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Deep dive: How to make product discovery a habit

Mind the Product

Read more » The post Deep dive: How to make product discovery a habit appeared first on Mind the Product. Inspired by Teresa Torres' 'Continuous Discovery Habits' (2021), Martin Lehner and Doerthe Ramin delve into the art of building lasting habits within organizations and among product leaders.

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How to see through the ‘know your customer’ jungle

Mind the Product

Read more » The post How to see through the ‘know your customer’ jungle appeared first on Mind the Product. He also provides insights into vendor selection, negotiation, and offers recommendations based on real-world testing and experiences.


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Analysis paralysis and how to avoid it

Mind the Product

A look at how to understand and improve your decision making and avoid getting stuck in analysis paralysis Read more » The post Analysis paralysis and how to avoid it appeared first on Mind the Product.

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Product Manager Interview: How to Get Hired

280 Group

Congratulations! You’re on the verge of one of the most exciting and fastest-growing careers today. Over the past several decades, I’ve interviewed hundreds and hired dozens of Product Managers at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and burgeoning startups.

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How to Choose an AI Vendor

You know you want to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to take full advantage of the wealth of available data at your fingertips. But rapid change, vendor churn, hype and jargon make it increasingly difficult to choose an AI vendor.

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Customer Success – How To Build Relationships With Customer Executives

Product Management University

How to on-board customers to ensure your products/services deliver outcomes with measurable value. How to do top-down customer discovery so you can connect the dots between their strategic priorities and your products/services. How to uncover needs for greater adoption, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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Customer Interviews: How to Recruit, What to Ask, and How to Synthesize What You Learn

Product Talk

Further reading: Ask Teresa: How Do You Select Customers for Customer Interviews? Why You Are Probably Interviewing the Wrong People and How to Fix It. How do you find customers to interview every week? For example, you might offer an invitation to an exclusive “how-to” webinar that they otherwise might not get access to.

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The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

It will show you how to select the right solution and what investments are required for success. We hope this guide will transform how you build value for your products with embedded analytics. Access the Definitive Guide for a one-stop-shop for planning your application’s future in data.

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Trusted AI 102: A Guide to Building Fair and Unbiased AI Systems

Download this guide to find out: How to build an end-to-end process of identifying, investigating, and mitigating bias in AI. How to choose the appropriate fairness and bias metrics to prioritize for your machine learning models. How to successfully navigate the bias versus accuracy trade-off for final model selection and much more.

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Positioning Your Community: How to Find and Deliver Your Community's Unique Value

Speaker: Richard Millington, the Founder of FeverBee

Every community has one, but many are either unaware of what it might be, or how to deliver on it. How to evaluate and compare your community's unique value with your competitors. How to identify and deliver on your community's unique positioning. How to prioritize to maximize your community’s potential.

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How to Use Data to Build Strong Customer Communities

Speaker: Carrie Melissa Jones Founder, Gather Community Consulting

On August 12th at 12 pm EDT, Carrie Melissa Jones will be sharing the importance of undertaking research whether you are preparing to launch your community or are planning a strategic pivot, and how it can impact cross-organizational value. Plan community-specific research.

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How to Reach Peak Performance With the Product Management Organizational Health Checklist

Speaker: Rina Vernovskaya, CEO, 280 Group; and Roger Snyder, VP of Marketing, 280 Group

Watch the on-demand webinar and download the included checklist to learn how to use it to evaluate your team and measure how important each team characteristic is to your business. How to use the Health Checklist that was developed based on over 20 Years of experience helping PM teams form, norm and ultimately perform.

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How to Democratize Data Across Your Organization Using a Semantic Layer

Speaker: speakers from Verizon, Snowflake, Affinity Federal Credit Union, EverQuote, and AtScale

Join this webinar panel for practical advice on how to build and foster a data literate, self-service analysis culture at scale using a semantic layer.

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How to Empower Your Users So You Can Create a Great Product

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

How to decide what problems the organization wants to solve for which users. How to empower your team and customers to create a shared certainty about how the team will solve the problem with your users. In this webinar you will learn: The problems with deciding for the users or other interested people.

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Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

Speaker: Nir Eyal

However, in an age of ever-increasing demands on our attention how do we stay productive and stay sane? Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, wrote the book on the secret psychology behind products like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.