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Later’s Farhan Virji on adapting B2C support strategies for B2B teams

Intercom, Inc.

On the surface, B2B customer support issues might look quite different from those of B2C. But despite these differences, Farhan Virji , VP of Customer Happiness at Later , believes that there is actually quite a lot that B2B support teams can learn from their B2C colleagues. 3 B2C support trends and lessons learned.

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5 Things I Learned During The Transition From B2B to B2C

The Product Coalition

3 years ago I decided it’s time for me to leave my product role in a large B2B software company and start my own B2C startup called Missbeez. I would like to share with you some of the insights of my journey so far and the key differences between leading a B2B product and a B2C one. In a B2C product?—?conversion If you fail?—?you

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Customer care in a crisis: How support teams are navigating shifts in volume, wait times, and CSAT

Intercom, Inc.

” To find out, we surveyed 400 support managers, directors, and executives across both B2B and B2C and affected industries like media, healthcare, and technology. According to our research, 54% of B2B support teams are seeing increased volume, along with 45% of B2C support teams. Their SVP of Customer Experience Margaret K?dziora

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Market Segmentation: The Key to Unlocking Your Product’s Marketing Potential in B2B

Product Management University

In direct B2C marketing, market segmentation usually involves segmentation based on demographics, behavior, geography, and so on. Personas are important when crafting the product messaging because it’s aimed at one or more stakeholders. Segmenting a B2B market is much simpler because there are fewer variables.

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15 B2B Marketing Strategies to Drive Conversion and Growth


Creating buzz with consumers or even having a product go viral is quite easy in a B2C (business-to-consumer) environment. This article will teach you the difference between B2C and B2B marketing, go over a few B2B examples, and walk through 15 proven strategies that can take your product marketing to the next level!

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Evaluating Solutions: The 5 Types of Assumptions that Underlie Our Ideas

Product Talk

For example, if we are planning to share articles via SMS, we’ll need to pay carrier fees to deliver those messages. We’ll need to enumerate our assumptions around why we think the benefit of acquiring new readers will offset the costs of sending the messages. This is a usability issue, not a desirability issue.

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Scaling Relevance – to Infinity and Beyond

Business of Software Conference

with Brennan Dunn In this NEW talk from BoS Europe, Brennan Dunn demonstrates how both B2B and B2C companies are dynamically repositioning their offerings and achieving tangible results.