Why Engineers Should Participate in Discovery

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Are you inviting your engineers to participate in discovery with you? Does your organization prefer that your engineers only write code? Marty Cagan , in Inspired , argues, “If you’re just using your engineers to code, you’re only getting about half their value.”

How to prepare for engineering interview assignments

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Interview assignments have become a common component of the hiring process for engineering roles. If you’re interviewing for a job at Intercom, we aim to develop a holistic understanding of the way you think about building product and approach engineering problems. Engineering

5 Obviously Awesome Takeaways from April Dunford’s New Positioning Book

Business of Software Conference

From page 1 of Obviously Awesome: How To Nail Product Positioning So Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It , it was clear that the team at Business of Software needed to read April Dunford’s new book. 1 – Positioning is the difference between ‘So?’

The key to having impact as an engineer? Empathy

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As product engineers, we like to build things, we like to solve problems, and we also want to have impact, right? From an engineer’s point of view, my work was done, right? Empathy engineering. How do we have maximum impact as engineers?

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

product management, product development, software engineering, IT, and executives from both commercial. It also positively impacts the end. 2018 STATE OF. EMBEDDED. ANALYTICS. REPORT The Sixth Annual Review of Embedded.

From Engineering To Product Management: The Two-Step Career Move

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The transition from engineering to product management is one of the most difficult. Of all roles that touch the product, engineers are the furthest removed from the market and the customers. It can be done successfully however, as many engineers have already proven.

Stripe’s Will Larson on engineering and infrastructure management

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As a startup scales, the importance of infrastructure engineers simply can’t be overstated. They’re the ones making sure your app is secure, that uptime looks good, and that the rest of your engineering org has the right tools to build features your users need and want. Today he’s leading Foundation Engineering at Stripe. One of my friends who had worked at Digg had moved there, and I went to work on the infrastructure engineering team.

Rapid response: How we fixed our on call process to avoid engineer burnout

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On call work like this can be a powerful customer orientated activity that connects engineers to the value customers get from your product. We realized that we had ended up with an on call setup we weren’t proud of, and had a number of critical problems that we wanted to solve, such as: There were too many people on call at any moment in time – our infrastructure wasn’t so large that it required at least five engineers having their weekends disrupted.

Atomic Welcomes an IT Operations Engineer and a Delivery Lead

Atomic Spin PM

This spring, Atomic gained a Delivery Lead in Ann Arbor and an IT Operations Engineer in Grand Rapids. Stephen is Atomic’s new IT Operations Engineer. Check out the open positions on our Careers page.

How to Write & Format Your Resume For a Product Manager Position

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Sure, there are some junior positions out there that can be reached with a few months’ experience and a prestigious certification. This means tailoring your documents to reflect the industry, company and position that you are applying for.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

engineers don’t have to recreate or replicate. uniquely position your application in the market and base your oferings on new. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough. Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to diferentiate your.

Edmond Lau and Jean Hsu on engineering more leaders and better working relationships

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As up and coming engineers in Silicon Valley, Jean Hsu and Edmond Lau long sought more influence and impact in their respective positions – but they couldn’t shake the feeling of being stuck. Many engineers feel like they must make a jump into management to lead. But as Jean and Edmond will now tell you, following years of engineering leadership at Quip, Quora, Medium and more, that simply isn’t the case. Jean: Especially with engineering teams.

The Product Market Fit Engine | Rahul Vohra, CEO, Superhuman | BoS USA 2018

Business of Software Conference

Rahul Vohra (Founder/CEO, Superhuman) – The Product-Market Fit Engine from Business of Software Conference. This is the story of how we’ve built a Product-Market Fit Engine. These are hyper ambitious, super intelligent engineers. Sean Ellis & The Engine.

UX Case Study: Search Engine Redesign for RV Rental

UX Studio

This case study reports on how we helped optimise their search engine. After first setting our screen layouts and positioned our modular elements on every platform, we agreed on scrollable and fixed areas.

Hope for the best or prepare for the worst? How we manage critical incidents at Intercom

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We had many experienced engineers who had been part of on call rotations at other companies, we ran basic postmortem exercises and overall our frequency and duration of outages was pretty good for a company of our size. This is usually managed by an experienced engineering leader.

The question you should never EVER ask your engineers!

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Put your learn mode in overdrive and boost creativity by asking *stupid* questions Unsplash What do product managers want to ask at engineering meetings but are too afraid to for fear of looking stupid? Are you new in your PM position?

An Interview with Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery, Engineering Culture, and Making Decisions


Chances are if you’re an engineer or product manager who works on anything even somewhat related to continuous delivery, Jez Humble wrote your handbook. So we’re in this position where people feel they ought to be doing continuous delivery, but are people actually doing it?

How can product managers build rapport with engineers?


These communication challenges are most pronounced between product managers and engineers. Nathan Creswell illustrates what he and many others believes to be the crux of the problem: “Engineering automatically see you [the product manager] as the enemy.

Foundations to build on: Intercom’s principles for building product

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Principles are a way of encoding successes, helping to repeat the behaviors that led to positive outcomes and avoid the previous behaviors that led to mistakes. Engineering principles. They describe how we behave when we excel as engineers. Work with positivity, pride and love.

Pleased to meet you: Tips for managing an established team

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People will worry that they might need to rebuild their position within the team or lose the rapport they had with the previous manager. But don’t inquire just about technology, as it’s common for former engineers-turned-managers to get excited and start diving deep into the technology.

Creating Your Product Vision: Two Parts Customer, One Part Product

Proficientz – Product Management University

For Product Management & Engineering. Blog Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Product Development & Delivery Strategy & Product PlanningCreating your product vision can be difficult when you focus too much on the product.

