The Value of Product Feature Comparisons

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How valuable are product feature comparisons? Product feature comparisons are highly overrated in B2B. The post The Value of Product Feature Comparisons appeared first on Proficientz. They only tell you HOW a competitive product works. They don’t tell you WHY buyers do or don’t prefer it. Whether verbalized or not, most buyers want an explicit answer to the question, “Why should I buy from you?”

Venn Diagram: A Comparison of Product-Related Roles


The post Venn Diagram: A Comparison of Product-Related Roles appeared first on ProductCraft by Pendo. What is a product manager responsible for? What about a product MARKETING manager? And where does the growth role fit in the product org?

UX Wars: Top 5 Democratic nominee candidate websites, ranked


TryMyUI UX Wars Comparative Usability Competitive UX Usability Comparison Usability Testing User Experience DesignTaking a look at the top 5 polling 2020 Democratic nominee candidate websites and ranking their usability from worst to best.

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3 of the Best Intercom Product Tours Alternatives to Help you Scale your Onboarding


ComparisonA lot of people ask if there are any Intercom Product Tours alternatives worth taking a look at. As it turns out, there are a few alternatives that can help you scale up your onboarding.

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Gainsight PX vs. Mixpanel: 10 Advantages of Gainsight PX


With that in mind, we’ve put together a comparison breakdown to help you out. In comparison, Mixpanel requires an extensive setup and implementation process. The daily life of a product manager is busy—you don’t have time to waste on software that doesn’t fit your needs.

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9 Advantages of Gainsight PX Over Amplitude


Comparisons. Product Experience adoption Amplitude analytics comparison customer success engagements experience Gainsight PX integration product product analytics product experience versusProduct analytics is a necessary part of modern product management.

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5 WalkMe Competitors That Will Boost Your Product Adoption


Comparison best walkme competitors walkme competitor walkme competitorsWalkMe is one of the most popular tools for driving user adoption, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best fit for your company. With that in mind, we thought we’d explore the top 5 WalkMe competitors.

Mixpanel 2018 Product Highlights


Time period comparison in Insights. It’s super flexible, so you can choose a comparison period starting or ending on any date, in just a couple clicks.

Product vs. Project Management

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While there are article after article posted about the difference between the product manager role and the product marketing manager role, there is one more relevant comparison that ought to be made, how does a product manager differ from a project manager.

Product Owner vs. Product Manager Exploration

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Regardless of which role or title you may have, you should have at least a basic understanding of the Product Owner vs. Product Manager comparison; similarities, differences, and overlap.

This Week in Product: Aug. 24, 2018


For the Love of the Checkmark Every Bad #ProdMgmt Competitive Analysis Comparison Grid I’ve Ever Seen — Jeff Lash (@jefflash) August 23, 2018 Comparison grids are a pet peeve of mine.

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Treat Your Customers Like Your Children


Many product people before me have drawn comparisons between product management and parenting. As a parent and PM, I find myself comparing my treatment of customers to how I treat my kids. In my mind, this is actually a good thing.

Becoming a Product Leader: Leading Product Success in the First 100 Days

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A gap analysis is the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance – the current state vs. the desired future state. Early success in your role as a new product leader is essential to establishing the foundation for long-term results.

Retention, cohorts and visualizations

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Whilst the above grid of squares can be useful, and augmenting them with sparklines helps, there are still comparisons that are difficult to make. In some cases it’s more important that the viewer sees the comparison, not the data.

Is Product Management like Parenting?

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While I was still preparing the lecture, I heard a similar comparison in a Product X conference I attended. While never accurate, such comparisons help us take things in the right proportion. Love your Product. In a recent lecture I gave, I compared product management to parenting.

How to write surveys for user research that aren’t terrible


Surveys can give you some quantitative data on user feedback and perceptions that you can track over time or use as comparisons. When you use survey questions in your user research , you want them to be designed well. It’s really easy to make bad surveys, and plenty of companies do.

3 Critical Skills Preventing You From Becoming a Great Product Manager

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Ways to improve: Practice : Identify a few common tools and frameworks that you would like to be better at (SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, company profiling, feature comparison matrices). We often hear the old adage, “forget your weaknesses, play to your strengths!” when talking about the fastest way to get ahead in your career. After all, your strengths are your competitive advantage. It is easier and more enjoyable to work on skills you are already good at and know you can become great at.

Life Beyond Google Analytics: Pick the Best Tools for the job

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Cohort comparison gives you the tool to see such user cohort data. Google Analytics gives you very limited cohorting options in comparison to platforms like Mixpanel, Hotjar, Appsee and others. Google Analytics as Your Default Platform?

Technology Transformation – Adobe Lightroom

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Compared to the existing product – The yardstick of comparison isn’t the competitors (Apple Photos, or Google Photos), but the prior version of Lightroom. Introduction. One of the most challenging tasks in product management is a major architecture shift of a product.

Are Consumers Hungry for Domino’s New Loyalty Program?


We ran a comparison test to see if users care about that feature and how they rank it in comparison to the other features of the app.

