25 must-read product management articles


Throughout my career as both a product manager and startup founder, there’s been one severely underrated skill I credit for much of my success—and that’s reading. This list is not the be all end all; there are countless ‘must-read’ articles for PMs.

33 Amazing Articles Every Product Manager Must Read


Magazine reports that most CEOs read at least a book a week, and this doesn’t include blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos they devour, too. Regardless, the following articles are a must-read for anyone concerned with rolling out the best product in each iteration. Here are the top 33 most amazing product management articles in no specific order. This insightful article from McKinsey & Company talks about today’s product manager evolving into a mini-CEO.

24 Expert Articles and Resources for Product Managers


Whether you’re working on an early product at a young startup or you’re in charge of a well-established product at a more mature company, it’s your job to satisfy the needs … The post 24 Expert Articles and Resources for Product Managers appeared first on UserTesting Blog. If you’re a product manager, the pressure is on.

Most startups don’t starve, they drown. Here is why, and how to survive.

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Startups don’t starve, they drown. It was 2010 when I watched the online stream of the Startup Lessons Learned conference, initiated by Eric Ries. At some stage the now famous Shawn Carolan quote came up: Startups don’t starve, they drown. Most startups don’t starve, they drown.

Innovate like a startup–and other innovation insights for product managers Nov 3, 2017

Product Innovation Educators

Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers and innovators be heroes. 12 lessons corporate innovators can learn from startups – aka, how to innovate like a startup. (1)

Move fast and optimize for the long term

Inside Intercom

How many articles or tweets have you read recommending this functional programming language, that microservices pattern or rewriting in this super new framework? Startups building intercom development Engineering events productivity startups values

Lean experiments: Tristan Kromer on better product process

Mind the Product

I spoke to Lean Startup coach Tristan Kromer at Lean Startup Week earlier this month, where he presented a workshop about a “lean experiments toolbox”. He is also editor and primary author of the Real Startup Book and runs lean consulting firm TriKro LLC.

Run Less Software

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Innovative startups. The first army are innovative startups. In 1963 Peter Drucker published his article, Managing for Business Effectiveness , where he said: “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.”.

Design leadership as a subversive activity

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I am not here to deny that videos of Japanese marble runs and Wikipedia articles about Austro-Hungarian con artists are fun. Design design design leadership design process design system startupsDesign management can be a strange beast.

Better for Business? Size up the Benefits of an MBA

Mind the Product

A couple of years ago an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere which highlighted the growth of product management. I was again surprised by a Quora discussion in which Keith Rabois, a Harvard law graduate and tech angel investor, remarked that he would normally recommend against business school, and that “credentials” are not what they used to be because those in the startup space “normally thrive by ignoring conventions”.

Embrace Reciprocal Learning in the New Issue of Pragmatic Marketer

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Startups can learn a lot from established enterprise companies, including where the potholes are and the best ways to navigate around them. Do you have an idea or are you interested in contributing an article? Contact us at PragmaticMarketing.com/submit-article

The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask

Rahul Abhyankar

As the article states, it caused a little panic. Most of us are familiar with what Google has been doing with balloons, but this prompted digging … Continue reading The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask → Customer Value/JTBD Design Thinking/UX Innovation/Lean Startup Product ManagementJust before 2017 came to an end, a Google Internet connectivity balloon crashed in Kenya and landed in a farm. Fortunately, there was no damage to life or property.

How to hand over your project to another software house? A CEO guide.

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The following article answer the question how to transfer software development works to another programming team. s article that explores this topic. agile software-development software-outsourcing startup-lessons startup-life

Understanding direct and indirect competition

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If you’re wondering how to achieve this, check out our article on marketing using jobs-to-be-done. Sales & Marketing Startups communications competition jobs-to-be-done strategySometimes your customers really want to use your feature or product, but they also want something else that simply isn’t compatible with it. People really want to be slim and healthy, but they also really want soft drinks and fast food.

The Anti-Influencer Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Community


When I started Quibb , which just shut down last month, I wanted a place where tech and product people could find meaningful articles, read them, and start great conversations with other people in their field. Product Development Startup Lessons Product Innovator Series

What Can We Learn From The $400 Juicer That’s Supposedly Destroying Silicon Valley?

Rahul Abhyankar

The BusinessInsider article The evidence is piling up – Silicon Valley is being destroyed seems to have riled up a lot of people. → Innovation/Lean StartupPeople are at a loss to understand how could the fabled VCs of Silicon Valley invest $120 million in a company that makes a juicer. People are wondering incredulously, there’s an app for that?! … Continue reading What Can We Learn From The $400 Juicer That’s Supposedly Destroying Silicon Valley?

9 Startups to Help You Build Your Virtual Economy

Sachin Rekhi

The great news is there are a variety of startups out there waiting to help you! Offerpal has also sought to establish thought leadership in the space, putting together great articles for publishers as well as events to help publishers learn from each other's success. Beyond these existing startups, there are still additional opportunities for startups to build tools to help support the virtual currency ecosystem.

The entrepreneur’s ultimate guide to market research

The Product Coalition

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive to explain; what is market research, why and when to conduct it, and the different types of market research along with how and when to use each. For new startups, market research is a critical key element of any entrepreneur’s business plan.

