We killed the blog. We hope you like it.

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We still love that audience, but we now offer products for sales , marketing and support teams and have been going deep on those topics as well. While other parts of our website had evolved to reflect those new realities the blog remained a relatively basic WordPress setup.

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Want to hire great designers? Start a blog.

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Even if your company has a strong mission , a learning culture with smart people to learn from and lots of growth opportunities, it’s very difficult to know what it’s like to work there by reading your job listing and looking at your marketing website. We’ve found that our blog is one of the most effective ways to attract great people. But now I’m the one writing a blog post in the hope that it’ll get noticed by someone who shares our values.

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Guest Blog: Customer Service in Retail – Infographic

Mironov Consulting

So, in today’s world, we hear a lot about “experiential marketing” in terms of retail. The post Guest Blog: Customer Service in Retail – Infographic appeared first on Shep Hyken.

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280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2018

280 Group

Our Product Management and Product Marketing blog has been sharing content and engaging readers for over a decade. Video interview with Senior Consultant/Trainer, Tom Evans, Product Management and Product Marketing expert. Perfect Your Value Proposition – B2B Marketing Rules.

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The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

software market. The market has been thoroughly transformed over. These trends are most evident in the consumer market. business market is following suit, driven by the demands of users who. the consumer market—where some apps are updated every.

10 years of professional blogging – what I’ve learned

Andrew Chen

Of course everyone knows the mechanics of setting up a blog – but the hard part is finding your voice, figuring out topics that are interesting for other folks to read, and building a long-term habit. ” Ironic that VCs blog/tweet all day now ;). The best example of this in my work is “ Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing ” which started out as a tweet with 20+ shares, and then was developed into an essay afterwards.

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The ultimate marketing technology stack for 2019

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Known as the Martech 5000 — nicknamed after the 5,000 companies that were competing in the global marketing technology space in 2017, it’s said to be the most frequently shared slide of all time. – lie beyond the realms of this article but one thing is clear: this market is HUGE.

Serve Fewer Markets. Win More Deals.

bpma ProductHub

Reprinted with permission from the Product Management and Strategic Marketing Blog. The top challenge most product companies face is finding the best market for their product. The founders identified a need in the market and delivered a successful first product.

The top marketing statistics for 2018 and why they matter

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There are few functions where the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same” rings truer than in marketing. For instance, the fundamentals of good marketing haven’t changed: crisp writing, a compelling story, strong brand, and of course, a great product to market.

Announcing The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing

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Live chat is the ultimate way for modern marketers to personalize their message and engage new users, and we’re publishing The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing to help them do just that. Marketing” is an ambiguous term in this day and age.

Marketing Basics, A Product Lifestyle Change and the Definition of Market-Driven

Proficientz – Product Management University

We headline our March issue by going back to one of those marketing basics that’s all too easy to forget. In This Issue: Blog: High-Octane Product Management. The Most Basic Rule of Marketing is so Easy to Forget. Market-Driven Products vs. Market-Driven Product Companies. How Market Segmentation Helps You Quantify New Product Ideas. The B2B Product Manager Magazine March 2018 is now available.

Agile In Every Department: Agile Marketing

Agile Velocity

In this blog, we’re discussing Agile Marketing. Agile Marketing: Taming Content Craziness. Most organizations’ marketing departments typically are responsible for a range of objectives, including: Content creation. Social marketing.

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The Secret Ingredient For Perfect Product Marketing

The Product Coalition

B2B SaaS companies pride themselves on constantly releasing new features and product improvements, but a lot of them fall flat when it comes to marketing those new releases. Now, the traditional ways of marketing your product, like blog posts, social media, videos, etc.,

The book that David Ogilvy said every marketer must read

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Advertising legend David Ogilvy said nobody should have anything to do with marketing until they’ve read Scientific Advertising seven times. Despite being almost 100 years old, Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins remains one of the best books on sales and marketing ever written.

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The New Way to Sell Blog Post without Ebooks

I Wonder The Value

The platform, “ note ” is a Medium like blogging service which allows us to sell text post, image post, sound file and movie. value-proposition platform ebooks media product-marketingAre you struggling to earn profit from Adsense?

