The "Why" of Interviewing—Suzanne Abate, PM Consultant and Instructor

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Suzanne Abate is the co-founder of The Development Factory and online PM community, 100 Product Managers. We decided to partner together and focus on our web development capabilities.

Making the transition from consultant to product engineer

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But making the transition from consultant engineer to a product engineer was a revelation – I realized that working as an engineer in client services and working as a product engineer are essentially two completely different jobs, bridged only by the common use of technology. By “consultant engineer”, I mean an engineer developing software for a client (which is again different from being an independent contractor). Being a Consultant Engineer.

Podcast about the Business of Writing and Consulting

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Consultants and writers share a common problem: we are business owners. Yes, I manage my own product development and my business. She was surprised a business consultant could have a sense of humor. MPD writing consulting project portfolio management rolling wave planning value

Developing Product Management Confidence

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But how do you develop the confidence required to lead a team of stakeholders to a positive outcome? Her consulting work, personal life events and her business partner emphasized that the lessons as “Ms.

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

fashion designers Better predict demand Gain a competitive edge New product development Access to customer shopping patterns on different categories. app developers Create consumer-facing. apps Software developers can create applications that offer drivers. Monetizing the.

Developing A Product Vision and Strategy

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Characteristics Specific to a Well Developed Product Vision. website I consulting I training I toolkits I books I blog I twitter. The post Developing A Product Vision and Strategy appeared first on Actuation Consulting. Over the past few weeks we’ve considered a number of key product management tools. Today we will look at two of the most important: the Product Vision and Product Strategy documents.

Melissa Perri (Produx Labs) on how to run a distributed consultancy firm


Here at RealtimeBoard, we’re always curious about the ways leading companies from around the world approach product development and the challenges they face while organizing their work on distributed teams. The post Melissa Perri (Produx Labs) on how to run a distributed consultancy firm appeared first on RealtimeBlog | A blog by RealtimeBoard

Freelance Consulting and Product Management – Time to Join the gig Economy?

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Therein lies the opportunity for a product management consultant. Consulting on a part-time and freelance basis may be a viable option for you, depending on where you are in your career. marketing acumen to promote the nascent consulting business.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

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But let the ScrumMaster or coach tackle people, process, and organisational issues; let the development team figure out what needs to be done to implement the user stories and other product backlog items. Development teams should manage their own work (using a sprint backlog or Kanban board). Developing a successful digital product requires more than technical knowledge. Aim to build consensus with the development team, but don’t shy away from difficult conversations.

With Jetpack, Android Development Has Leapfrogged iOS

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Over the past six years, I’ve done a lot of iOS development (and written a lot about iOS ). But as a software consultant, I need to be flexible, and I’ve done my fair share of Android development as well. New developers are on their own to discover this.

5 Key Considerations for Top-Notch Product Dashboards

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Join Miles Robinson, Agile and Management Consultant, as he covers five key considerations for you to keep in mind when you’re updating your software or app to offer the latest in embedded dashboards. How to develop dashboards efficiently while incurring minimal technical debt.

Development Team Briefing and Collaboration

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Or, as we say in the consulting biz, “How’s that been working for you?” Asking developers to provide scope and time estimates on individual items is like asking sales people to forecast specific deals and dollar amounts months in advance.

Disruptive Product Development – Jenine Lurie

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Jenine Lurie is Founder and Lead Strategist at Disruptive Experience, a New York based design consultancy that applies unique user-centered design strategies to create intuitive and delightful experiences that connect people to products. Prioritizing Features is Smart Product Development .

Professional development and succession planning

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The median employee tenure at Google is just more than one year, according to the payroll consultancy PayScale. The standard rejection letter claims “We’ll keep your resume on file.” ” But do you really? Statistics on job tenure seem to be all over the map.

Top App Development Agencies 2018–2019

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to find this year’s top app development agencies. After reading a bunch of content from other app development professionals, journalists, tech bloggers and the like, we realized that there are many good companies out there, and that everyone has a different favorite.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

CONTENTS Foreword by Jen Underwood, Principal Consultant, Impact Analytix.1 Part 3: Analytics Development Platforms Keep Applications Ahead of the Market. While I was at this company, new cloud services were developed in weeks and upgraded daily. development.

Daniella Patrick – Innovation Lab Product Development

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Daniella Patrick is an Innovation Lab Product Manager at Accenture, which is one of the largest global consulting firms in the world, with clients and partners like Microsoft, GE, HP, and IBM. In her ProductTank NYC presentation, she discusses her team’s role at their company and how they go about identifying problems and developing solutions. A key reality that Daniella keeps in mind, is that any product idea they develop is never guaranteed to launch.

Hear me on Developer On Fire Podcast

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I had a chance to be a guest on David Rael's podcast, Developer on Fire, Episode 402 | Johanna Rothman – Learning and Delivering. We spoke about many things, including my early development career, how I got started as a consultant, my writing, and more. The post Hear me on Developer On Fire Podcast appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

Using Different Types of Personas

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Personas help your team make decisions about the product during development. The Buyer Persona informs the development of the components, functionality, and benefits of the value proposition. The main goal of developing Personas is to understand typical customers for your product. Persona development is driven by market research or Voice-of-the-Customer activities. website I consulting I training I toolkits I books I blog I twitter.

Choosing the Right Software Development Partner (with or without an RFP), Part 1: Evaluating Longevity

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Finding the right custom software development firm for your project is a tough job. Your team also needs good project management, experienced product development, great people skills, and more. I might expand on this question by asking, “Will you stay focused on consulting?

