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“Build What Matters” Framework for Startups

The Product Coalition

The importance of measuring the small outcomes associated with their product goals or visions is the key to churn expected benefits throughout the product life cycle. The below image is a simple framework but it is a growth platform that helps in setting up startups, mid-size or even big enterprises. Goals: Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

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Translate Your Vision to Action with an Internal Roadmap

The Product Coalition

You’ve got a clear vision for the future, and it looks bright! Part one of this article taught you how to align a roadmap with aspirational business goals. The initial steps of this framework took collaboration between business leadership and the product team to set a direction for development decisions.

Vision 89

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Mastering Product Success: Unveiling the Power of Product Vision, Roadmaps, and Goals

People-First Product Leadership

Part 1, we covered the “why” behind creating a strategy stack, with a focus on establishing the organization’s Mission, North Star, and Vision. Part 3 brings together the Product specific Vision, Roadmap and Goals. What is the vision for the future you want to create? What ground has been covered?

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What Exactly is a Product Strategy?

Roman Pichler

I like to think of the product strategy as a high-level plan that helps you realise your vision and that answers the following four questions: Who is the product for? To capture the product strategy, you can use my product vision board. You can download the product vision board from my website and by clicking on the image below.

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The Power of Product Lifecycle Management: Steering Product Roadmaps to Success

The Product Coalition

roadmaps?” I love how you call product frameworks sh*t, but your stuff is always amazing!”. Yes, all we want to do is build, not follow frameworks, but I assure you, this is worth your time. Executing a product roadmap requires more. When it comes to product lifecycle management, there is no shortage of frameworks.

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UX Roadmap: What Is It and How to Create One?


Want to learn how to create a robust UX roadmap for your UX team ? We also discuss the benefits of UX roadmaps, present different types, and share top tips for building them. TL;DR UX roadmap is a strategic plan outlining UX initiatives and guiding the UX design process. What is a UX roadmap? UX roadmap.

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Video: Annual Planning and the Art of Roadmapping

Sachin Rekhi

Video: Annual Planning and the Art of Roadmapping with Sachin Rekhi It's that time of year that product managers find themselves engrossed in annual planning. But the traditional frameworks PMs have come to rely on for roadmapping, like RICE, often are ill-suited for putting together a highly strategic product roadmap for the upcoming year.

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