Indeed Seen?—?Product launch failure

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Obviously, they are trying to appeal to modern users, in comparison, the old UI was pretty plain and heavily text-based, and had no graphics). Indeed Seen?—?Product Product launch failure So I received an email today about the launch of the new experience called Indeed Seen.

Product Business Case: Three Steps to Keeping It Grounded in Reality

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Here are three steps for creating more realistic product business cases and simplifying apples to apples comparisons for multiple product investment opportunities. Have you ever seen a product business case, especially for a new product, that didn’t look like a blockbuster? They’re rare.

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Measuring the Success of Your Product Initiatives With Gainsight PX


Comparison charts of top features in Gainsight NXT and Gainsight (legacy edition) from data supplied by Gainsight PX. Having a visual comparison of the two systems gave our execs a level of comfort. Chances are you’ve heard the saying, “‘Everyone wants change, just not for them.”.

How to Conduct an Effective Competitive Analysis


Not only does competitive analysis illustrate a product’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to those from other vendors, it can also inform how to sell and position it. Support. Sign In. Product. Customers. Resources. Try it Free. Features. Pricing. Enterprise. Integrations. Security.

Creating Business Cases With Stronger Legs

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But when multiple business cases are on the table, comparisons become relative. Markets are unpredictable, which makes the task of creating business cases questionable at some level. But there are three elements that can give your business cases stronger legs and improve the odds of getting new initiatives funded, especially when multiple business cases are vying for the same resources. Focus on Market Needs With High Strategic Impact.

Come Celebrate with Us: The Forbes 100, Amplify, and 2019 So Far


Period-over-period comparisons let you see the results of your analysis in the current time range with the previous day, or the same day from the previous week, month, quarter or year. We’re excited to share that Amplitude entered the Forbes Cloud 100 this year.

Sales, Positioning and the Nobody Zone

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After the information gathering is complete, the comparison of potential solutions begins. There’s an old saying: “buyers are liars!”

Creating a Competitive Analysis Matrix

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Complex products can include twice that many feature comparisons. Remember this is a qualitative comparison. How to Use a Competitive Analysis Matrix. Recently we’ve discussed the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Today, we’re going to consider a tool that drills down to the product feature level and allows the product team to compare competitors’ products to your solution. This tool is the Competitive Analysis Matrix.

Product Management Tips for Data Science Projects

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Share your validation/user research assets: recordings of interviews, videos of users struggling with your interface, product comparisons, revenue projections, sales wins, whatever will connect the DS team emotionally to your end users.

6 Product Positioning Strategies Misconceptions in a SaaS Business (and What You Can Do About Them)


When I started my first business 6 years ago (which has miraculously survived until this day) I didn’t even have a clue what “market or product positioning or product positioning strategies” were.

What is Good Product Strategy?

Melissa Perri

They would compare this to other problems and determine how big it is in comparison. “What is your Product Strategy? YOU NEED A STRATEGY.” When I replay this scene in my head, I can hear the CTO very audibly yelling (slash pleading) with our product team. He was on edge.

How to Build Mobile Apps Customers Really Want


Now that you understand what your customers really need and want, you can up your product comparison approach to competitive analysis by incorporating two key fields—benefits, and customer value.

Hire More Designers, OK?


Felix is left wondering about the relative priority of the items in his list because he doesn’t have a way to do an apples to apples comparison of potential value. Productive, empowered designers are essential to building a great product.

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Moving Beyond Anecdotes: Augmenting Customer Stories with Data


By comparison, respondents said they spent nearly half the month managing email and attending meetings.

Release Notes: August 2019


If seasonality affects how users engage with your product, you’ll find it useful to use time period comparisons to see the impact of your product changes. Announcing Amplitude Engage for better behavioral targeting.

Why we decided to retire our most popular report


Time range comparisons to see how trends change month over month, year over year, etc. We even used Insights’ time comparison feature to easily view the 30 days before and after the change was made. Today, Mixpanel says goodbye to Segmentation.

Helping Consumers Distill the Signal from Noise

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Build self-checking mechanisms Price comparison websites exist to meet an information gap?—?while To many, a familiar saying on the consumer mindset is wanting products to be “better, cheaper and faster”.

In-Lab Testing 101: A User Researcher’s Guide


Competitor Analysis: In-lab testing is a great way to compare two products and control the exposure and tasks with each product for fair side-by-side comparison. So much more than creating Frankenstein’s monster!

How Op-Eds Can Make Product Visibility Catch Fire

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This is especially helpful if your op-ed consists of a product comparison, a before-and-after comparison or a trend that can be visualized with charts or—better yet—infographics. Op-eds have received a lot of national attention recently. From an anonymous White House official sharing his (or her) opinionated observations with the New York Times , to taking a stance on Nike’s motive to use a controversial figurehead to sell shoes.

Increase Performance in Cross-Browser Testing with Zero Effort – Here’s How

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Now, here’s the comparison between the type summary: This table compares the total items, size and duration by type against the baseline. Introduction Are you used to getting a certain amount of data from your testing practices?