It’s time to get your Ph.D. in Sales Comp

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What I learned during this time about Sales behavior was a shock to my system – and may help you as well. Unfortunately, what looks good on paper can quickly go astray if you don’t understand Sales and the tools you are giving them. in Sales compensation to understand this system.

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

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You work with Marketing to define the customer profile, you work with business development to do sales training and enablement. We get this question a lot. This is very typical of someone from a technical background (ex.

It helps when we all work for the same company

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This ratio makes sense to me in another context: how many staff positions are required to support a sales person in the field? A VP of Sales opened a new sales office in Montreal. The VP wanted to expand his sales footprint by entering new markets. But here’s the thing: Doesn’t a new market require more than a sales guy? We’re likely to need sales training and sales support.

How to Survive the Hardest Part of Product Management by Janna Bastow

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We all come to product management from different backgrounds, but one thing that has long been true and is only just starting to change, is that when we start this job our training generally consists of Googling. But the training was intense!

The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

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There’s a universal product management framework that takes product management, product marketing and sales enablement down to the lowest common denominator. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth.

Before the MRD

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When you find yourself swimming without an MRD, you lack consensus on the facts you'll use to fashion so many of the other goodies you get asked to create, like segment-specific positioning, customer metrics, ROI calculators, sales training and enablement tools. I can't count how many times in my career I've had to write a market requirements document (MRD) for a product that had already gone to market. It's sad, actually.