A practical guide to better dashboard design


A digital dashboard is a place where someone can view lots of data at once. If it’s done well, it helps users glean quick insights and informs data-based decisions. How to create a dashboard your users will love. Dashboards shouldn’t show everything at once.

Research critical vulnerabilities with the Leo CVE Dashboard

Roy Madden

Contextualized CVE information for faster threat research, without the overwhelm. Cyber attacks are increasing in volume and sophistication across every industry and category, leaving threat analysts and frontline security teams faced with a flood of information. New Feature.


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How To Build a Slack Activity Dashboard Using Only Open-Source Tools

The Product Coalition

Visit the URL on your favorite browser, and you should see Airbyte’s dashboard (if this is your first time, you will be prompted to enter your email to get started). With this, we can go back to the Airbyte screen and supply the information needed.

Are You Data-driven, Data-informed or Data-inspired?


Have you noticed recently an increase in the usage of the terms ‘data-driven’, ‘data-informed’, and ‘data-inspired’ around your office? What does data-inspired actually mean and how is it different from being data-informed? Data-driven, data-informed, and data-inspired describe how data should be used. data-informed means everyone is aware of the current performance and why the product is performing the way it is in order to make optimizations to your strategies.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

Updating your application’s dashboards and reporting features. application’s dashboards and reports tend. fall into the trap of assuming dashboards and. dashboards and reports to their applications. accessing the application’s dashboards and.

Feedback management on Usersnap: 10 dashboard tips to boost your collaboration


Usersnap’s dashboard is designed to help teams work through feedback faster and gain deeper insights on your customers. Read on for the top 10 feedback management features on Usersnap’s dashboard, as well as examples of how we are using it. Usersnap feedback dashboard 10 pro tips 1.

8 Dashboards Top-Performing Customer Success Teams Can’t Live Without


Horizon Analytics has a dashboard or report suitable for your goals, from simple personal dashboards to advanced ROI tracking. . Executive Dashboard. 1:1 Dashboard. A Dashboard in Gainsight is a great way to do that.

How to Create a Product Operations Dashboard in 4 Steps


But as data-driven decision making takes on increased significance, we’ve seen “ product ops ” emerge to fill in the gap between the leadership and vision aspects of the product management and the facts and figures that inform team members. Manage with data: While we used to beg for information, now we find ourselves drowning in it. But what exactly is a product operations dashboard? What is a Product Ops Dashboard? How to Build a Product Ops Dashboard.

Q&A with Tim Herbig on How to Build Data-Informed Products


In his webinar, experienced B2C and B2B product leader Tim Herbig , author of Lateral Leadership: A Practical Guide for Agile Product Management , shows how to be a data-informed product manager. You distinguish between being “data-informed” vs. “data-driven.” Being data-informed is like driving a car with a heads-up display. But you have enhanced information for more informed decisions.

How self-serve product analytics empowers teams to be data-informed (insights from ZipRecruiter, GoDaddy, RingCentral, and more)


Almost every company strives to be data-informed, which can lead to a tendency to collect product data in droves. Every user sees their unique KPIs and custom dashboards. Dashboards and reports offer greater visibility into the customer experience.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

dashboard of real-time metrics inside their primary application is all they need. includes everything from dashboards, reports, and. security • Dashboards • Widgets • Pages • Tables. configure their own dashboards? Use this information.

How To Measure UI/UX Design Impact On Business (+ Our Own Experience)


And instead of merging all of the new features like new project types, more sophisticated project settings, and different feedback analysis dashboards to the old interface and making it overwhelming. Information Architecture. Allow us to insert a cheeky promotion of our new dashboard design. First, the dashboard gives you a clear view of the status of all your projects in one place. . Who doesn’t like to use a product that looks pretty?

What is the Product Operations Career Path?


In what ways does this role support communication and information flow with other parts of the organization? How can product operations help tailor information, metrics, and data for each audience so the right information gets to the right people in a timely manner?

How to Monitor Digital Business Performance with New Executive Reporting


Today, we’re announcing new Executive Reporting, a series of powerful upgrades to our Dashboards that help leaders monitor digital business performance. Why Legacy Dashboards and KPIs Aren’t Enough. Apply property and date filters to Dashboards and see updates in seconds.

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Can Product Managers Use Data To Make It Through A Pandemic?

The Accidental Product Manager

You need more information. A good example of the power of data is being shown by the product managers at Bacardi and Mercedes-Benz who have turned in part to a dashboard of analytics that has helped them to extend their product development definition.

A Guide to Designing Delightful Dashboards

Speaker: Daniel O'Sullivan, Product Designer, nCino and Jeff Hudock, Senior Product Manager, nCino

We’ve all seen the increasing industry trend of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. In a world of information overload, it's more important than ever to have a dashboard that provides data that's not only interesting but actually relevant and timely. Dashboards assist decision makers facilitate new ideas and business opportunities, increase customer approval rates, and analyze current business process. All of these activities play a vital role in providing the superior experience your customers demand.

System Thinking for Product Managers by Johanna Kollmann

Mind the Product

Once you’ve understood and modelled your system, Johanna gives three examples of methods for introducing change, complete with real-world examples: Changing how Information Flows Within a System. Johanna talks about how the structure of information can flow within a system – e.g. what information is shown to who, how is that information shown, and who can manipulate information. More Information.

