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How to Manage Product Managers


“Management is the most noble of professions if it’s practiced well. No other occupation offers as many ways to help others learn and grow, take responsibility and be recognized for achievement, and contribute to the success of a team.”

Be a Schedule Builder, Not a To-Do List Maker

Nir Eyal

The post Be a Schedule Builder, Not a To-Do List Maker appeared first on Nir and Far. Time Management

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Getting Started with Product Data Management


The power of product analytics becomes apparent when any team at a company—marketing, product, design, engineering—can quickly ask and answer questions about user behavior and customer journeys. But getting to that point requires an investment in product data management.

How to Avoid Career-Damaging Mistakes as a Product Manager [+Webinar]

280 Group

To learn more in-depth tips and strategies for each of the mistakes below, please join our upcoming webinar, 5 Career-Damaging Mistakes to Avoid in Your First 100 Days. You landed that great new gig…. You are the Product Manager of this great new “thing.”

Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

Roadmaps Are Dead. Long Live Roadmaps! – Janna Bastow on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

When you have questions about roadmaps, it pays to talk to someone who has spent way too much of her life thinking about them. Janna Bastow – co-founder of both Mind the Product and ProdPad – has been trying to fix the problems of roadmaps for most of her professional life.

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TEI 306: Accomplish twice as much in half the time – with Steve Glaveski

Product Innovation Educators

Simple steps product managers can take to become Time Rich. Would you like to get more done? Product managers are pulled in many directions, and if you are like others, you struggle to get the most important things done, let along everything you are asked to do. . Our guest knows a lot about this.

Follow Reddit in Feedly

Roy Madden

New Feature. Pull content from subreddits and searches directly into your Feedly feeds. Reddit is “home of thousands of communities, endless conversations, and authentic human connection.” It can be an amazing resource for finding the best insights on topics and trends you care about.

The Biggest Missing Element in Most Product Experiences, According to Behavioural Science (Does Yours Have It?)

Mind the Product

Libby was new to backpacking. Her first trip was a 4-day trek through the Sierras with a good friend who was far more experienced. Before setting off, they downloaded an app that tracked their speed, elevation gain and miles. At the end of the first day, they were eager to see how far and fast [.].

What Writers Can Do About Informal Plagiarism, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

I spoke with another writer, Sam, earlier this week. He’s pretty sure a colleague, John, is plagiarizing his blog posts. Not in writing, but in conversation. Yes, John is using Sam's original words and phrases and passing those words off as John's ideas.

Digital Trends Report 2020

As part of our goal to continue helping our community during these times, we wanted to share with you this critical data on the state of digital products across industries and provide context on how businesses are responding to the changing winds.

Acquire Customers with Online Ads that Connects to Your Value Proposition Canvas


After developing your Value Proposition Canvas you need to design an experiment to test whether what you have designed is accurate. Online ads are a great experiment to test and validate problem-solution fit and determine whether the value proposition you have mapped out really resonates with your target customer segment. Innovation Process: Testing Business Ideas

The Product Complexity Paradox

The Product Coalition

Complexity is an alluring trap, but the hidden costs can be crushing Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management startup business technology entrepreneurship

Make Better Product Decisions by Using Quantitative and Qualitative Data, by Brian Tran

Mind the Product

In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Brian Tran, Director of Product Management at User Testing, shows us how we can become better product people by supercharging our data with human insights. His key points include: What makes a product great?

The Product Outcomes Formula


In this post I’d like to share a very simple model for thinking about “using data” and product outcomes. To be a successful product team, you must understand the following domains: Product development involves wearing lots of hats (and this is a partial list).

Testing at Every Stage of Development

Up to 80% of new products fail. The reality is harsh and the reasons why are endless. Perhaps the new product couldn’t oust a customer favorite. Maybe it looked great but was too hard to use. Or, despite being a superior product, the go-to-market strategy failed. There’s always a risk when building a new product, but you can hedge your bets by understanding exactly what your customers' expectations truly are at every step of the development process.

What Lifecycle or Agile Approach Fits Your Context? Part 7, Lifecycle Summary

Johanna Rothman

What risks does your project have? Do you need feedback loops so you can: Cancel the project at any time (to manage schedule and cost risks. Assess technical risks so you can rework the architecture or design to manage feature set risks.

