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How Looker Segments Customers for Digital Customer Success


Originally published June 2, 2022 By Brian LaFaille, former Global Head of CS Strategic Programs at Looker Digital Customer Success is for everyone. We caught up with Brian LaFaille, former Global Head of Customer Success Strategic Programs at Looker, to get his take on segmentation and how they score customers at Looker.

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“Get Off the Floor” and Other Career Advice from Microsoft, Looker, Reddit & Twitter

First Round Review

Nick Caldwell's resume includes an enviable list of companies — Microsoft, Reddit, Looker and Twitter. He shares his biggest lessons from each for a crash course in finding success across different company cultures, scales & functions.


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Product Love Podcast: Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist at Looker


This week on Product Love, I sat down with Daniel Mintz, the chief data evangelist at Looker, a data exploration and discovery business intelligence platform. Read more » The post Product Love Podcast: Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist at Looker appeared first on ProductCraft by Pendo.

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Nick Caldwell on the engineering cultures that power Microsoft, Reddit, Looker & Twitter

The Review by First Round

Nick has also held roles as Reddit’s VP of Engineering and Looker’s Chief Product and Engineering Officer. Between Microsoft, Reddit, Looker, and now Twitter, Nick’s worked for companies with vastly different cultures. Nick has also held roles as Reddit’s VP of Engineering and Looker’s Chief Product and Engineering Officer.

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Iterate Your Way to a Top Analytics Product Experience

Speaker: Richard Cheng, Associate Product Manager, Mark43

Haarthi Sadasivam, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Looker will join the conversation on best practices. In this webinar, we'll cover: Best BI practices from Mark43 and Looker. How efficient intelligence and analytics will benefit your users.

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How I PM: Andrew Wynn, Product Manager at Looker and formerly Instacart


Current Company : Looker. Since the time of writing, Andrew has left Looker to start his own company. After a little over 3 years, I wanted to try my hand at SaaS enterprise products to learn about the differences between B2B and B2C, which brought me to Looker in July of 2017. Don’t rely on anybody else to get your data.”.

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A framework for finding product-market fit | Todd Jackson (First Round Capital)

Lenny Rachitsky

examples: Looker, Ironclad] Level three: Strong product-market fit, where the fish are jumping into the boat. Moreover, founders should start paying attention to key metrics like sales conversion rates, retention rates, and efficiency metrics like the magic number (new ARR divided by CAC).

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How and Why: Embedded Analytics Interfaces For Your SaaS Product

Speaker: Sam Owens, Product Management Lead, Namely Platform

Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist of Looker, will join as well to give a broader view of how product owners are integrating analytics into their products to create stickier experiences and drive new revenue streams. Evaluated their options for building a solution themselves or buying something.

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How Product Managers Can Learn to Love Reporting

Speaker: Eric Feinstein, Professional Services Manager, Looker

Eric Feinstein, Professional Services Manager at Looker, has done workshops with product managers who are looking to add effective reporting. Fortunately, there are new technical approaches that are making this a significantly different picture, although there are still lots of interesting design challenges.

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Harness Your Product Data: Better Understanding User Behavior Across Channels and Devices

Speaker: Kate Owens and Megan Bubley, SpotHero, Diana Smith, Segment, and Erin Franz, Looker

Join our webinar on October 17th with Segment and Looker to hear how they have solved these complex data issues. Whoops, did we say great news? As your sources of data increase, so do the complexities of unifying the data in a meaningful way.

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Products for Product People: Best Practices in Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Wynn, Senior Product Manager, Looker

Learn product analytics best practices from Andrew Wynn, Product Manager at Looker. How Looker incorporates analytics in their product development process. In this webinar, we'll cover: Real examples for different verticals. How to adapt solutions for different company sizes.

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The Practical Guide to Using a Semantic Layer for Data & Analytics

How to achieve speed of thought query performance and consistent KPIs across any BI/AI tool, such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Looker, DataRobot, Databricks and more. Download this guide for practical advice on how to use a semantic layer to unlock data for AI & BI at scale.