Creating a Sustainable Continuous Discovery Practice at CarMax [Case Study]

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Back in March, I shared a case study about one of the product teams I worked with at Snagajob (now Snag). This case study is about a team at CarMax that I just finished working with.

What a Good Continuous Discovery Team Looks Like [Case Study]

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The post What a Good Continuous Discovery Team Looks Like [Case Study] appeared first on Product Talk. One of my favorite parts of Mind the Product London this past fall was meeting a product manager and a designer who I had coached in the prior year.

Churn Rate: Solutions With UX Design? Case Study On Xeropan

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In this case study, we show how we enhanced the user experience and gave solutions to reduce the churn rate for Xeropan. In this case study we cover: The user onboarding redesign process, Problems and their solutions, and. In many cases, people didn’t know their location.

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PM Case Study: Redesigning Chase's Country Dropdown

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

PMLesson Case Studies are a series where we identify live internet bugs and propose product redesigns. There are a few key use cases that this open text box needs to get right to fix this issue: It should map to common alternate names of countries. Or in this case, if I type “Ko,” it should show both North Korea and South Korea. A short list of edge cases below demonstrates how the tool could be even more robust: Holland : a common nickname for the Netherlands.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

If you have them, case studies from customers are the ideal. Use cases and pre-sales proposals can also be helpful. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue.

How to Simplify Your Value Proposition: A Case Study

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Here we look at a case study of a flash sale platform in the UK called Wriggle ( [link] ) that shows us that simplifying value propositions is an ongoing process that’s key to growth. The post How to Simplify Your Value Proposition: A Case Study appeared first on Mind the Product.

E-commerce UX Case Study: Société Store

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In this case study, I share with you the story of designing a high-end fashion store. Read more case studies to find out more about how UX studio can help you achieve your business goals. The post E-commerce UX Case Study: Société Store appeared first on UX Studio. Case StudyI always find starting a project interesting: I will get to work with new people and learn about a new industry.

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Product Case Study: ESPN’s Draft Lobby Redesign

The Product Coalition

What product changes say about a company’s priorities It’s a beautiful thing?—?when when 2 of your great loves, perhaps ones that don’t have a lot to do with each other, intersect.

Designing UX In An App For People With Disabilities — UX Case Study

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This case study walks through the process of how we managed to successfully close the project. Research issues: We pay special attention to these during research (field studies and interviews). Solution: Travel to do stakeholder interviews and field studies. We travelled to Dublin and did stakeholder interviews and field studies. The post Designing UX In An App For People With Disabilities — UX Case Study appeared first on UX Studio.

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A New Way To Delegate And Split Expenses: Fintech UX Case Study

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In this UX case study, we describe how our team helped this startup enter the market with a well-designed product. Flexible Split covers cases if the Buyer doesn’t know how many people want to pay and how much. We hope you enjoyed our UX case study! Want to read more case studies? The post A New Way To Delegate And Split Expenses: Fintech UX Case Study appeared first on UX Studio. Case Study Mobile UX Web App UX

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Mobile UX Design Case Study: How We Built An MVP For Wattler

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Designing an MVP always poses challenges, as it seems full of compromises. Designing one with a real mission motivates despite all the limitations on the time frame and resources. In January 2017 we had the opportunity to work on the Wattler Android app , which among its many visions aims to increase personal energy consumption monitoring. Closely following gas and electricity usage not only shows the money spent but also raises awareness of the lifestyle we lead.

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TEI 194: A case study for disruptive innovation before being disrupted – with Chris Clausen

Product Innovation Educators

On my way, I stopped in Minneapolis and found an incredible innovation case study at Deluxe Corporation. We made the case to acquire them and had people from the acquisition join our existing product team. Product managers can move the wheel forward without reinventing it.

Business Website Design: How To Make It Awesome? (UX Case Study)

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Note that in some cases, design phases overlapped a few days or even weeks. Rather, I mean cases where something merits the effort (e.g. The last part featured in case the developers wanted to modify the design. UX Case Study) appeared first on UX Studio. A website redesign does not take much. It means you already have a website which just needs a facelift, right? If so, it usually takes one to three months, depending on information load and purpose.

Q&A with Extensis VP of Development & Strategy, Toby Martin


We wanted to prioritize features more effectively, and understand more about our use cases — both to improve existing solutions and to drive entirely new ones. Product Management Usage Analytics Software Development Case Study Q&A

Case Study: Planetary Improves App to 5 Stars with UserTesting


With a little help from … The post Case Study: Planetary Improves App to 5 Stars with UserTesting appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Planetary , a Brooklyn-based digital development ?rm, rm, was tasked with redesigning a client’s mobile app to improve usability. The iOS app, HelloSign , allows users to scan, sign and send documents from their Apple devices.

Case Study: Planetary Improves App to 5 Stars with UserTesting


With a little help from … The post Case Study: Planetary Improves App to 5 Stars with UserTesting appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Planetary , a Brooklyn-based digital development ?rm, rm, was tasked with redesigning a client’s mobile app to improve usability. The iOS app, HelloSign , allows users to scan, sign and send documents from their Apple devices.

Be in a Band, not an Orchestra: how to Grow an Agile Product Team

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Launching Products – Paul Yokota (ProductTank NYC)

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Product Launch Product Management Product Management Case Studies Video NYC Paul Yokota product launch ProductTank validation

User Behavior can Bite you – Lessons From the Product Management Trenches

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A case in point is the Facebook authentication button for creating a new account on my site. Product Management Product Management Case Studies Product Management Skills StartupsI am the founder of Jodi Logik , an online matchmaking startup in India.

