TEI 305: Become a product naming champ – with Alexandra Watkins

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How product managers can create product names that make people smile. Not many product managers get involved in naming products, and that is a mistake. You can be a great brainstorming resource to help Marketing or a naming consulting. . We brainstorm name ideas.

Try a Semantic Approach to Naming GitHub Repositories

Modus Create

As part of a recent customer engagement, we were tasked with defining a naming convention for GitHub repositories. As I tend to spend some of my engineering time working with Python, there are conventions around naming formats that make sense to me. How do they name repositories?


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Top 9 Product Management Courses

The Basics of Product Management

Comprehensive list of reviews for top 8 product management courses and certifications. These are the top rated and best programs, including free courses. List – Top 8 Product Management Courses.

Do Company Names Drive Success?

Under 10 Consulting

Names by themselves have little or no impact on company or product success. International Business Machines is a good name but it’s too long. IBM is a terrible name. Yahoo is a terrible name. Google is a terrible name but their high-quality searching killed Yahoo. Apple is a terrible company name. A good company name is a good start, of course. You want your name to be easy to say and easy to spell.

The Enigmatic Appeal of Project Names


Of course you have already guessed that they are all code names given to projects, ones that eventually became well-known hardware or software. If you’ve worked for any amount of time in IT, you’ve most likely worked on a project that was given a code name. A code name separates it from regular work, making it noticeable while at the same time cloaking the specifics. And when it comes to marketing a new product, a cool project name can’t hurt either.

ProductPlan Named Fortune’s Great Places To Work Top 100 Small Businesses in 2021


We approach interactions and problems with curiosity and adjust our course when needed. Activities included presentations from customers to lightning talks where employees volunteer to present on a topic of passion and trivia at a local brewery, to name a few.

A burning platform ignites innovation


Now, as we postponed all of our March and April courses and most of our private training clients deferred – it was a necessity. Our Essentials of Product Management course is highly interactive and creative with many free-form exercises and collaborative activities.

How to get into a Cybersecurity role?

Antwak Blog

The focus needs to be given to training courses and has the correct attitude to push ahead in a career in Cybersecurity. On the other hand, the list of big-name data breaches victims right from Facebook to other various platforms keeps on developing at an alarming speed. .

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Marillion - the band

The Product Bistro

Bands like Genesis, ELP, The Gary Moore Band (Spirit was one of my favorite songs), Yes, Pink Floyd, and many of the seminal artists - too many to name - were eye openers to me.

Naming 195

Tell Us About Your Team: Take the Continuous Discovery Habits Benchmark Survey

Product Talk

It’s what motivates me to launch new courses and refine our existing lineup. 3 tickets to any of our Deep Dive courses —winner’s choice (each valued at $799). Here’s why: Participation in the survey enters you to win a free course or membership from Product Talk Academy. your name here]. For years, I’ve shared that Product Talk’s primary outcome is to increase the number of product teams who adopt a continuous cadence to their discovery work.

ONE THING on Agile vs. Vision

Product Culture

Name. *. First Name. Last Name. They keep organizations on course toward a destination. Agile was developed as a response to lack of consistent direction from business execs. But there is something missing in agile and lean.

ONE THING on Health Metrics

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Name. *. First Name. Last Name. And of course. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) track your organization's progress. They are most effective when you use them only to keep tabs on the most important issues. So where do you track those important but not desperate issues?

ONE THING on a Definition of Innovation

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It's got to be ‘of course I want that instead of what I used before.’ Name. *. First Name. Last Name. A simple definition of innovation is creating something that did not exist before.

Design Ethics – Can We Solve Social Problems With Design?


Yet, over the course of a few years, design has gone from something that most people don’t really care about to a powerful influence on our daily lives. This is when Facebook auto-tags your photos with friends’ names. They made names and photos front and center on the platform.

A Learning Roadmap for Product People

Roman Pichler

I’ve chosen quarters in the sample roadmap above, but you can use shorter time frames, of course, if you can meet your learning goals more quickly. The second line names the skills areas the learning goals belong to, which I’ll cover in more detail in the next section.

Behind the Product: Why CNN+ Failed

280 Group

CNN projected that the new SVOD service would attract two million subscribers by the end of 2022 and spent tens of millions of dollars to run a nationwide marketing campaign, hire hundreds of new employees, and sign on big-name anchors such as former Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. .

Introducing Okapi – a lightweight design system


If you’ve ever had to build a product from the ground up, you know how much nitty-gritty work goes into those pretty design files: coming up with a naming system for your components, defining the 254 button states, form fields, paddings, grid systems, etc. — And the name?

Mental Models Applied: Using A 2×2 Chart For Handling Competitive Objections

The Secret PM Handbook

Come up with spiffy names for the axes, and for the quadrants. I used “Right projects, right people” for the name of the magic quadrant. And then the obvious flipped names for the other quadrants. Clever names. Naming the quadrants is an art – I’m sure there are better names than I’ve come up with in a few minutes. Leave me your suggestions for quadrant names in the comments and I’ll update the post if I get some good ones!).

Six Types of “Product” Owners

Roman Pichler

As its name suggests, a product owner in Scrum is in charge of a product. Note that the choice of the name is intentional. A product like Microsoft Word is, of course, likely to be too big to be managed by a single individual: It requires several product people to collaborate.

How to Create Personas for Your Next Product — and Why It Matters

280 Group

Here are some questions you can explore: What name can we assign to this persona? Check out 280 Group’s Optimal Product Management course to learn in-depth how to build user and buyer personas effectively for your primary market segments. VIEW THE COURSE.

The Power of the Product Lifecycle: A Look at the 4 Key Stages of the PLC

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Considering 95% of new products fail , having a model for conceptualizing your product’s journey from introduction through decline can help you understand the best course of action during various phases of its existence, so you can maximize its market performance and impact.

The Power of Product Positioning and the “7 Ps” Marketing Mix

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Write your product positioning statement using this format as a best practice: For ( target customer ) who ( statement of need or opportunity ), the ( product name ) is a ( product category ) that ( key benefit/reason to buy ). VIEW THE COURSE.

Thank God, We Are Not a Flat Org Anymore


We named this new position the Studio Lead. Instead of centralized management power, we give these teams freedom, autonomy, and of course responsibility for their own results. Our team was like magic.

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Product Executive in Residence, Brian Nejmeh Discusses Product Management at CMU

Product Management Unpacked

I’m excited to be named Product Executive in Residence (PXIR) at Carnegie Mellon University. I have also had the pleasure of teaching a number of graduate courses in the MSPM program where I got to know the students well.

The Situational Sales Playbook – A Minimalist Approach to Sales Effectiveness

Product Management University

How would you compare yourself to [competitor name]? Can I talk to some customers that are using [product name] successfully? Should I forecast [prospect name] this month/quarter? The sales playbook is a double-edged sword.

Top 15 SQL Interview Questions and Answers (with Examples)

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Learn how to answer system design questions with in-depth video examples and fundamental SQL concepts in our System Design Interview Course. Below is an example of how to create a new view CREATE VIEW view_name AS. SELECT column_lists FROM table_name. 🗄️ Hey there!

What is a research repository and what to consider before building one?


In this course, we’ll cover everything you need to know about research repositories for UX research. And this is the case for pretty much any file management system you’re using: Dropbox, OneDrive, Sharepoint or Google Drive to name a few of the most popular.

AR in 2021 – How Augmented Reality Makes a Real Difference


We have all heard about virtual reality as well, of course, but it is quite a different thing from augmented reality. Basically, you get into another reality — a virtual one, of course, not a physical one. The list could, of course, continue.

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Product Validation In A Real-Life Scenario: Intercept Field Study


Of course, these plans were made long before the COVID-19 outbreak. It came with a large badge – displaying our profile photo and name. Copywriting, Local names. We used a variety of names in our article, search, and map to identify locations.

UX 66

Five Product Owner Myths Busted

Roman Pichler

I have always regarded the Scrum product owner as an agile product manager, and I find it an unfortunate mistake that SAFe use the same name for its tactical product role. Myth #1: The product owner must ensure that the stakeholders are satisfied.

Agile 269

10x Your Interview Skills to Create Digital Products That Delight

280 Group

We cover the interview next steps in our new course, Digital Product Management. This section of the course teaches you how to create personas, distill insights, and pinpoint the problems that will accelerate your journey to creating amazing solutions. VIEW COURSE.

A Candid Letter From a Product Management Instructor

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Names popped up on the list as students logged in, and I checked it carefully. For these reasons and more, we’ve seen many Product Managers sign up to start our Certified Product Manager Online Course and Exam. More than that, I know that online courses have been shown to be amazingly effective. It’s an add-on to our existing online course. I know that Certified Product Manager Online – Virtual Instructor Review is a mouthful of a product name!

Empower Product Teams with Product Outcomes, Not Business Outcomes

Product Talk

If this is a new concept for you, the Product-Market Fit (PMF) metric relies on a simple but powerful question to current users, “How would you feel if you could no longer use [Product name]?”. The course begins on July 10.

B2B 283

Featured Product Management Consultant: Bill Haines

280 Group

What are their names again?” Lastly, (though there’s more of course), I say: Think Big. How and why did you break into Product Management? . Having started my career as a beer marketer, I needed some way to redeem myself! .

Best App Designing Companies to Work With in 2021


Since 2009, they have worked with many notable companies such as Netflix, Adobe, Salesforce, Opera, and Avast, just to name a few. We run product design courses twice a year to teach the fundamentals of UX and design thinking. .

Introducing Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Marketing

And new courses. And a new name. In addition to Pragmatic Marketing’s original six certifications for product managers and product marketing managers, Pragmatic Institute will now offer a new course to teach business leaders how to integrate data science into their business model. This three-day course, making its first appearance in April of this year in Boston and Chicago, offers business leaders the opportunity to earn three new certifications. New Courses.

Introducing Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Marketing

And new courses. And a new name. In addition to Pragmatic Institute’s original six certifications for product managers and product marketing managers, Pragmatic Institute will now offer a new course to teach business leaders how to integrate data science into their business model. This three-day course, making its first appearance in April of this year in Boston and Chicago, offers business leaders the opportunity to earn three new certifications. New Courses.

You’re Trying to Sell Value. Buyers Want to Talk Product.

Product Management University

How do you compare to [competitor name]?”. Contact us about a discovery and demo workshop in the classroom or enroll in our On-Demand Demo Skills course. As a salesperson, it gets beat into your head in every pipeline review, every team meeting and every sales training session.

How to Write a Solutions Architect Resume

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

As the name suggests, they are responsible for building and executing innovative business solutions for problems facing their companies. This means that readability is the name of the game when it comes to formatting your resume.

Rethinking Product Discovery with Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Mind

Product Talk

Many tech companies that make voice assistants justify their use of female names and voices by saying that’s what people prefer. We talked to our users and they prefer female names.” You might also know that Cortana is the name of Microsoft’s voice assistant.