Featured Product Management Consultant: Greg Cohen

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Every few months or so, we will bring you a new interview with a featured 280 Group Consultant/Trainer who discusses a number of Product Management issues. The best product strategy and plan in the world isn’t going to succeed if you can’t collaborate with others to.[continue

How to Apply Machine Learning to Business Problems: Part 2

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Pointers for Applying Machine Learning to Business Problems 1– Begin with a priority problem, not a toy problem In an off-mic conversation with Dr. Charles Martin (AI consultant in the Bay Area),… Product StrategyBy “Daniel Faggella – This article was originally listed on TechEmergence. This post breaks the original post into 2 Parts. Part 1 is here.

Developing Product Management Confidence

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These words couldn’t be more relevant to product management. Such a trait is crucial to Product Management roles if you want sales, marketing and engineering to trust and follow your direction. Product Management Product Marketing Product Strategy

Product Roadmaps in Five Easy Pieces

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so my investor said that I need a product manager to do our product roadmap?”. When I worked as a product management consultant clients would often talk about “needing a product roadmap ASAP”. If you’re only going to read one thing: Product Roadmaps Relaunched.

How Product Managers Can Break Down Organizational Silos


When we think of organizational silos that affect product management, we usually imagine the obvious ones. A product team doesn’t talk with their sales department, so they don’t know how their reps sell the product. Product Management Product Strategy

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Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

Tyner Blain

Over the next few years my career evolved through people-management, pre-sales, and program management roles into product management. ” I’ve spent the last half-year in the beginning of my journey understanding how agile product management at scale can work.

Agile 153

Customer Churn and SaaS

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A product or business built on SaaS is built on the subscription model – recurring revenue is half of what drives the business (and valuation). If your products don’t help your prospective customers, why would they buy your products?

Third-Party Software Integration: Best Practice, Perils and Pitfalls

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Product management teams often ask themselves if third-party integration is right for their software product roadmap. The thinking is that you should integrate with products such as Salesforce and Slack, because you never would want to try to build those sorts of products by yourselves.

How can you Respond to the Rise of the Privacy-Conscious Consumer?

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I developed this framework through a wide number of interviews with individuals, consultations with privacy experts, and combing through secondary research. Designing products with built-in privacy isn’t only about regulation; it also happens to be the right thing to do.

Building Accessibility in to Your Products: Just Do It!

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Building accessible products is the right thing to do. As technology becomes more ingrained into everyday life, the ability to use digital products is a necessity; therefore, from an ethical perspective, ensuring that a diverse set of customers can use your product is a moral imperative. There is also a real financial risk to not making your product accessible. This is where I sat with a product I once managed. appeared first on Mind the Product.

Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

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Actuation Consulting has been conducting research on what separates high performance product teams from the pack. To learn about our latest findings in-depth, don’t miss the Feb 16 BPMA event on “The Six Key Factors of High-Performance Product Teams”. Contributed by Greg Geracie.

Playing Whack-A-Mole With Risk

Tyner Blain

When it comes to developing a product strategy – or even making decisions about how best to create a product, one of these assumptions is likely to be what causes us to fail. Laura identifies that every product has at least three different classes of assumptions.

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

Tyner Blain

Last month, Mike Smart of Egress Solutions and I gave a webinar for Pragmatic Marketing on product roadmapping when working in agile environments. After experiencing it that way, the imagery has infused itself into how I frame product management activities.

How 3 product marketing managers execute product releases


While product managers puppeteer a product journey end-to-end, product marketing managers tend to be the masterminds behind releasing said product to market. Despite this generally accepted understanding, coordinating product releases of any size can still get messy.

Don’t Miss These Amazing Speakers at #mtpcon Singapore

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We’re beyond excited to be bringing our flagship conference #mtpcon – the world’s biggest and best product conference – to Singapore on March 25-26. Jeff helps organizations and executives build the cultures that build better products. Product Leadership.

What I’m Saying No to This Year—And Why

Product Talk

I write a popular product blog. Most product managers get asked to do more than they could possibly do. Coaching allows me to teach teams how to make better product decisions. My coaching is based on a curriculum that I designed to help teams deliver on product outcomes.

Introducing the CPO Accelerator

Melissa Perri

I’m very excited to announce a new division of Produx Labs , specifically focused on growing future Chief Product Officers for growth stage companies. When she asked me what I was passionate about, I said developing great product leaders.

Power Up: Three Ways to Increase Your Product Leadership Power

Roman Pichler

To increase your expertise, strengthen your understanding of the market or domain and the product, as well as your product management savviness. Do regular research, attend trade shows and conferences, and consult journals, magazines, and user forums, for example.

What is (and isn’t) product management?

Under10 Playbook

—Peter Drucker, American management consultant, educator, and author. Marketing, product management, and development engage with a market, in other words, many or all customers at one time. Even though these are important activities, they’re not product management.

Visualize Your Constraints

Johanna Rothman

Organizational constraints: Culture, Product/Portfolio, Project. about the strategy. Strategy, with any luck, creates clarity about which products when (the project portfolio). The post Visualize Your Constraints appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

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In B2B product management, tactical, operational and strategic refer to layers in the customer organization – not your job responsibilities. Master each of these customer domains and the next rung on the product management career ladder awaits. Who wouldn’t love new product X?

How Are Product Management and Project Management Different And How Do They Partner To Drive Business Success?

