8 steps to craft a winning sales strategy, according to industry leaders

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Developing a sales strategy is one of the core activities every business will have to undertake. A well defined sales strategy is your path to meaningful, sustainable growth. They share their winning sales strategies and the lessons they’ve learned scaling sales.

Sales Hacker’s Max Altschuler on selling more with less

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Whether you’re at an early-stage startup that’s just made its first sales hires, or part of a fast-moving sales team in a large organization, the key to success often comes down to efficiency. Today, Max is the CEO of Sales Hacker: a global conference, event series, and an online publication that brings together proven sales execs and emerging startup founders to share their lessons and experiences in sales automation and tech sales. Are you doing outbound?

How to build, manage and scale a sales team – 12 strategies from the experts

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This is not to say that bottom-up adoption is bad strategy; quite the opposite. If you can raise a ton of capital, it’s one strategy for winning and crushing the competition. Excerpt from “ What is the optimal structure of a startup SaaS B2B sales team? ”.

Brex’s Michael Tannenbaum on fintech growth strategies

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“Michael is the rare CFO who also leads up marketing, which makes him the perfect person to talk us through the company’s trajectory” As the head of Intercom’s Early Stage program for Startups, the fast-growing fintech startup is one company I’ve been keeping my eye on.

Proven sales plays for skyrocketing growth

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Inside we reveal the strategies, learnings, and best practices that have enabled us to build a business worth more than $1.275 billion. Too often, sales managers at high-growth startups prioritize sales reps’ pipelines and forecasts over their professional development.

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

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As you can see in the picture, these categories are inbound and outbound Product Management. This division between inbound and outbound PM duties is much more pronounced at larger companies. At a smaller company or a startup, usually one person plays both roles.

productboard Portal closes the gap between product teams and their customers


As a PM from a renowned Valley startup quipped: “Today’s feature voting forums might as well be called ‘disappointment forums’.” customer-success product-management startup strategy product-design

A Product Manager’s Approach to Building Integrations for SaaS Software

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Mailchimp, for example, has leveraged this strategy aggressively, and arguably was ahead of its competitors in pushing integration. A strategy that worked well for us was to audit the data semi-regularly to ensure it was as clean and consistent as possible.

Should you disrupt or create a category? 5 lessons from Gainsight’s CMO Anthony Kennada

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There isn’t a canon of resources that can provide you with a tried-and-true strategy to deploy. This is episode six of Scale , a brand new podcast series on moving from startup to scale up. Why do most startups fail?

Close.io CEO Steli Efti on the rights and wrongs of lead qualification

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Steli is the CEO of Close.io , an inside sales CRM that helps startups and SMBs generate high-quality leads and close more deals. blog , books on everything from product demos to outbound sales, and the Startup Chat podcast that he co-hosts with Hiten Shah. What we do at Close is very simple: we have built a CRM for startups and SMBs focused on teams that are doing predominantly inside sales.

How to Enhance Your Product Management Super Powers


In defense of decreased multi-tasking, the author says “many businesses are beginning to organize customer engagement, strategy, and product development responsibilities among different people within product teams.”

Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation

Andrew Chen

One of the best essays written last year was Elad Gil’s End of Cycle? – referencing our most recent 2007-2017 run on mobile and web software, and the implications for investing, startups, and entrepreneurs. Outbound used to be painstaking and manual. The end of the cycle.

Sujan Patel on scaling growth with chatbots

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As the co-founder of WebProfits , he’s led marketing strategy for the likes of Intuit, LinkedIn and Salesforce. You may remember him from his previous appearance on Inside Intercom, where he spoke about growth marketing for startups. Sujan: Mailshake is an outbound sales tool.

Building products for growth

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Although some growth tactics are specific to outbound marketing, many are directly tied to the product. Startup Growth Engines by Seth Ellis , Morgan Brown , and TheGrowthHackers.com team. Startup Growth Engines is a collection of blog posts from growthhackers.com.

How Your Software Demo Can Make Your Product Sell Itself


Product-Led Growth is very self-explanatory, in that it describes a strategy in which the growth of a company is led by the product they provide. It also means that your salespeople are caught up in demos when they could be doing some outbound work.

Demo 81

Get Out of the ARPU-CAC Danger Zone with Channel Model Fit

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The reason is because most startups need to keep their payback period to less than one year. Finally on the far right hand end of the spectrum you have very high ARPU businesses (6 to 7 figures) and therefore take advantage of very high CAC channels such as enterprise and outbound sales.

A Lean Alternative to a Business Plan: Documenting Your Product/Market Fit Hypotheses

Sachin Rekhi

The customer development and lean startup methodologies evangelized by Steve Blank and Eric Ries brought us a better approach that favored experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition, and iterative design over traditional “big design up front” development.

Why Most Companies Fail At Moving Up or Down Market

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Because of that, they use Outbound Sales to sell (Product Channel Fit). Because they use Outbound Sales they must have High ACV's to support the channel (Channel Model Fit). Plenty of startups try to attack all three tiers of the market with the same product/channel/model.

What do you look for an investment? How long should a founder be without salary? And other Q&A

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What distribution channels should a new consumer internet startup consider in 2019? What is your advice for startup CEOs? First, it’s interesting when a startup using a new platform or a new technology in a clever way. What is your advice for startup CEOs? Stay outbound.