Wed.Feb 07, 2024

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Loneliness in the C-Suite: A closer look at the CPO landscape

Mind the Product

A recent study by Planes has revealed that over half of CPOs feel isolated in their leadership roles. We take a closer look at the research findings and offer solutions to solve this common issue in product leadership positions. Read more » The post Loneliness in the C-Suite: A closer look at the CPO landscape appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Product in Practice: Bringing the Discovery Habits to WebMD

Product Talk

The larger and more complex your company is, the more challenging it can be to introduce continuous discovery. It’s not just about training people to conduct interviews , use opportunity solution trees , or test assumptions —though those are all important activities—it’s also about convincing them of the value of these activities and getting the people they work with on board as well.


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Mapping Homeownership: An Ethnographic Expedition through 2023’s Real Estate Landscape

UX Planet

I am currently a graduate student in my third semester, pursuing Design Innovation at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In one of our classes this semester, Market Insights, we delved into the intricacies of the US housing market and explored it targeting 1st time home buyers. Prof Ben Little’s initial introduction to topic ignited my curiosity, yet I was unprepared for the complexities and emotional challenges 1st time home buyers have to experience.

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Celebrating a Decade of Delivering Results


Reflecting on a decade of excellence, our team of product experts is proud to celebrate ten years of delivering results and fostering growth for tech companies. Launched in 2014, we’ll officially celebrate our 10th anniversary later this month. Since our start in The Speakeasy , our journey has been a testament to helping leaders we believe in achieve the product visions they believe in.

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How to Build an Experimentation Culture for Data-Driven Product Development

Speaker: Margaret-Ann Seger, Head of Product, Statsig

Experimentation is often seen as an aspirational practice, especially at smaller, fast-moving companies who are strapped for time and resources. So, how can you get your team making decisions in a more data-driven way while continuing to remain lean and maintaining ship velocity? In this webinar, Margaret-Ann Seger, Head of Product at Statsig, will teach you how to build an experimentation culture from the ground-up, graduating from just getting started with data-driven development to operating

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UI/UX Design: Pixso in 2024

UX Planet

The free Figma knockoff that legitimately feels almost too good to be true.

UX 90

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Gainsight Reigns Supreme: Winter 2024 G2 Grid Report Unveiled!


In the fast-paced world of Customer Success , staying ahead of the curve is non-negotiable. That’s why here at Gainsight, we’re beyond thrilled to share our latest triumph: clinching the top spot in the Winter 2024 G2 Grid Report for Customer Success. But what exactly does this mean, and why should you care? Let’s break it down. G2 Scores: The Ultimate Measure of Excellence Before we dive into the specifics, let’s talk about G2 scores.

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What Is a Good Free Trial Conversion Rate in SaaS?


Your SaaS product’s free trial conversion rate is one of the most important growth metrics to track. That’s because an integral component of the product-led growth strategy is your ability to convert a free trial user into a paying customer. This guide will go over what the free trial conversion rate is, why it’s important to track, how to calculate it, what a good benchmark is, and the factors that influence it!

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UX Writing Examples: 6 Insider Tips for Impactful Microcopy

UX Planet

Picture this, you have an amazing app with great aesthetics. It looks good and works even better but it’s all written in Klingon. Did you picture it? Did you feel dissatisfaction there? A good copy is supposed to bridge the gap between reading and experience. Let’s look at a more relatable UX writing example. Ever encountered a passive-aggressive pop-up when visiting a website?

UX 89
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How did I hire a Lead UI/UX Designer to Review all my Designs for Free?

UX Planet

You can hire him too for FREE. Please read this article to know how to do it exactly. Hey there, fellow design enthusiasts! ? I’ve got a little secret I’ve been keeping under wraps for the past year, and guess what? Today’s the day I spill the beans. So, I did a thing. I hired a full-time lead designer to nitpick every pixel of my UI/UX designs. The best part?

ChatGPT 73
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How Embedded Analytics Helps Product Managers Exceed Their KPIs

Embedded analytics can help you deliver cutting-edge analytics experiences to your end-users that align with KPIs that are critical to the growth and success of your business. Read this eBook to learn how an embedded analytics platform, like Qrvey, can help PMs exceed the following KPIs: Growing revenue while improving customer retention rate Delivering rapid time to value Earning a high net-promoter score Increasing Gross Margin / Profitability Conversion rate from trial to paid Don’t just meet