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What Product Managers Can Learn From Batman Begins

The Product Coalition

Taking action in the absence of perfect data Continue reading on Product Coalition ». product-management analytics product-analytics decision-making product-development

SaaS Onboarding KPIs: Measure & Improve Customer Effectiveness


SaaS Onboarding KPIs measure how fast your customers are getting value from your product & suggests steps to improve product quality


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Product Waste and The ROI of Discovery

Mironov Consulting

Everywhere I go, I see massive amounts of product waste : development work delivered on time/on budget that doesn’t drive sales or customer satisfaction or business improvement.  Yet  Yet somehow we don’t see this waste, or mis-attribute it to engineering process problems.

How to build machine learning-based products

Mind the Product

In this article, written for product managers, data scientists, and engineering teams we cover some growth areas and ideas on how to achieve more impact while working on building ML-based products. [.]

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Vendor

How does your current BI vendor stack up against the competition? Who’s the perfect vendor for your business needs? Find out by downloading your complimentary copy today!

Trailblazing Women in Product Management: Monika Murugesan, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at Schneider Electric

280 Group

For our next installment of the Women in Product Management Series I interviewed Monika Murugesan, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at Schneider Electric. To read the entire series on Women in Product Management make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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Mind F**k: Severance

The Product Bistro

A lot of people have told me I need to watch the Apple TV+ show, Severance. I avoided it for a long time, but finally I fired it up over the weekend. Holy f **g s**t, this is an INSANE show. The premise is simple. You are working for a company where you have a device implanted in your brain that spatially separates your work and home persona. I haven’t binged the whole thing yet, just the first couple of episodes, and I am both hooked, and horrified.


What we learned at MTP SF+Americas

Mind the Product

This week, thousands of product people from across the world came together both in-person and online for #mtpcon SF+Americas 2022. After a three-year hiatus of in-person events in the US, it was our first hybrid conference experience in San Francisco.

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A Manager’s Guide to Helping Teams Face Down Uncertainty, Burnout and Perfectionism

First Round Review

Uncertainty, burnout and perfectionism are holding teams back — Liz Fosslien is here to share tactical advice (and her signature witty illustrations) on how managers can help

How Blockchain is Disrupting the Future for the Consumer

The Product Coalition

Thoughts on the evolution of blockchain according to yesterday, today, and the future Blockchain is no longer limited to bitcoin trading, and investors are aware of it.

How to Run Your Business Like a CPO: Product Management From a Pro

Speaker: Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight

Join Karl Rumelhart, CPO at Gainsight, to discover key insights from a CPO perspective on how product teams can make an impact on their organizations, even in today’s economic climate.

What Coke’s Bottle Cap Innovation Reveals About What People Want


Nothing is more difficult than figuring out what people want. Not just with the big, life-changing technologies people want. If you’ve ever been stuck in the endless loop of “What do you want for dinner?” “I I don’t care, you choose,” you know that every decision that gets made is a tiny miracle. .

Robotics and society by Cynthia Yeung

Mind the Product

In this #mtpcon SF+Americas keynote, Cynthia Yeung, Head of Product at Plus One Robotics, gets us thinking about human/robot interaction and how we might discover a deeper understanding of our own humanity through robotics and AI. [.]

How to Improve The Happy Path UX Flow by Focusing on Unhappy Paths


The more your users stick to the happy path UX, the more they’ll see the value in your product and want to stay around. Your retention rates will potentially increase, and so will customer satisfaction. Best of all?

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How To Include Accessibility In Your Digital Product Development Cycle

The Product Coalition

Action steps for product managers and development teams Continue reading on Product Coalition ». accessibility disability digital-product-design digital-inclusion product-development

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

385: Fast user insights for product managers and innovators – with Mike Mace

Product Innovation Educators

How to load up your brain with your customers’ mindset. How do you figure out what your customers want? Stop and think about it for a few seconds.

What it takes to be a great Product Manager – Lily Smith (and Jason Knight) on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

On this week’s podcast, we speak to Lily Smith, Head of Product and Gro… wait…that name sounds familiar? For this special episode on the podcast experience, we decided to turn the tables and interview our very own podcast host, Lily Smith, Head of Product Growth at Bower Collective.

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How To Improve Customer Retention and Reduce Churn With Proactive Engagement?


Customer engagement is a key factor in SaaS growth. A proactive engagement strategy is a great way to keep your customers fully engaged with your product. In this blog post, you’ll learn exactly what a proactive engagement strategy is, its benefits, and how you can create one.

Rising Uber Cancellations?—?What do you do as a Product Manager?

The Product Coalition

Rising Uber Cancellations?—?What What do you do as a Product Manager? How do you figure out what the problem is.

Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

Culture & Allyship in Theory & Practice

Business of Software Conference

Is your company culture negotiable? This got us thinking about how much company culture is performative vs deep-rooted and non-negotiable.

Build what matters with vision-led product management

Mind the Product

In this #mtpcon Digital Americas session, CPO at WHOOP and author Ben Foster, explains how to think and operate like a true product leader regardless of your level or title. [.] Read more » The post Build what matters with vision-led product management appeared first on Mind the Product.

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The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Product Education


What is product education? Why is it important for SaaS companies? How can you use a user onboarding platform to build a great product education in-app experience for your users? If you would like to know the answers to these and other questions, this is the article for you!

Understanding the Metaverse Experience: Explained in Seven Layers

The Product Coalition

A breakdown of what a metaverse is, and the seven conceptual segments that make up a metaverse design The technological progress from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 paves the way to develop unique Metaverse projects. The fundamental elements of Web 3.0,

Better Learning, Better Results: A Guide for Product and Project Leaders

Continuous improvement is the differentiator that can drive your team to the next level. Download our 4-step guide to collaborative learning and position your team for success.

9 Effective Ways to Improve Collaborations in Product Development

Gocious Blog

Multi-stakeholder processes require collaborations to be effective. Think of your own company and all the different departments and teams involved in developing your products. You have your designers and engineers who create the ideas for the products or the new features that will be integrated.

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SUNDAY REWIND: Why product operations is set to be the backbone of product-led growth,

Mind the Product

Product operations is an emerging function. How does it help modern product management organizations to scale effectively? In this Sunday Rewind, we look back to this popular post by Jonathan Hau, Senior Product Operations Manager, who broke it down for us… [.]

12 Knowledge Base Structure Best Practices For SaaS Companies


Applying knowledge base structure best practices can help users get answers faster in a self-service world. An effective knowledge base will: streamline the onboarding process. reduce impending support tickets. improve product experience.

Remote Work: Ways to Think About “Fair” Compensation and Benefits

Johanna Rothman

Before the pandemic, Jenny, the VP of Engineering, insisted that the engineering staff needed to work in the Boston area. She expected that people would mostly work in the office, and they did. However, during the pandemic, Jenny changed her mind.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.