3 Product Manager job spec requirements that need to go?—?aka Moneyball for Hiring Product Managers

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1) Requirement: Industry experience Let’s say you’re running a startup in the real estate industry (or any other industry, really). if you enjoyed this article, so others can find it. PS: Thank you to Ivan Teong , Jason Seam and Tina Tran for helping me with drafts of this article.

The 10 best and worst Venn diagrams explaining product management

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Or we wouldn’t have hundreds of articles about what product managers actually do (let alone all the Quora questions ). How many claps does this article deserve? If you enjoyed this article, feel free to ?? startup product-design product-management product-development product

It is time to talk about Product Leadership

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It has been a while since the term Product Leadership has gained widespread adoption in blogs, articles and even books. I hope this article was helpful to deepen your understanding about Product Leadership and why it is crucial for companies in our current competitive market.

How people will find your product

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Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash Defining of how people will get in touch with your product is something every startup should do very early on. I send out new articles and updates on my personal mailing list and on Messenger.

The Product Management Reading Essentials

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The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries Don’t let the name fool you, this book is not just for garage-bound startups. reading product-development lean-startup product-managementWho to read when you’re getting started At it’s heart, building software product is a simple thing.

Books 56

Good Enough

Tyner Blain

There are several important ways to think about a product being good enough – for this article, we will limit the context for discussion to “good enough to ship to customers” or “good enough to stop making it better (for now).”

Three Keys to Launching Your Product in New Markets

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For example, the cost of mobile data in South Africa is high on an absolute basis (I refer to Fin24’s article as my reference point). startup product-management international growth

Running Lean Is Bad For Business

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Libby Maurer wrote an article titled, Why UX Research Is Business Research where she includes a great example of this challenge – “The head of Marcom wants to extend the use of our product by adopting the video platform. Scott Brinker does a brilliant job of demonstrating this in a recent article he published. Maurer wrote another great article, How to Fix Enterprise UX: Find Your 99%. Thanks to Joe Cimino who brought these articles to my attention.

Must-have Tax Preparation Checklist For Your Business

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The following Paro freelancers contributed to this article, which originally on Paro’s blog , and to our End-of-year Tax Guide whitepaper : Philip Wong has nearly 30 years of experience in Payroll Management and Payroll Tax and Compliance. accounting small-business finance taxes startup

Collaboration between Designers and Product Teams

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I have some thoughts about this and I will share with you in the following article. I hope this article gave you insights on how to improve your work and how your team or company structures itself to do the job. startup product-design ux agile product-management

How understanding your tribe can help you build your product?

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If you like it, clap it even multiple times, it will be awesome. :) Want to read one of the last articles: Product Manager?—?Do product product-management community-engagement user-experience startup

4 Powerful Ways to Use Rapid Prototyping to Drive Product Success

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If you remember my article, Why Drawing Maps Sharpens Your Thinking , you already know that externalizing your ideas takes the burden off of your working memory, allowing you to spend more cognitive energy evaluating your ideas. a mix of articles and videos).

What it’s like being a B2B product manager — Part 1

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In this article, I would like to share my understanding of B2B product management. If you are also interested in the differences between B2C and B2B product management, here is a very concise article about it. Hope this article is helpful to you. saas startup product-management

B2B 52

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

The Lean Startup: Eric Ries [9:49]. The Lean Startup. The Lean Startup encouraged us to ask, “Does anyone want our solution?” Many of you may guess what it was, but about five years ago Eric Ries launched The Lean Startup.

Agile, Kanban & Scrum–and other innovation observations for product managers April 13, 2018

Product Innovation Educators

Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers and innovators be heroes. This article describes a few differences and provides a brief introduction to agile-oriented product development… [link].

How to Improve Your Experiment Design (And Build Trust in Your Product Experiments)

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If you’ve been following along with the growth of the Lean Startup and other experimental methods, you’ve probably come across this hypothesis format: We believe [this capability]. Subscribers receive: A monthly article or video on product discovery/continuous innovation. His feedback led to significant revisions that made this article better. I’ve got a pet peeve to share with you.

Cognitive bias–and other innovation observations for product managers Feb 16, 2018

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Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers and innovators be heroes. The article and engaging (e.g., A lot of larger organizations are trying to operate as a startup.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

PM Hardcore

For more, check out my article on Doug Hall’s Three Laws of Marketing Physics , or his excellent book Jumpstart Your Business Brain! And Teresa Torres has written a number of great articles putting a product management spin on them. Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed).

The evolving role of product manager–and other innovation insights for product managers Dec 29, 2017

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Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers and innovators be heroes. It’s a slow week around the web for product management articles. How the product manager role evolves from startup to mature organization.

#5Things in #Prodmgmt for September 15, 2017

Joe Cotellese

I’m building a startup right now and am thinking alot about Product Market Fit. This great article from @chrija dives into it in “WTF is PMF? productboard dives into this in this article on prototyping. Happy Friday!

An Introduction to Product Discovery

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The Lean Startup came out in 2011. Throughout the video, I draw upon concepts from The Lean Startup , Change by Design , and The Four Steps to the Epiphany as well as what I’ve observed as a discovery coach and as product manager.

3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery

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Articles: Customer Interviews. What this means is that this company, Arity, sometimes acts like a startup because they’re a small company that’s being protected to go and do their own thing. It’s easy to think you already do continuous product discovery.