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Dark Patterns: The Dark Side of UX

UX Planet

Here’s the story: Back in early 2010, LinkedIn introduced a new feature called “Add to network” on its website. Image: MeasuringU Intentional Misdirection As the name suggests, it distracts the user from what really matters so that they don’t see something and continue with the process. when the item was added to the cart.

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446: Winning at new products – with Bob Cooper, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

Our guest is Dr. Robert Cooper, who discovered the now famous Stage-Gate process and was named the “World’s Top Innovation Management Scholar” by the prestigious Journal of Product Innovation Management. Lessons from the discoverer of Stage-Gate for product managers Today we are talking with a legend in product management.


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Where does Production fit within the Design Cycle

UX Planet

The Agencies I worked for (prior to 2010), usually had what were called Production Artists. You can go to Square Space, Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, to name but a few, but they essentially have automated the process of creating digital properties for anyone who is willing to pay a monthly stipend.

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The 5 Most Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in Poland for 2021

The Product Coalition

The company has collaborated with startups, small businesses, medium-sized ventures and global names like Google, Huawei, Bolt, MyTaxi, Pipedrive, ZoomEngage, Atlassian, and Codio. itCraft itCraft is a Warsaw-based software development house founded in 2010.

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He helped shape WallStreetBets. Now Kevin Xu is betting on his own social app.


So I revived one of my old Reddit accounts I made back in 2010, Sir Jack, to post something like, “Here’s my 20x gains in four months.” The reason I started posting my trades as Sir Jack is because it can feel really uncomfortable talking about finances under your real name. I thought to myself, “I can one-up that.”

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Small Cosmetic Brand Product Managers Are Changing The Business

The Accidental Product Manager

These brands have seen huge growth over the past few years, grabbing market share from the big, established names. From 2010 to 2015, the 10 largest prestige brands dropped in their market share to 40% from 46%. The new brands are connecting with a new generation in a number of new ways.

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CEO Joel Gascoigne Reflects on the Highs and Lows of Building Buffer

Business of Software Conference

A product that started out being built in a bedroom has now evolved into a household name amongst social media management platforms. Joel Gascoigne will be speaking at BoS Conf Spring.Online 26-27 April on the topic: “Reflecting on Ten Years on the Roller Coaster.” ” 2020 marked ten years from the launch of Buffer.