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They Don’t Understand Your Role as a Product Leader. But Do You?

The Product Coalition

The role of the product leader goes far beyond managing the product department. Unfortunately, in most companies, there is no one who can tell you that, simply because they haven’t seen it before. Here is your true responsibility as a product leader, so that it’s no longer a secret.

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Yes, Product Managers Should Project Manage

Mind the Product

It’s a truism that product managers should not be project managers. They are different disciplines requiring different skill sets. But practically, as a product manager, you probably do at least some minimum amount of project management in your daily work, perhaps even to your frustration and dissatisfaction! In this article, I address this apparent dissonance, [.]. Read More. The post Yes, Product Managers Should Project Manage appeared first on Mind the Product.

Retention Rate: Meaning, Use Cases, and More


Retention rate is one of the most important barometers of your company’s success. A high retention rate means your customers are happy; they value your product and are providing a sustainable source of revenue.

How Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Embedding dashboards and reports aren’t enough. Futureproof your application by offering instant, actionable insights that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage.

Centercode Customers See a 646% Return on Investment


For nearly two decades, Centercode has provided leading platform and managed service customer testing solutions that help companies turn good technology into great products.

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This is why your company is not ready for OKR’s

The Product Coalition

Know what your organization needs to take care of before moving to goals-based planning Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-development objectives-key-results product okr product-management

Managing Product = Managing Tension by Marc Abraham

Mind the Product

In my book, Managing Product = Managing Tension, I’ve focused on what it is that impacts the products we build and how we manage them, namely; mind, matter, and moves.

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Announcing Banners – the simple new way to engage your customers

Inside Intercom

Today, we’re excited to unveil the newest message type in Intercom, Banners.

6 Ways to Secure (More Of) a Budget for Your Customer Education Program

Whether you’re looking to kickstart or expand your customer education program, you need access to a budget. Learn how you can demonstrate the positive ROI of customer training and make the case for securing a larger budget in our latest eBook!

You X Horror volume II: The Thing and assimilation in UX


In this 2020 Halloween special, we look to John Carpenter's 1982 cosmic body horror masterpiece "the Thing" to inspire some great UX design! Trust no one but the users! The post You X Horror volume II: The Thing and assimilation in UX appeared first on TryMyUI Blog.

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Reduce your Time to

The Product Coalition

Using Value Stream mapping for process improvements Continue reading on Product Coalition ». agile-coaching lean agile-transformation pmo agile

Agile 92

October Roundup: Data Ethics, Values, Building Empowered Product Teams, Scaling and More

Mind the Product

During the month of October, we put the spotlight on data ethics, living up to our values, how to build empowered product teams, and how to scale successfully. But that’s not all. October also delivered a handy professional development framework courtesy of Petra Wille.

How to Ace the Technical Program Management Interview

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Thinking of jumping into the field of Technical Program Management ? We understand that the TPM interview can be pretty intimidating. Technical program management, itself, is one of those roles that is a mix of many different fields. Let's dive into acing the technical program management interview!

The Connected Journey: Developing your Empathy to Strengthen Strategies for Customer Relations

Speaker: Esther Kieft, Delivery Manager (Group Technology) at Domino's Pizza Enterprises

It is well known that empathy is a key ingredient in creating lovable products, yet not all products offer the best customer experience. From meeting stringent deadlines to insufficient resources being available to carry out customer research, there is a range of reasons why customer empathy could be missing in product development. Join Esther Kieft, as she breaks down using empathy at a distance to evaluate the problems that customers are experiencing during this global health crisis.

The Missing Ingredient: How Storytelling Can Make User Research More Impactful with Harrison Wheeler, UX Design Manager at LinkedIn


Storytelling can help everyone at your organization get in the practice of basing decisions in user feedback. Here’s how Harrison Wheeler makes it work at Linkedin

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Making Technical Debt Visible

The Product Coalition

What it is, how to make it visible, and why you should bother Continue reading on Product Coalition ». agile-leadership product-leadership devops product agile

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How To Manage Product Tension and Lean Into It Effectively

Mind the Product

In my book, Managing Product = Managing Tension, I’ve focused on what it is that impacts the products we build and how we manage them, namely; mind, matter, and moves. Each of these factors in their own right creates tension and in my new book, I outline how we can make the most of these [.].

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