What is a Product Roadmap?

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When you begin developing your product roadmap, you start to envision how your product strategy will actually be accomplished. These set of activities will typically cover multiple product development cycles and define high-level deliverables. website I consulting I training I toolkits I books I blog I twitter. appeared first on Actuation Consulting. Moving Your Product Strategy Forward.

Manage Your Intellectual Property

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When we manage product development for organizations, we work for hire. Books and consulting are all different beasts. You can create consulting services and deliver them by yourself. I’ve had to cross out and renegotiate consulting agreements where the client thought they could hire me to create a custom workshop and they would reuse it internally. As a consultant, your client does not own your IP. MPD writing consulting product development value

Storyboarding and Flow Diagrams

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We will take a close look at the Competitive Analysis Matrix and its uses, advantages, and disadvantages in the product development process. website I consulting I training I toolkits I books I blog I twitter. The post Storyboarding and Flow Diagrams appeared first on Actuation Consulting. Over the past few weeks my posts have explored various tools to use in product concept investigation.

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How I Make My Decisions to Speak at Conferences

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Consultants who make money speak at conferences. The decisions I make are about my product development and my Costs of Delay. I know I will speak, coach, consult. I'm not coaching or consulting. consulting MPD cost of delay speaking writing

Design System in Sketch: Simplify Designer Developer Collaboration

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These make it possible for many designers and developers to collaborate efficiently on the same product and keep the design consistent. The developers can build the UI from common assets and rules according to the prototypes, right? We got hired to improve and design a product which was still in a conceptual phase with a very tight deadline and different development teams working simultaneously.

My team are my product: How to develop a high-performing team of product managers (or anyone else)

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This is in order for Product to provide value to the organisation and it is underpinned by developing a high-performing team. If you’re looking to develop a high-performing team I’m sure some of this is familiar to you too. I wish you luck with developing high-performing teams.

What is a Market Requirements Document (MRD)?

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Of all the documents you create while developing a new product or product extension the Market Requirements Document (MRD) is most important of all. You’ll want to develop problem scenarios for each. website I consulting I training I toolkits I books I blog I twitter. appeared first on Actuation Consulting. First, the MRD defines the overall target market. It also captures the market expectations for product attributes.

TOWS: Step Beyond A SWOT Analysis

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You can use the information that emerges from this matrix to develop options for addressing issues that were revealed through SWOT. For example, if your organization is particularly strong in its development processes, you should consider how you could use this strength to make the most of newly opened opportunities. When all this has been done, you need to be prepared to defend what you’ve developed. Next week, we’ll consider the development of the Product Concept.

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The Product Concept: Questions to Ask

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Before any product direction can be undertaken, you as product manager need to develop your product concept. The real objective of developing a product concept is to provide enough information about the market needs to justify pursuing further investigation at a deeper level. website I consulting I training I toolkits I books I blog I twitter. The post The Product Concept: Questions to Ask appeared first on Actuation Consulting.

The competitive advantage of BPMA sponsored groups

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She owns Facilitated Change, an independent consulting firm in Harrisville, NH. Career Product Management Agile agile development agile methodologies agile project management Career DevelopmentAn Agile Product Open meetup recap.

Take Control of Prioritisation – Holly Donohue on The Product Experience

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Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers.

Podcast: Don’t Worry About Being Cool with Petra Wille

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One of the co-organisers of the MtP Engage conference in Hamburg (and a featured speaker at the Leadership Forum this year), she gave a talk a while back on Egoless Product Development. General Podcast The Product Experience #Mtpengage podcast Product Development

Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

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Mirror the three layers of the customer’s business and you’ll develop that expertise and climb the career ladder with less effort and better results. Product Management Career Development Experienced Career LeadershipContributed by John Mansour.

6 Reasons Why Boston is a Great Place to be a Product Manager

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Steve Robins is the principal of Solution Marketing Strategies , a strategic marketing consultancy that advises companies on marketing and demand gen strategies, segmentation and messaging. Career BPMA Career Development Early Career Product Management Experienced Career research

From Engineering To Product Management: The Two-Step Career Move

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John Mansour is the founder and managing partner at Proficientz , a training and consulting firm that specializes in product portfolio management. Career Product Management Career Development Early CareerContributed by John Mansour.

More Than Great Products: A Journey to Product/Market Fit

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The first time round, I started with an idea, developed a solution and then tried to find customers. Making sales is one thing, making a hugely profitable business is another – plus, more promising and lucrative opportunities were presenting themselves in my freelance consultancy business.

Podcast: Breaking the Rules and Generating Insights with Mona Patel

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Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers. Lily enjoys working as a consultant product manager with early stage and growing startups and as a mentor to other product managers.

Product/Market Fit is Failing Because of Your Company Structure

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So why are we still developing products no one wants? If your buyers constantly change – which is normal in retail – it’s very risky to rely on buyers to guide your product development. It can be very hard not to push the buyer’s agenda when developing CPG products because of how challenging it is to even get CPG products to market. Finally, when product/market fit is owned by marketing, perceived product value frequently drives product development versus research insights.

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

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I would regularly say – and I still believe it to be true – that when a team or a smaller organization (say 100 developers or fewer) goes agile, if they are not focused also on product management, all they are doing is getting faster at building the wrong thing.

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How to Start From Scratch and Prioritise by Marcel Britsch

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Marcel Britsch is a consultant with Equal Experts. Prioritisation Mvp new product development Product Development ProcessAccept that a lot of things you do are throwaway. They’re a means to an end, not the final output.