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Breaking Into Enterprise Customers at Shopify

Business of Software Conference

Breaking Into Enterprise Customers at Shopify. Shopify Plus was launched in 2014 to offer large & hypergrowth businesses a customizable enterprise platform without the cost of existing options. That wasn’t the case for larger enterprises who were more used to building large, complex solutions to sell online.

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A Decade of Product Management

Melissa Perri

Not every company has seen all these changes, but by and large I think it's been a positive push forward and I'm proud of where we've come from and where we have gotten to. -- 2014: "I do not need Product Managers, I can run my company myself,I have the strategy." As more enterprises turn digital, this will become a stronger need for them.


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Checking in on Shopify Plus’ 11,000 checkouts per minute

Intercom, Inc.

As tech continues its path toward democratization, with better offerings available to more people, an odd contradiction has revealed itself: on the enterprise side of things, most software simply isn’t very good. In 2014, the company smashed expectations, earning $105 million in revenue – double what they had taken in the year before.

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Median SaaS Valuations Drop 24% in Q1 2022


Median Enterprise Value/Revenue (ttm) multiples dropped 24% in comparison to Q4 2021. SaaS Enterprise Value/Revenue Multiples 2014 – 2022 High Flying SaaS Companies Have Taken a Major […]. As Q1 ended, the impact of the recent market downturn in SaaS company valuations could clearly be seen.

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Bootstrapping To 10 Million – The Story Of


is a leading enterprise organization powering top companies worldwide, including the BBC, Novartis, and Pfizer. In 2013/2014, the company began scaling rapidly and moved to India to accelerate its growth. In the same year of its launch, Saravana closed on 5 inbound enterprise customers for BizTalk360. 2,000+ customers.

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Meet Tweag! Modus Create’s open source innovation lab dedicated to developer experience

Modus Create

In 2022, Modus acquired software engineering company Tweag (which I founded in 2014) and further enhanced its open source footprint. Our work finds its way into real-world solutions for some of the world’s largest enterprises, including Marriott, Amgen, and Volkswagen.

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10 years of UX studio

UX Studio

2014: Product design course As knowledge sharing was a driving force across the team from the early days, we started our Product Design course early on. We facilitated 13 courses in a row, one in each semester starting in 2014 Autumn, up until the Pandemic interrupted our nice sequence in 2020.