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Product Strategy Depends on Company Strategy

Mironov Consulting

Expanding on a recent post ( Revenue Goals are Not Company Strategies ), I’ve been seeing lots of maker teams (product, engineering, design) struggling to form product strategies without a company strategy to hang them on.    We can’t build a sensible product strategy in a vacuum. 

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The Critical Role of Product Strategy When Money Is Scarce (Part 1?—?Seed)

The Product Coalition

The Critical Role of Product Strategy When Money Is Scarce (Part 1 — Seed) A good product strategy is something every company needs. Here is how a product strategy can help you create business results, even when the market is not in your favor. Product strategy is such a vague term for most people.


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Ask the Community: How Do You Shift From Functional Teams to Value-Driven Teams?

Product Talk

Himanshu Swaroop’s Advice: Get Everyone on the Same Page with Clear Strategy and Tactics Meet Himanshu Swaroop, Transformation Consultant. Himanshu Swaroop , a Transformation Consultant, shared his experience as an advisor at an insurance client where teams used to be set up based on functions.

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The Product Leadership Career Ladder

Mironov Consulting

In addition to my formal coaching of product leaders (Directors, VPs and CPOs who directly manage teams of product managers), I talk with lots of senior individual contributors about the risks and challenges of moving “up the ladder” into product leadership roles. So I have a strong sense of what product managers want.

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Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

Roman Pichler

Challenging situations are great opportunities to grow as a human being and by doing so, you increase your leadership power. Do regular research, attend trade shows and conferences, and consult journals, magazines, and user forums, for example. It’s great to know your product and market. Trust me.”. Strengthen Your Expertise.

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Shifting Your Business and Product Strategy During a Crisis, Featuring Adrienne Tan


Companies had to shift their product strategy. They had to shift their product strategy. We’ve also explored resilient leadership with ProductPlan’s CEO, as well. For Tan, that meant shifting her attention from innovative product leadership to financial analysis. Assess and Defend.

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How to Develop, Articulate, and Sell Product Strategy

The Product Guy

I became a product manager because I wanted to take a more strategic role at my company. First, I did not know how to frame, develop and present product strategy in a systematic way, and second, as a startup, my company has not historically had a good track record of strategy being developed outside of senior management (read: founder).