Sequent Learning

While big ideas are great, they typically don’t become a product without a market need and an execution plan. That’s why Product and Project Management are so critical to the success of today’s organizations, regardless of whether they’re selling products or services.

What to keep in mind when you are naming your product


Choosing the name for a product, feature or company can seem rudimentary. The success of popular products is often attributed to the catchy quality of their name. Your product name should be part of your broader product strategy. What’s in a name?

What is (and isn’t) product management?

Under10 Playbook

—Peter Drucker, American management consultant, educator, and author. Marketing, product management, and development engage with a market, in other words, many or all customers at one time. Even though these are important activities, they’re not product management.

The Incredible Speakers for #mtpcon London 2018

Mind the Product

Mind the Product London 2018 on October 18-19 will be better than ever, with more workshops, more networking, and more fun than ever. Ivy is currently the Vice President of Design for the Hardware Product Area at Google, which was officially formed in 2016.

About Product Warrior

Product Warrior

Product Warrior is dedicated to helping product managers. We hope you find them useful, if you have topics you feel we should write about, or you would like to guest post on Product Warrior please do reach out and email me at blog@productwarrior.com Product Warrior was founded by Dave Martin, Chief Product Officer at Tes Global, a role where he can fulfil his obsession with lean product management, growth innovation and process improvement.

8 Tips for Collaborating with Development Teams

Roman Pichler

Manage the Product, not the Team. Focus on your job as the product manager or product owner, and manage the product, not the team. Provide guidance on the product, including its market, value proposition, business goals, and key features. But let the ScrumMaster or coach tackle people, process, and organisational issues; let the development team figure out what needs to be done to implement the user stories and other product backlog items.

What is Product Management, exactly?


According to The Product Management Body of Knowledge, Product Management is: “A discipline that provides managerial focus to products that in turn will generate measurable business benefits.”. Product Managers are often described as “the CEO of the product”.

Product Management Is a Contact Sport – What’s Your Injury Risk?

Proficientz – Product Management University

If product management is a contact sport, what’s your organization’s risk of injury? Delivering, marketing and selling products in B2B is a contact sport in many ways. Think of the product delivery process as the athlete. The Body Part: Product Strategy & Planning. Many organizations use the product manager as a one-size-fits-all pad. The Body Part: Functional Product Design. The Body Part: Product Development.

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Prioritizing for Strategic Alignment

Under10 Playbook

One of the questions we tackle in roadmapping is how an idea aligns with the organization’s strategy and vision—before it hits the roadmap. The Ansoff Matrix is a great tool for determining strategic fit for new product and feature ideas.

Introducing the Speakers for MTP Engage Manchester 2019

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It’s testament to the appeal of Manchester and its product community that we’ve been able to attract some of the world’s best speakers from some phenomenally interesting brands. It operates more than 160 websites that sell premium products across 140 markets.

Frankfurt, 16 April: Product Leaders Workshop

Mironov Consulting

What: One-Day Product Leaders Workshop (Roundtable). Limited to 8 attendees, we will collectively set an agenda of top issues — and spend a full day sharing strategies for addressing these issues. Hiring, training and mentoring strategies for new product managers.

Smart Home Truths for Product Managers

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While the Amazon Echo Show is an impressive addition to the repertoire of voice and video monitoring systems in this growing market, it’s not the product features that are drawing attention. Rather, it is Amazon’s smart home product strategy. It’s the product strategy of companies like Amazon that will chart the final leg of the smart home industry’s journey: the one that will see smart gadgets getting into the mainstream and working seamlessly in our homes.

Begin your Agile Transformation Journey on the Right Track

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Across the globe, companies are investing in Agile transformations primarily for two reasons — to increase speed, and improve the quality of their technical product delivery. We pair with your product, design, and engineering teams to ship high quality, user-validated code on a weekly basis.

Agile 68

How Can Product Managers Help Lego Get Over The Brick Wall That They Are Facing?

The Accidental Product Manager

Digital play has started to cause problems for Lego product managers Image Credit: WRme2. That would have looked good on anyone’s product manager resume. All of a sudden this changes everything in terms of their product development definition.

TEI 168: Roles and responsibilities of product managers – with Steve Johnson

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Cutting through role confusion to create successful products. My mission is to inspire and equip product managers to have greater influence in their organizations and over product. Summary of some concepts discussed for product managers. [2:34]

Two Things Senior Executives Value Most From Product Management

Proficientz – Product Management University

If you want raise the level of product management influence, think like an executive. Make your executives look good and watch the product management influence skyrocket. To that end, brief your executives on broad industry trends occurring in your target markets and how those trends are impacting the strategies and spending priorities of your target customers. The by-product of these executive briefings is a huge bonus that comes in the form of strategic influence.

Truth needs to be told?—?startups fail because CEOs have lousy bosses

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you’ll find hundreds of articles, most pointing to the same reasons: No market need Ran out of cash Team problems Pricing/product/business models issues Competition One small problem I have with these reasons. Their day to day might run perfectly and production outputs very high.

How do I become a Product Manager ?

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Here are some practical tips on becoming a Product Manager (PM) for a high-tech product. This is an excerpt of my Udemy course called – Transitioning to Product Management. How you can become a Product Manager depends largely on where you are coming from.

What we Learned at #mtpcon London 2018

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Following a day of focused workshops and leadership discussions, we came together at London’s Barbican Centre to talk product. Mind the Product co-Founder and co-Author of Product Leadership Martin Eriksson opened the world’s largest conference for passionate product people.