultant.

Sweating the prototype with James Bowman

Product Warrior

In this weeks Product Warrior podcast titled “Sweating the prototype” we speak with James Bowman, senior product consultant at EE. podcast agile product-management lean-startup prototyping

Product Creation for Millennial Minds

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I was working on digital products for more than 10 years in 4 different countries and two years ago I’ve reached the point when I started mentoring and coaching startups. Most startup failures are hidden in this simple statement. product-management digital customer startup millennials

Empathy First, not Paradigm-First

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Chat-bot First A start-up founder of an online beauty business defended her pitch about using chat-bots to mimic the experience of lady customers talking to beauty consultants in malls. machine-learning artificial-intelligence startup entrepreneurship product-management

The 10 best and worst Venn diagrams explaining product management

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This one … From EBG Consulting No, me neither. startup product-design product-management product-development product“What do I do all day? Let me draw you some circles”, said every product manager ever. Product management has come a long way in the last decade.

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Bizops: when you’ll need it and why, eventually, you won’t

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Anyone can hire (expensive) consultants to do that job. Startups bizops business business operations strategyBusiness Operations (Bizops for short) has inexorably become a thing at certain kinds of companies. Some of you might come into regular contact with a Bizops team, others might have merely a vague awareness of Bizops, and still others might not have heard of Bizops at all.

Create user manuals and training guides way faster than ever before

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software developers, IT consultants, product managers, marketers, designers, software trainers, teachers, and many more. They work for or own tech companies, software product startups, digital agencies, consulting firms, financial or healthcare institutions, etc.

What makes Intercom different, and better, for Product people

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People in our team have come from a wide range of other companies, from the big companies like Google and Facebook to other growing startups, and lots in between. Two of our co-founders (now our CEO and CSO) were Designers and ran a UX Consultancy before Intercom. Startups careers design Intercom recruitmentA couple of weeks ago myself and some of my team sat down to talk about how we could attract some of the best people around to join our Product team.

Continuous learning = Experiment, Measure, Decide

Product Warrior

When I was consulting and coaching product managers I heard phrases like “we can’t change that feature spec, we have finished discovery”?—?scary, lean-startup lean product-managementThe fine practice of product management is a tough gig.

When You Need an Interim CFO vs. a Part-time CFO

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If you run a startup or a small- to mid-size company, you probably can’t justify hiring a full-time chief financial officer (an oft-cited benchmark for when to hire a full-time CFO is annual sales of at least $10 million, but it can be a lot higher for a low-complexity business).

Must-have Tax Preparation Checklist For Your Business

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For a free consultation on what needs doing before you hire a tax preparer, set up a time to talk to Paro’s finance experts here or download our Tax Guide and Checklist for more information on how your business can best prepare for painless, easy tax season.