How the Instapage product team sped up design change decisions


Case study How theInstapageproduct team sped up design change decisions This is a case study by Kevin Yang, an associate product manager at Instapage. Case study Design collaboration ux design product managementHe primarily works on projects that improve and optimize the landing page builder and has an unhealthy obsession with motorcycles. Instapage is an advanced landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies. […].

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Made With the Finest Rainbows: Was Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino a Success?

Mind the Product

I entered down the rabbit hole of user research as I so often do , and have found a case where marketing and product collaborated so seamlessly that we should all be envious. Glitter and sparkles swept America by storm the other weekend!

3 Feature Prioritization Methods With Your Users In Mind

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The best case scenario results in providing a high impact feature with the lowest effort level. Case Study Product ManagementWhether in the pool or already on the market, a new product or service with plenty of ideas will constantly require recurring feature prioritization. An implementation which might have seemed unnecessary one day can become a basic expectation the next.

If I Can’t Do What I Want Right Now, I Will Just Close Your App

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Case Study Web App UXSometimes designers are so busy designing a navigation structure, they forget that most of the people won’t even give a try to the menu. They will just leave your app, if they can’t do what they want on the screen they are. In our recent project with RisingStack we found this problem two times. Let me show it to you. The product: a microservices app. The app’s name is Trace. It is a web application for developers working with microservices.

UX Maturity Model: A tool to improve collaboration with the UX team

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In most cases we work closely with “just” the product owner, who unfortunately does not make the final decision. In many cases we didn’t have access to C-level personnel. This leads to slower, more difficult collaboration because we have to cross-check design questions and solutions with the PO (and the product team, designer etc) and then wait for approval from a decision maker (C-level person) and in some cases in vain. Core Integrated (best case scenario).

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The 5-Step Method to Find & Solve the Most Painful Problem of Your Audience

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In this case study, you can follow a five-step guide to how we simplified complex design problems and made quick decisions to speed up the process. Case Study UX Design MethodsThere are several moments during a product design process when a team needs to make decisions because they have hundreds of ideas but no time to test them all.

How We Conducted User Research in The Arab Market

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In our case, it was a double challenge: we didn’t have an existing product yet but we already had to plan with the extension. The general guidelines of how to conduct usability studies don’t really change in another cultural environment, but there might be some specific things to keep in mind to get valid information from the users. Case Study UX Design Methods UX Research

Moving your Business From Services to Product: Here’s What it takes!

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Suppose you were in a situation like this, enhance your soft skills by reading this case study and then say what your course of action will be. The post Moving your Business From Services to Product: Here’s What it takes! appeared first on Spice Catalyst.

Design as Connective Tissue


For a while, I’ve been thinking about writing this piece about the place of design in companies, and this news presented an interesting case study. Last week news broke that Adobe was buying Marketo in a deal that’s going to reverberate through the martech world for a while.

Nailing Product/Market Fit by Alan Chiu

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In this talk, Alan Chiu pulls from his experience in product management and as a seed-stage venture capitalist to showcase a variety of case studies on companies who have perfected product/market fit.

Building rapport: How storytelling helps you win over leads in live chat

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Share real customer case studies. The most effective case studies put prospects in our customer’s shoes and encourage them to imagine how much better, easier, more efficient their lives will be once they’ve adopted our product.

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2019 Product Conferences

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Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference. We are starting to pull together our 2019 conference list. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of a product conference that is not on the list and you think it should be, please feel free to recommend it in the comments or send an email to I haven’t decided what events I’ll be attending in 2019 yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll update this post.

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Sales & Marketing: Till Death Do Us Part

Pragmatic Marketing

Along the way he shares some great tips and case studies. The alignment between sales and marketing is one of the most critical components of successful revenue growth. But far too often, the relationship more closely resembles Athens and Sparta than a happy marriage.

How To Best Meet The Needs Of The Connected Consumer

The Accidental Product Manager

Marketing and engagement teams will receive insights and case studies into how best to engage consumers and seize every opportunity! How to best meet the needs of the connected consumer Image Credit: Ismael Celis.

How to Build new Products in Digital Media by Ana Jakimovska

Mind the Product

Ana delves into two case studies from her time at the BBC and Sky, demonstrating the challenges and opportunities she’s worked on in the broadcast industry. BBC Case Study. Sky Case Study. Innovation was the name of the game in this case study.

Video: Developing a Continuous Feedback Loop

Sachin Rekhi

I decided to expand upon an essay I originally wrote in 2016 about developing a continuous feedback loop for your product with detailed case studies of how I have implemented such a feedback loop for my current startup, Notejoy , as well as while leading LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How to Give a Great Product Talk

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For me, the most effective engagement tactic for product talks is case studies – “what would you do?” It’s best if the outcome is unknown, and the case inspires debate. The very best case studies have unexpected outcomes – surprise leads to learning.

The Playbook for Achieving Product-Market Fit

Mind the Product

A Real-World Case Study. I close my talk by sharing a real-world, end-to-end case study of the Lean Product Process in action. Why Products Fail.

How live chat can warm up your cold outbound leads

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For most sales teams, “personalizing” a cold email simply means referencing a person’s job title or company and sending them links to case studies or blog posts in the hope of generating a single click-through. For instance, if you receive an email from me with a case study, and you click on the case study, you’ll be greeted with a Visitor Auto Message, or a proactive live chat message, inviting you to chat with me.

Conservation of Intent: The hidden reason why A/B tests aren’t as effective as they look

Andrew Chen

Be skeptical of internal results, but more importantly, external case studies too. When a +10% isn’t really a +10%. OK, this is an infuriating startup experience: You ship an experiment that’s +10% in your conversion funnel.

Perfecting the Stealth Launch

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Be sure to write a case study as a lesson to others. Congratulations. You’ve perfected the stealth launch! Your product is in the market but no one knows it.