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14 tips to help you run a successful product design workshop

Intercom, Inc.

Collaboration comes in many flavors, from small informal working sessions and group critiques to full-blown workshops. What are product design workshops? Product design workshops are an opportunity for a team to untangle a problem together by going through a series of group exercises designed to get to a specific outcome.

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The Art of Naming: How To Overcome Challenges in Naming Products, Services, and Companies

The Product Coalition

How long does it take to name a baby? And how do you go about exploring options and choosing a winning name? But naming a business, product, or service shouldn’t feel so personal, should it? Do you already have a name? The process is deeply personal, and for good reason. How do you know it’s not working?

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ONE THING on Sneaky Workshopping

Product Culture

Workshopping is a technique for working with a group of people to create something together. It’s used by the most effective product leaders to generate ideas, solicit feedback, and gain alignment with stakeholders.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing a Persona Workshop

Mind the Product

His name is Eric. How do you collectively build your marketing persona through a workshop? Preparing for a Persona Workshop. Market research and having a customer proxy are prerequisites for a persona workshop. Company name. The two most frequent exercises I use in my workshops are: Write lines.

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Decide When You Need to Meet, Workshop, or Write to Save Energy and Time

Johanna Rothman

Use the Purpose to Name the Gathering. Workshops where we work as a team. When we name the gathering according to the outcome we want, people might decide to come on their own, without any nudging. The more often I support people in their preparation, the faster we can get to the topic under discussion or of the workshop.

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Bain Public Will Lead a Product Workshop in Collaboration with Zu

Bain Public

(Montreal, Canada) - Abigail Ramirez Villarroel, Product Analyst at Bain Public , and Sirena Chan, UX/UI Designer at Bain Public, will be leading a joint workshop with Renaud G. About Zu and Infusion Workshops. Where: Online Workshops (available to Zu Focus 2021 cohorts only). About the Workshop. Session Information.

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Six Qualities of a Great Product Vision

Roman Pichler

A great way to ensure that your vision is shared is to create it together with the stakeholders and dev team members in a collaborative workshop, be it online or onsite. Visioning Workshop Attendees. Despite its name, a product vision should not describe the product or solution. Note that such a product vision is not measurable.

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