Thu.Feb 18, 2021

The Art and Science of Removing Features from Your Product


For many of us, the first couple months of the year pose an opportunity for a fresh start–a time to recalibrate what’s important to us and set our intentions for the next 365 days. So, why not think about our products in the same way? Just as people with the goal to be more organized.


From Exec Roles to Board Seats — Lessons for the Startup C-Suite from Zendesk, Guru, eBay, & More

First Round Review

Anne Raimondi has led teams at SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, Guru, and eBay, in addition to sitting on the board for Asana, Patreon and Gusto. Here, she shares her most critical leadership lessons for scaling up as an executive, while also diving into her playbook for building impactful boards


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How One Masterpiece Book Improved My Decision-Making

The Product Coalition

Balancing Fast and Slow-Thinking! Continue reading on Product Coalition ». decision-making leadership-skills thinking

Books 92

Writer’s Block: Don’t Allow Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt into Your Writing

Johanna Rothman

Every so often, someone asks me, “How do you write so much?” ” I don't feel as if I write that much. I have meeting-filled days, just as you do. However, I suspect there's something different about my days: I write for 15 minutes every day.

PROJECT TO PRODUCT: Building the Right Thing in the Right Way

Old and out-of-date project management principles are still very much in place in countless organizations. However, organizations are finding the solution to their problems, and the solution is Product Agility. Download this whitepaper to learn more!

Growth Hacking with Customer Journey Mapping and AAARRR Funnel


The term “growth hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 after he used this strategy to ignite unstoppable growth for Dropbox, LogMeIn, and other successful startups.

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No IKEA, it’s not my big day tomorrow. Personalization for SaaS – How To Do it Right


Personalization in SaaS is such a minefield. There’s a thin line between being personal and being creepy. Done right, personalization can be absolutely critical for new user activation, engagement and retention.

It’s Time to Bring Beta into the 21st Century


In the early 90s, the technological landscape was a very different place. Internet access wasn’t available in the average household. Cell phones weighed around a pound and a half. Spam was something you ate with eggs or over rice.

Innovatemap Values Deep Dive: Honesty with Lacey Lavies


Today we continue our Innovatemap Values Deep Dive series that explores our culture and core values alongside our colleagues who live and breathe them each day.

Books 56

Discovery Research and Interviewing Skills with Maria Rosala of Nielsen Norman Group


Maria joined us live to explain why discovery research is non-negotiable, how to conduct great interviews, and to share her top tips, methods, and tools.


Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before. Learn more.

Gamification Examples 2021: Introducing Game Elements To Your App

UXCam Bluespace

With today’s growing popularity of mobile games, more and more companies are borrowing the game elements and integrating them into their non-game products. Insights


The Art (and Importance) of Building Rapport

dscout People Nerds

Connecting with our users not only opens them up for more discussion, it makes them feel safe, secure, and ready to be vulnerable


Inter-Women Presents: Karen and Leandra on leadership

Inside Intercom

Last week, Intercom CEO Karen Peacock and our new CRO Leandra Fishman joined me for the inaugural event in a discussion series held by Inter-women – one of our internal community groups.

Top 10 Characteristics of an Enterprise-Class IT Application and Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

eG Innovations

What is ‘Enterprise Class’? Enterprise class’ is a buzzword that refers to applications that are designed to be robust, flexible, and scalable for deployment by a large organization.

Believe the Hype? Not All Tech Trends Live Up to Their Reputation

Not all tech trends are created equal. Rightpoint, a global experience company, has assembled a list of technologies that simply can’t live up to the hype, some that do and others that are undervalued. This information can help you prioritize investments, reduce spending on overhyped features, and improve your customer experiences.

Comparative Usability Testing: A Key Method for Actionable Design Feedback

dscout People Nerds

Here’s how comparative usability testing can help you decide which designs work for your users and which don’t.

Sky’s Head of Product on up-leveling your product management process


“Productboard forces us to do the right thing. It forces you down the route of good product management, because It’s making you define your drivers, identify your segments, and all that.”

Infographic: What 295 Executives Say About the Shift to Digital-first


“We are living through a digital-product revenue revolution, centered around using digital products to completely redesign the value we create for customers,” Jian Wei Hoh, head of business design at Ford said recently. Hoh is not alone in his observation.