Thu.May 06, 2021

How I got my job – Morgan Beschle

Mind the Product

Morgan Beschle has been working as VP of Product at Cureatr for nine weeks after working in product management for 14 years. She explains how she landed her most recent job in product and talks about her journey in starting a new senior product leadership role during a global pandemic.

I’m in the 2021 Write Stuff Bundle!

Johanna Rothman

I like to read, as well as to write. You are not surprised.) Which means I discovered StoryBundle years ago. Most of the time, StoryBundle offers genre fiction. However, this time, it's nonfiction for writers—the 2021 Write Stuff Bundle.


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Designing for Future Signals

The Product Coalition

What are future signals and why they can be used to anticipate uncertain futures. Continue reading on Product Coalition ». ux-research user-research this-is-milk-consultancy ux future-signals

Business Testing: Is your Hypothesis Really Validated?


Entrepreneurs and corporate innovators alike often struggle to figure out when their hypothesis is validated, because it isn’t as simple as we’d like to believe. Innovation Process: Testing Business Ideas

How to Accelerate Product Sales Virtually

Everyone sells online these days, but outselling the (virtual) competition requires following a few key principles. Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie shares his insights on resonating with buyers in this short video.

10 UI/UX design trends for startups to watch out in 2021

The Product Coalition

Now it is more important than ever to keep an eye on UI/UX design trends if you want your mobile solution to stand out in 2021. Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a game-changer. In fact, the pandemic has had a huge impact not only on our ordinary life, but also on technologies and user experience.

UX 108

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The Blame Game Retrospective

The Product Coalition

TL; DR: The Blame Game Retrospective There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone.

5 Ways ProductPlan’s Table View Will Make a Product Manager’s Work Easier


TLDR: The Newest Version of ProductPlan’s Roadmap App, with an Enhanced “Table View,” Can Be Your All-in-One Roadmapping Solution.

Avoid disjointed experiences while experimenting!

AB Tasty

As your marketing, product, and engineering teams run experiments it is critical to think through the entire customer journey, avoid disjointed user experiences, and consolidate the data needed to make decisions. Have you considered how to keep consistency between anonymous users and logged users?

Product Update: April 2021


Hello everyone! We hope you had a strong start to the quarter. Our team has been busy working on various initiatives to further unlock product analytics for your data warehouse.

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The State of Product Leadership Report 2021

Delivery is the top success metric for product leaders. But should it be? This is just one of the findings in this year’s State of Product Leadership report. Download the report to discover more ways product management is changing in 2021.

Best-Selling Product Management Book Updated With Post-Covid Business Landscape In Mind

Sequent Learning

The Product Manager’s Desk Reference has been updated for a post-Covid world while providing a reliable resource for product managers to excel in their role.

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Filter your mentions by user to find messages faster


Throughout the workday, we receive a lot of Mentions in Typetalk. And we often need to recall them later on. With the new Mention Filter feature, you can find messages faster — all you have to remember is who sent them. . How to use the Mention Filter.

Dangerous animals of product management: How to manage challenging stakeholders


Picture this: You are a forward-thinking product manager with a clear product vision, strategy, and roadmap. Yet throughout the product management process, stakeholders come to the table with unvalidated requests.

How to Conduct Research on Sensitive Topics (8 Experts Weigh In)

dscout People Nerds

UX researchers exploring sensitive spaces share their best practices for creating a respectful study. Here’s how they ask tough questions and prepare for impactful answers

UX 56

The Rapid Innovation Sprint as an Accelerator for Your Big Idea

Rapid Innovation Sprints (RISE) help companies incubate greenfield digital product ideas that have the potential to radically transform their business. The techniques of RISE help uncover game-changing opportunities with structure, collaboration, and commitment.

Static vs. Coded: Which Design System Approach is Best For Your Current Digital Product Strategy?

Emerge Insights

Making the right choices about your digital product design process can create efficiencies that can increase speed to market and help scale future products effortlessly.

Understanding How Remote Learning Is Changing Our Relationship with Nature

dscout People Nerds

Stanford University’s Veronica Lin and the Social Ecology Lab used everyday moments to spot trends in at-home learning and compare two models of content delivery


Insights Three Ways: Express Mission Designs For A Range of Outputs

dscout People Nerds

We wanted to know about young adults’ pandemic experience. We designed three, quick-turn Express missions—each of which produced vastly different (but widely valuable) types data.