Vision 130

The Value of a Product Marketing Roadmap: It’s Like Deep-Sea Fishing for Sales

Proficientz – Product Management University

It identifies where the best opportunities are relative to the strength of your existing solutions, articulates the value positioning (bait) required to reel them in, then turns the salesforce loose on those opportunities via demand generation programs. A product marketing roadmap is as valuable to your salesforce as a product roadmap is to your engineering team. Blog Positioning & Sales Enablement

How to Hire Great Engineers for Your Startup

Sachin Rekhi

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the latest Startup2Startup on engineering management with Yishan Wong , an early director of engineering at Facebook. The area we spent the most time discussing, both during the presentation and during the discussion that followed, was how to hire great engineers for your startup. I thought it was a particularly appropriate topic given that I receive weekly requests from colleagues asking me for help on their quest for engineers.

Tools to Help Product Managers Think Strategically and Commercially

Mind the Product

This first post covers Positioning Documents, which I bought to Onfido from Pragmatic Marketing training, and Line of Business Meetings, which Kevin brought with him. The Positioning Document and Line of Business meeting act as communication devices. Positioning Document.

OK, Google: Should I Optimize My Website only for Your Voice Search?

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These voice assistants inhabit hundreds of devices that don’t use Google’s search engine to perform the tasks. That means search results are returned from whatever search engine is baked into that assistant. voice-search márketing search-engine-marketing seo development

Dominating Your Market, Agile Role Clarification and The Price of One-Off Features

Proficientz – Product Management University

How Can Product Management Build Stronger Relationships With Engineering? Blog Gathering Market & Customer Insights Portfolio Strategy & Product Planning Positioning & Sales Enablement Roles & ResponsibilitiesThe B2B Product Manager Magazine June 2017 is now available. This month we look at the customer value chain from start to finish using the relay race analogy and how your organization can consistently win that race and dominate the market.

Move fast and optimize for the long term

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As a student of engineering you’re incentivised to write a lot and to read a lot. In product engineering, you’re incentivised to deliver results and this means quickly shipping solutions to problems that are difficult to identify and hard to frame.

New horizons: How to move your life for your career

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Engineering career career directionWhen we think of our dream career, and by extension our dream life, we rarely picture jumping into the unknown to attain it. We seldom imagine replacing the comfortable life we already have with an entirely new, unfamiliar environment.

Creating a “Customer Value” Culture, Powered by Product Management & Product Marketing

Proficientz – Product Management University

The answers are your core value propositions that drive marketing, sales, pricing, competitive positioning, etc. The Engine That Powers the Culture of Strategic Customer Value. The engine that powers this “customer value” culture, and where it all starts, is a high-functioning product management and product marketing discipline that goes way beyond just managing and marketing products for users.

Motivating Development Teams

Mironov Consulting

As noted in my last post , Sales and Marketing often wonder whether Engineering is sufficiently motivated and engaged. Motivation and engagement look different on the tech side of the room: the outbound team often can’t tell whether Engineering is emotionally engaged.

Win the “Customer Value” Relay Race and Dominate Your Market

Proficientz – Product Management University

Product Managers, Designers & Developers/Engineers. The marketing and sales enablement function has three goals: Create a corporate résumé (positioning) that communicates your strategic value to the market in the customers’ vocabulary. Blog Gathering Market & Customer Insights Portfolio Strategy & Product Planning Positioning & Sales Enablement Product Development & Delivery Roles & Responsibilities

Building for everyone: How we made the Intercom Messenger accessible

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This isn’t just a company philosophy; it’s also an engineering commitment. Our engineering work started by exploring the WCAG guidelines and then identifying all the areas in our web Messenger that needed improvement. position : absolute ! Engineering News & Updates

Successful employee onboarding should focus on culture

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I joined Intercom a few months ago as an engineering manager and onboarding for the first time in a while made me realize some things I hadn’t before. The best onboarding is crafted for the position and adjusted to the person. I temporarily worked on three different teams and had 8 weeks of engineering, filled with meetings and conversations, before I eventually started managing people. Startups company culture employee onboarding Engineering onboarding

The ‘Balance’ Audit: An Honest Inventory on Gender Equality at StubHub


I think StubHub has a lot more women in leadership positions and emphasizes gender equality in an ongoing basis. We are making efforts to move in the direction of increasing diversity and I’m seeing the positive effects every day. careers technology engineering women-in-tech diversity

Beyond Tickets: Putting You Smack Dab in the World of Beyonce


By Laukik Watve , Head of Engineering Imagine putting on a headset and instantly finding yourself in the front row of a Beyonce concert. We are forming full-stack, balanced engineering and cross-functional teams who uniformly operate with a “fan-first” mentality.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

From positioning your product in the market place to developing a customer journey map for their experience inside a store, both can be strategies that can define how the product will be rated.At

Vision 244

Why women make great product managers

Product Management Unpacked

Catalyst Reports brings this finding to a corporate context — companies with more women in leadership positions show increased Corporate Social Responsibility. Irina Farooq was an engineer until her inquisitive nature drove a career shift to Product Management. “I

Selling Products You Don’t Have: Why It’s Easier

Proficientz – Product Management University

It’s simply a matter of reverse engineering the positioning narrative into pure business speak as if there are no features. In The Trenches Positioning & Sales EnablementSelling products you don’t have seems like it’s much easier, especially for salespeople. Why is that?

How to Manage Product Managers: Herding The Cat Herders

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

When I first joined Google as a young PM and flew to Mountain View for my brainwashing orientation, the legendary engineer Joseph Smarr welcomed me with: “Hi, new cat herder!” You can’t do it the same way other functions such as engineers and designers are managed.

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

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But Butzow and Boduch posited that the PM and PO functions can rarely be performed by the same person effectively. Converts market data into requirements for engineering. A subject matter expert (SME) on the product, providing daily support to engineering.