AI+BI: Augmented analytics will soon bring data-driven insight to the masses

Birst BI

Yes, today a user with no training can take a dashboard that someone else built, make choices from drop-down menus to filter the data, double click on a chart to drill down into it, and other basic actions. For the vast majority of information workers, this is the definition of self-service analytics. But to build that dashboard, someone has to assemble all the components, the key performance indicators (KPIs), the data visualizations, and all of the dashboard’s data feeds.

January Product Update


The insights and information important to you and your team will automatically be delivered via email when you need them. product updates: We’ve released several small dashboard enhancements including: Duplicate widgets and save them to different dashboards.

Your Product’s Most Important Feature Isn’t Getting the Attention it Deserves

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Few however realize that reporting dashboards present exactly that opportunity and emphasize it accordingly. Further, virtually every department remains ineffective at accessing data to make informed decisions, despite leveraging countless software solutions. To understand how this happens in practice, consider the following example which highlights the ramifications of inadequate dashboards in otherwise fabulous products.

Add Value with a Dashboard Refresh: What You Need to Know

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Dashboards and analytics can really set your application apart, but that doesn't mean you can implement them and forget about them. Are they adding value to your product? Do your users benefit from them anymore? What should be improved, and what do we have the resources to improve? Join Miles Robinson, former UX and Design Manager, as he explains the different ways to refresh your dashboards - and how to determine what's the best path to product dashboard success. You'll leave with an understanding of how to figure out the best next steps specifically for you and your application.

Product analytics for designers


Product analytics isn’t here to give you answers; it’s here to give you various kinds of quantifiable information as fast as possible. What you do with that information is ultimately up to you. Getting Flows into the Dashboard.

Customer Success by Product Design: A New Collaboration Process for Human-First Companies


Let’s walk through each step for one of our product modules: Adoption Explorer’s Create Dashboard Step. Adoption explorer dashboard allows CS teams to gain visibility into product usage metrics as part of their customer details view. Co-Authored by Ophir Sweiry and Chris Jalisi.

How to lead a product team with context?


Context is all the information people need to make the right decisions on what to work on and how. Old school management bosses are the people who know the most; they receive all the information. Some of this information is even kept secret from other employees.

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Product Goals in Scrum

Roman Pichler

Please see my article “ Leading Through Shared Goals ” and my book How to Lead in Product Management for more information how to effectively use the goals in figure 1, which includes securing the necessary buy-in from the stakeholders and development teams. Product Goals Defined.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to diferentiate your. 2013) demonstrated an unmet need in the market for visually stunning dashboards. In turn, end users were thrilled with the bells and whistles of charts, graphs, and dashboards. Yes—but basic dashboards won’t be.

Feature Release: Scheduled Reports


Scheduled Reports will allow you to create periodic reports from any Indicative dashboard, making it easier to share daily metrics, track weekly KPIs or stay up to date with the data insights most important to you. You asked and we delivered! Scheduled Reports!

Use Feedly to Track Vulnerabilities Affecting Your Supply Chain

Roy Madden

Unlike keyword matching, Leo uses artificial intelligence to recognize key information so that you never miss important information. From a proactive monitoring perspective, the power of using Feedly is to actually inform you of breaches before anyone else knows.”

Leo’s Vendor Advisory Integrations for Cybersecurity Teams

Roy Madden

Leo is now integrated with 15 vendor advisories, giving you real-time access to relevant CVE and CVSS information, directly in your feed. This is because Leo is picking up that information directly from the Microsoft site and makes all of these updates again, almost in real time.

Product Update: April 2021


In April, Indicative is proud to announce a new analysis tool, new ways to share team announcements, and dashboard visualization improvements. For more information on Journeys, as well as additions we plan to make this quarter, check out our blog post. Hello everyone!

How Gainsight’s Manager of CS Operations Improves Efficiency With Horizon Analytics


This product enhancement streamlines the end-user experience, surfaces insights that customer-facing teams need in reports and dashboards, all with the end goal of driving greater adoption and retention. . Since having initial access, we have leveraged the new Dashboard Builders features.

Wrangling Insights From Your Qualitative Research [+Webinar]

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While many people can define quantitative metrics that feed nicely into a dashboard report—active users, conversion rates, stickiness, sales rates, and so on—how do you gain insights from qualitative data? There is no dashboard, for “what problems are my customers experiencing today?”.

3 Ways In Which Test Management Tools Assist Startups To Expand

The Product Coalition

Image by ar130405 from Pixabay Test management tools are utilized to save information on the ways testing is done, plan testing activities and tell the status of the quality assurance activities.

5 Ways Real-Time Data Can Make Your Business More Efficient


As the saying goes, time is money, and receiving information sooner is an advantage for your business. Imagine getting information you can act on before your competitors, or immediately seeing a flaw in a campaign or product release so you can begin the conversation with your team about how to course correct. With real-time data, you can share and receive dashboards with your colleagues by copying a link, knowing that the analysis will always be fresh whenever someone looks at it.

Ten UX/UI Design Challenges That Can Compromise Financial Apps

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The problem lies in the ill-conceived UX, as users don’t receive information about the current action performed by the system and the time it takes. To increase working efficiency, users can tweak dashboards and choose the most topical tabs.

UX 145

Optimizing internal product communications

Folding Burritos

The cross-functional nature of what we do means that we have to align and inform everyone around us. But then we get asked the same thing multiple times, people don’t remember, or those that don’t ask (but should be informed) are kept out of the loop. Create internal dashboards, docs or wiki pages, only to realize that’s where information goes to die, because people can’t find it, don’t understand the tool or forget to go there.