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The Demo goes badly

The Product Bistro

A recent story about the original iPhone demo at Moscone center in SF, in early 2007 from the point of view of the engineers in the audience is particularly illuminating. Every product development project has a crucial milestone, the official demonstration.

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AARRR vs RARRA: Pirate Metrics Explained

Mind the Product

First presented by Dave McClure in his presentation “Startup Metrics for Pirates” in 2007, the AARRR method was originally meant for tracking product marketing and management and focused on acquisition. Pirates metrics have become a popular model for business growth — but what are they and do they actually lead you to that buried treasure?


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Ignoring Innovation: Lessons from Kodak

Melissa Perri

In 2007 I joined an innovation swat team at Cornell in the Johnson Graduate School of Business. It was called the Business, Science, and Technology Initiative (known to the cool kids as BSTI). We were working with Kodak to come up with a completely new product that would appeal to our age group, the early 20s.

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Stellar Product Strategies for Early-stage Startups

The Product Coalition

The first iPhone (2007) differentiated this way: 3. Elimination: factors of the industry have long competed ⬇️ Reduction: factors to reduce below the industry standards ⬆️ Raise: factors to raise above all industry’s standards ⭐️ Creation: factors the industry never offered This map is called the Blue Ocean matrix. Apple used it too.

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Behind the Product: Why CNN+ Failed

280 Group

Since Netflix introduced streaming video on-demand (SVOD) back in 2007, the market has exploded. As Product Managers, we’re constantly watching new and old products, and the marketing associated with them, to find examples for our training and materials that we can use to exemplify good, or not so good, practices in Product Management.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Bain Public

FITC Toronto 2008, Canada FITC Toronto 2007, Canada Flash Belt 2007, Minneapolis, U.S. Flash Forward 2007, Boston, U.S. Flash Belt 2008, Minneapolis, U.S. Flash Forward 2008, San Francisco, U.S. FITC Winnipeg 2006, Canada FITC Toronto 2006, Canada FITC Toronto 2005, Canada Flash Forward 2005, New York, U.S.

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What’s the buzz around BoS USA 2023?

Business of Software Conference

BOS INCEPTION The Business of Software was started in 2007 by Neil Davidson, a co-founder of Redgate Software. The organization coordinated attendance for 10 local companies to attend last year’s event in Boston, funded by a donation from Spruill. This year 20 local start-ups have received scholarships to attend.

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