Tue.Oct 27, 2020

Roadmaps Are Dead. Long Live Roadmaps! – Janna Bastow on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

When you have questions about roadmaps, it pays to talk to someone who has spent way too much of her life thinking about them. Janna Bastow – co-founder of both Mind the Product and ProdPad – has been trying to fix the problems of roadmaps for most of her professional life.

How to Manage Product Managers


“Management is the most noble of professions if it’s practiced well. No other occupation offers as many ways to help others learn and grow, take responsibility and be recognized for achievement, and contribute to the success of a team.”

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The Biggest Missing Element in Most Product Experiences, According to Behavioural Science (Does Yours Have It?)

Mind the Product

Libby was new to backpacking. Her first trip was a 4-day trek through the Sierras with a good friend who was far more experienced. Before setting off, they downloaded an app that tracked their speed, elevation gain and miles. At the end of the first day, they were eager to see how far and fast [.].

Getting Started with Product Data Management


The power of product analytics becomes apparent when any team at a company—marketing, product, design, engineering—can quickly ask and answer questions about user behavior and customer journeys. But getting to that point requires an investment in product data management.

Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

Follow Reddit in Feedly

Roy Madden

New Feature. Pull content from subreddits and searches directly into your Feedly feeds. Reddit is “home of thousands of communities, endless conversations, and authentic human connection.” It can be an amazing resource for finding the best insights on topics and trends you care about.

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The NAB API Teardown

The Product Coalition

We’re working on a more detailed follow up to the high-level research we did into APIs and the ASX100. As part of the follow-up, I’m looking into the APIs offered by ASX100 companies and, for no scientific reason, chose to start with an analysis of NAB’s developer portal.

The Missing Ingredient: How Storytelling Can Make User Research More Impactful with Harrison Wheeler, UX Design Manager at LinkedIn


Storytelling can help everyone at your organization get in the practice of basing decisions in user feedback. Here’s how Harrison Wheeler makes it work at Linkedin

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Avoiding data fallacies and biases: Simpson’s paradox and the importance of segmenting data


There’s no debating that data is essential for creating an effective product strategy. And yet, many fail to account for common statistical paradoxes that can result in misleading insights—and have real business consequences.

How Design Systems Enable Product Teams


Good ideas spawn successful products, but digital products can only be successful if they provide a positive user experience (UX). This is why product design is so important. Beautiful, effective, and user-friendly products attract, engage, and retain customers.

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Digital Trends Report 2020

As part of our goal to continue helping our community during these times, we wanted to share with you this critical data on the state of digital products across industries and provide context on how businesses are responding to the changing winds.

Metrics that Matter | Matt Lerner | BoS USA Online 2020

Business of Software Conference

Matt Lerner // Startup Core Strengths. Choosing the wrong metrics can lead to the wrong strategy, or worse, no strategy at all. For example, learn why revenue is a dangerous target.)

Building the Amazon Way: How Amazon builds and markets products


Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon was initially an online marketplace for books when Jeff Bezos came up with the idea of the ‘everything store’, having been overwhelmed by the Internet’s 2300 percent annual growth rate and the $10 billion book industry.

Your Marketing Org is Slow. Here’s a Framework to Move Faster.

First Round Review

Gusto's first marketer, Jaleh Rezaei, shares a six-step framework for how marketers can "get out of the basement" and start thinking speed-first

Explained: How Much Does It Cost To Develop Medical Software


If you’re thinking about leveraging technology in your practice and wondering what the cost to develop medical software is, we’ll walk you through it all. The post Explained: How Much Does It Cost To Develop Medical Software appeared first on Arkenea. Product Success

Testing at Every Stage of Development

Up to 80% of new products fail. The reality is harsh and the reasons why are endless. Perhaps the new product couldn’t oust a customer favorite. Maybe it looked great but was too hard to use. Or, despite being a superior product, the go-to-market strategy failed. There’s always a risk when building a new product, but you can hedge your bets by understanding exactly what your customers' expectations truly are at every step of the development process.

How to Effectively Implement API Testing

Modus Create

Test automation experts use API testing to receive quick feedback and improve product quality. This article will share why API testing is a necessary component of your automation suite and what the benefits of implementing API testing are.

Slack’s Kristen Swanson on building the deeply human support experience your customers deserve – and expect

Inside Intercom

Kristen Swanson is the Customer Experience Chief of Staff at Slack , the channel-based messaging platform designed to “make work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.”.

Halloween Spooktacular: The Dark Side of Product Management

Bain Public

We’ve all been there. Your very first break into product management. In the startup world, a lot of people become product managers by default rather than design.

Building Your Sphere of Influence, Featuring Roxanne Mustafa


When you’re new to a product management role, you enter the situation with minimal credibility, name recognition, or trust beyond your hiring manager. When your entire job is to define a direction for the product and convince everyone else it’s the right one, that clean slate isn’t helpful. For this role, it’s essential to grow your sphere of influence. You need to win people over and give your ideas and suggestions a fair shake.

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How Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Embedding dashboards and reports aren’t enough. Futureproof your application by offering instant, actionable insights that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage.