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Priorities for Product Management Leaders; Product Management Festival 2014 recap

Good Product Manager

Recap in Tweets: Product Management Festival 2014. — Jeff Lash (@jefflash) September 17, 2014. — Jeff Lash (@jefflash) September 17, 2014. — Michael Smith (@myksmith) September 17, 2014. . — Michael Smith (@myksmith) September 17, 2014. — Jeff Lash (@jefflash) September 17, 2014.

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A Decade of Product Management

Melissa Perri

Not every company has seen all these changes, but by and large I think it's been a positive push forward and I'm proud of where we've come from and where we have gotten to. -- 2014: "I do not need Product Managers, I can run my company myself,I have the strategy." 2019: "How do I hire a Chief Product Officer? I need them yesterday."


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Tech proposes, Market disposes

The Product Coalition

All of these products had a huge Total Addressable Market (TAM), and were clearly Feasible, but failed to differentiate themselves in any meaningful way. The market subsequently allowed them to slide into obscurity. Here again, the concern mainly is that there has be enough of a market that the business has a shot at success.

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Join me at PIPELINE 2014!

Product Beautiful

On this Friday, June 6, 2014, I will be presenting at a virtual conference called PIPELINE 2014. PIPELINE is put on by Planview , and will include presentations about a wide variety of topics of interest to Product Management and Marketing professionals, including innovation, ideation, prioritization, and how to change your culture.

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Enhancing User Experience through Mobile Scanning at Scalable Capital

UX Planet

Founded in December 2014, Scalable Capital embarked on a mission to revolutionize investment banking and portfolio management, adapting it to the demands of our contemporary digital era. This commitment to technological innovation distinguishes Scalable Capital’s offerings in the market. What does this entail?

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How Generative AI is Opening Up New Horizons for Branding Strategies


More than just a technological tool, this evolution is having a profound impact on marketing approaches and brand storytelling. It’s probably fair to say that this rapid change has left many branding and marketing professionals struggling to keep up. Generative AI has evolved tremendously from 2014 to 2023-present.

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2014 BPMA Gala Online Discussion

Product Culture

The BPMA is the second-largest professional association for product managers and product marketers, after the SVPMA, and I am honored to be involved. Second, you can read about the 2014 Gala that took place earlier this month at the Museum of Science Boston.