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Product Vision FAQs

Roman Pichler

What is the Product Vision? The product vision describes the ultimate purpose of a product, the positive change it will bring about. As the product vision, I could then choose “help people eat healthily” or just “healthy eating.” What Makes a Good Product Vision? Who Owns the Product Vision?

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Building a Strong Product Vision and Strategy: A Roadmap to Success

The Product Coalition

How to Achieve Success in Your Product Strategy In today’s rapidly evolving market, having a clear product vision and a well-defined strategy is essential for the success of any tech product. A compelling product vision is a guiding light, providing direction and purpose to the development process.

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Six Qualities of a Great Product Vision

Roman Pichler

An inspiring vision creates a meaningful purpose for everyone involved in making the product a success including the stakeholders and development team members. If the vision resonates with you, then this will help you do a great job, especially when the going gets tough. The vision pulls you.”. A shared vision unites people.

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SaaS Product Roadmaps: Achieving Your Product Vision

bpma ProductHub

by Paul Ressler – Everything is progressing well with your SaaS product; you have your product vision and you have product market fit. One important next step is a product roadmap. Product roadmaps, done well, can be a great tool to help advance… What are the next steps to achieve success for your SaaS product?

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How Much is that Feature in the Window?

Speaker: Nils Davis, Principal, NPD Associates

Roadmaps are about the future, and talking about a roadmap means talking about the future. But how you tailor that conversation depends on who you’re having it with, because your stakeholders’ vision for the future and your customers’ vision are likely two different things. Roadmaps are guesses, and will often be “wrong”.

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The Art of Selling Your Vision: The Power of an Effective Product Roadmap

The Product Coalition

Are product roadmaps sales tools? Think of a product roadmap as a sales pitch for your product. Thinking of your roadmap this way is helpful when you want to get support from stakeholders and gauge interest from customers — important people who care about your product’s future. Absolutely! Build excitement.

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Agile vs. Roadmaps — Ending the Battle [+Webinar]

280 Group

Sign up for our October 15th webinar, Unlocking a More Strategic Product Roadmap using Agile , to learn more in-depth about taking your product roadmap to the next level using Agile. The Product Roadmap. Similarly, product roadmaps can offer transparency and clarity into where we’re going and how we want to get there.

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How Product Managers Can Define a Product Vision to Guide Their Team

Speaker: Christian Bonilla, VP of Product Management at UserTesting

Rather, they start with a strong product vision. Getting that vision right is one of the most important responsibilities of the product team. Join Christian Bonilla, VP of Product at UserTesting, as he reveals tips for taking ownership of the product vision to guide the development process.

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Get S.M.A.R.T. with your Roadmap

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Technical Project Manager, iFixIt

When adding projects to a roadmap, the question of outsourcing or doing work “in house” is always a consideration. Alignment with your purpose and vision. Timeline of the project in the roadmap. It's time to get SMART about what you do in-house! Measurement rules to monitor cost and success with enough time to adjust.