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MRDs – How Much “Market” Is In Your Market Requirements Documents?

Proficientz – Product Management University

Most B2B organizations use a M arket R equirements D ocument (MRD) for driving new solutions to market. How much of the content in those MRDs should be pure market requirements versus product requirements? A good rule of thumb — 100% market and 0% product. If MRD’s are supposed to reflect the needs of the market, they should be market specific not product specific. What’s wrong with this sample market requirement?

How Lazy Marketing Leaves Your Product Vulnerable


Amidst the laundry list of existing threats to your business, lazy marketing rarely comes to mind as a top concern. Things like competition, market demand, security, and team dynamics often get the most attention. Falsely believing in product-market fit. Marketing marketing

How Product Marketing Roadmaps Drive Sales | Shifting Market, Shifting Strategy | Agile: We’ve Come Full Circle

Proficientz – Product Management University

This month we explore the value of a product marketing roadmap to sales. We also look in the rear-view mirror at Agile and discuss what’s changed and what hasn’t along with tips for dealing with flat growth and shifting market conditions. In This Issue: Blog: High-Octane Product Management. The Value of a Product Marketing Roadmap: It’s Like Deep-Sea Fishing for Sales. Shifting Markets, Shifting Product Strategy: Three Considerations.

How to use email marketing to connect with your users

Inside Intercom

Email marketing remains an incredibly valuable way of communicating with customers at every stage of their lifecycle, whether you’re a thriving SaaS company or up-and-coming small business. What is email marketing? Why email marketing isn’t going away.

Dear Strategy: 083 Understanding Your Target Market (Part 3 of 5) – Customer Segmentation

Dear Strategy

NOTE: This is the third installment in a special 5-part series on Understanding the Target Market for Your Product or Business. Dear Strategy: “How can I use customer segmentation to help me better understand the target market for my product?”. .

Startup marketing: strategies for year one

Inside Intercom

About 50 percent of my time was spent communicating with potential users, whether that was asking them to try Intercom over email, meeting them at conferences, responding to them in blog comments or talking to them on Hacker News. Looking back, I didn’t see these activities as marketing with a capital M, but they absolutely were. I didn’t have a perfectly mapped out startup marketing strategy. Choosing a tactic for your addressable market.

The importance of an effective product marketing strategy

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First, most founders don’t have a background in either sales or marketing, and even though they’re told to “ start marketing the day you start coding ”, they just don’t know where to begin, or they’re incredibly overconfident. Getting through the first product launch requires more than a marketing Band-Aid; it requires instilling a company-wide philosophy that marketing and product aren’t two antithetical forces but two sides of the same coin.

How to leverage in-app marketing for growth in 2019

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All your messaging is marketing, both before and after the sale. So in-app marketing is especially key to engaging and retaining the users you’ve worked so hard to acquire. What is in-app marketing, anyway? Why you need an in-app marketing strategy.

Dear Strategy: 082 Understanding Your Target Market (Part 2 of 5) – TAM, SAM, and SOM

Dear Strategy

NOTE: This is the second installment in a special 5-part series on Understanding the Target Market for Your Product or Business. Dear Strategy: “What is TAM, SAM, and SOM and how can I use this tool to help me better understand the target market for my product?”. .

The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

Proficientz – Product Management University

This sample product marketing job description just might ruffle a few feathers. Second, there may be people in product marketing roles that don’t meet the requirements. B2B Product Marketing Job Description. Add these criteria to your next product marketing job posting and see what happens. A lot of people aren’t cut out for the quota pressures of direct sales but make fine product marketing managers! Related Articles on the Product Marketing Role.

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Can Apple’s Product Managers Win Back The Movie Market?

The Accidental Product Manager

Apple’s share of the movie market has been falling lately Image Credit: So just in case you didn’t realize it, Apple makes a lot of money from both renting and selling movies. Why Apple Is Losing Market Share In Video Rentals And Sales.

Builder beware: marketing tension in product-first companies

Inside Intercom

This led to an era of marketing-driven companies. Dan Kaplan framed marketing’s tarnished legacy this way: “Many of history’s most brilliant marketing strategies were crafted to persuade consumers to? No wonder marketing has a bad name in the tech industry.

Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

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In the very early days of any SaaS business, you will employ numerous marketing tactics to acquire your first customers: blog posts, paid advertising, landing pages, hero videos, webinars, everything but the kitchen sink. You just embarked on a big marketing campaign and spent all that time and money getting them in the door, only for them to see no value in your product and walk right back out again. Simply put, we market our product to our current customers.

How working as a Product Marketer can help you become a better Product Manager


Having spent several years playing both Marketing and Product Management roles, I can confidently suggest that every Product Manager who wants to make a significant impact on the overall success of the business should switch to Product Marketing roles several times in his career.

What does the product marketing manager do? Segment, Airbnb and Upwork experience

The Product Coalition

Those of you who read our book already know her Elena is a Product Marketing Manager. Of course we know that this adorable lady is responsible for delivering the value of the product (that Dmitry comes up with) to the market, but not used to call her PMM. Meet Dmitrii?—?the

The SaaS Marketing Metrics that Matter to Product Managers


Product managers and marketers share many of the same goals. But if marketing isn’t your thing, you might not know a ton about the various SaaS marketing metrics. Understanding how marketers gauge their progress can help you be a more balanced product manager.

Turn Your Release Notes Into a Content Marketing Machine

Mind the Product

This could be in the form of a blog post or as a notification within the UI. Spending a bit more effort on the process can help you turn your release notes into effective content marketing. It’s a task that also requires tight cooperation between tech and marketing functions.

How we used the Superhuman Product-Market Fit to learn what to build and whom to target

The Product Coalition

How we used the Superhuman’s Product-Market Fit model to learn what to build and whom to target A few months back I read an amazing Blog post by Rahul Vohra about how Superhuman was able to reach Product-Market Fit.

Builder beware: marketing tension in product-first companies

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This led to an era of marketing-driven companies. Dan Kaplan framed marketing’s tarnished legacy this way: “Many of history’s most brilliant marketing strategies were crafted to persuade consumers to? No wonder marketing has a bad name in the tech industry.

Win the “Customer Value” Relay Race and Dominate Your Market

Proficientz – Product Management University

If you’re going to dominate your market, you have to make the customer organization measurably better at their business, from the top down. There are seven legs in the race for market leadership. Market & Product Strategists. Strategy roles exist for one reason: To align every part of your organization with the most lucrative markets and the business goals of customers in those markets. Marketing & Sales Enablement.

How aligning product and marketing teams improves customer experience

Mind the Product

I believe the same synthesis of skill sets is occurring between marketers and product managers, but all too often, they’re treated organisationally as separate disciplines, broken up into siloed teams. Why Marketing and Product must work together. How to align Marketing and Product.

What is a Market Requirements Document (MRD)?

Actuation Consulting

Of all the documents you create while developing a new product or product extension the Market Requirements Document (MRD) is most important of all. First, the MRD defines the overall target market. It also captures the market expectations for product attributes. T he Core of the Market Requirements Document. There are essentially two things at the core of your MRD: 1 – A clear definition of your target market.

Dear Strategy: 080 Five-Year Strategies in Volatile Markets

Dear Strategy

Dear Strategy: “Is 5 years a relevant time frame for your strategy when market trends and industries are uncertain in a volatile market?”. . What makes this question somewhat unique is the reference to a 5-year plan inside of a volatile market , which roughly translates into rapidly changing market conditions that become too difficult to predict in the long-term. Well, here’s the reality: Especially in today’s world, every market is volatile to some extent.

Dear Strategy: 081 Understanding Your Target Market (Part 1 of 5)

Dear Strategy

NOTE: This is the first installment in a special 5-part series on Understanding the Target Market for Your Product or Business. Dear Strategy: “How can I better understand the target market for my podcast (or any product for that matter)?”. In any case, the topic of my talk was something that, as any regular reader of this blog knows, is very close to my heart. That is, how to understand the target market for your podcast. Why, of course, marketing!

More Than Great Products: A Journey to Product/Market Fit

Mind the Product

We threw terms like product/market fit around, without ever really giving a thought to what they meant. I created something nice but no one was willing to pay for it – there was no market. The second time round, I started with a market.