5 Lessons from SpaceX for Product Managers in 2020

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According to SpaceX’s Mars transportation infrastructure, the first crewed flight to Mars will take place in 2024, four short years away. What would it take to put humanity on Mars? Apparently it’s going to take six thousand passionate employees, and one real-life Iron Man CEO.

Is This the End of Customer Success Software as We Know It?


In fact, from 2019 to 2024, the customer success platforms market is projected to grow from $854 million to a staggering $2.66 The critical role played by customer success (CS) teams is well known, as is the importance of the customer success software powering these teams.

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The Blockchain Revolution: How Is It Changing Business

The Product Coalition

Just look at the blockchain technology statistics : The size of the blockchain market was $400 million in 2017; currently, it’s way over $500 million and by the year 2024 it’s expected to hit $20 billion.

How to Choose a Safer Analytics SDK for your Mobile App


Actually, according to Research Nester, the global mobile analytics market is expected to reach $6bn by the end of 2024. With mobile app usage getting higher and higher every year, mobile app analytics SDKs are wide spread.

Moving to OKRs in 30 days: A step by step guide.

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An example of this might be (if our mission is to land on Mars by 2024) , our first sign we are getting closer is we probably have; Built 1 rocket. Moving to OKRs in 30 days: A step by step guide I have been talking to a LOT of people over the last few months about OKRs?—?more