How Policy Can Kill your IoT Product (Even Before You Launch It) with ChargePoint

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In this episode of the IoT Product Leadership podcast, we discuss how policy can kill your IoT product even before you launch it. Director of Public Policy at ChargePoint, the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations. Anthony is a seasoned expert on Public policy; specifically he is an expert on how policy impacts technology and business strategy.

What a return policy says about your marketing

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Quality is when the customer returns and the product doesn't.—Jim —Jim Taglieber, Miami Valley Steel Service Inc. Suppose you have a bad keyboard. The thing works but the lettering is faded or one key doesn’t work correctly. You want to get it fixed but you don’t want to be without it. My laptop keyboard broke. I called the manufacturer who was quite helpful. She quickly gave me a return authorization and even sent me a prepaid label for shipping.

The One Question You Need to Answer as a New Product Leader


Is it people, process, policies, vision, etc? Outline The One Question What Could Inhibit My Ability to Succeed? What do I have control over and what do I not? Do I have the influence i need to change things for the better?

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Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

Just six days later , Tesla announced a new policy at supercharger stations across the US designed to correct the issue.

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Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

policies to retain safe. allowing providers to underwrite policies based on actual. Geolocation data Speed Insurance providers Usage-based insurance GPS tracking devices can monitor driver whereabouts, enabling insurance providers to offer usage-based policies. Monetizing the.

The Customer Isn't Always Right

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is now facing a breach of warranty lawsuit for the new policy. Many companies implement new policies after every unreasonable scenario. He said, “What you should have done…” and launched into a long policy discussion. Is our current policy vague?

How to Choose a Safer Analytics SDK for your Mobile App


Some SDKs have a nasty habit of picking up users private data, and when this happens your app may be technically breaching Google Play store privacy restrictions, App Store’s new privacy policy and GDPR. Google Play / iTunes Policy Violation. First read the following policies.

Are Product Leaders Listening to Customers?

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Your customers expect you to ask them for feedback, and this feedback is a massive opportunity to essentially have an insurance policy on your roadmap, and to ultimately improve customer loyalty.

2018: Product Feedback Trends in B2B SaaS

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SaaS companies are realizing that product feedback requires a business policy to properly manage expectations on both sides. We call it the Product Feedback Policy. Having a Product Feedback Policy dramatically improves your customer’s experience with your company.

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When to Launch? That’s the Question

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Every policy change means a change to the employee onboarding presentation, which results in new training requirements for instructors.

Sense & Respond: The Farm Awakens by Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden

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When you enforce bad policy, people will work around that policy. But in certain situations they’re making bad policy decisions that put their customers in a quandary – they can choose between breaking the law or losing their crop.

Indicative is Ready for GDPR


To comply with GDPR, we will have completed the following steps by May 25: Privacy Policy Update. In conjunction with our legal team, we have conducted a comprehensive review and update of our privacy policy to ensure that it meets GDPR standards.

Executive Director’s Perspective on how to become a product manager

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The product plan should allow for differing international positioning, where applicable, formulated by the international marketing organization, and its activities should be consistent with the policies, procedures, and overall corporate marketing strategy.”.

Guest Blog: Customer Service in Retail – Infographic

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Of course, excellent customer service doesn’t just happen; it requires training and it requires the position and viewpoint of customer service policy to be well-defined.

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Plan with Problems. Execute with Solutions.

Ask Benny

Minimal Backlog Policy Many things have been written about Zero Bug Policy and why it is good. How to build a roadmap while staying agile and lean, and why so many product teams do agile wrong.

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Why Commitment Culture Wins by Damian Hughes

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Bureaucratic: organisations are run by middle management, often based on policy, procedures, rules and regulations. This could be related to Netflix, and its “don’t tolerate brilliant jerks” policy.

Implementing Consumption-Based Licensing: How Software Usage Analytics Can Help


Progressive, for instance, has an offering that monitors driving behavior with a plugin or mobile app and takes that data into account when calculating payments versus leveraging only the actuarial calculations that are traditionally used to form policies. It is one of the factors driving changes in software licensing policies for enterprise software – including the demand for policies that meter software usage and charge for it based on consumption.

Citrix Troubleshooting 101: Frequently Asked Questions

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Take a look at the “Optimized for WAN” Citrix policy template within Citrix Studio, which will give pointers to configuring policy settings that can help improve performance over WAN. Other things to investigate is drive maps and printer mapping via Group Policy.

F Customer Feedback

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Here’s 3 top practical tips to get your started: Get a Product Feedback Policy in place Create a feedback library Communicate back So first off, make sure you create a Product Feedback Policy.

Product-Wide Software Licensing Strategy That Drives Compliance


The chain of events set in motion by SAP’s actions against so-called “indirect access” (where 5,800 users utilized SAP ’ s software engine on a single license through a third party application) was front-page news in the world of enterprise software compliance.

How Does Product Management Give you the Best Chance of a Successful Digital Transformation?

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Regardless of company policies, employees are now so used to using their own devices to manage their day-to-day personal activities, they will either continue to do so when working (without the necessary security provisions required to comply with data privacy regulations and company policies) or become increasingly frustrated at the lack of mobile solutions available to them.

7 Free Citrix Optimization and Monitoring Tools That You Cannot Do Without

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Microsoft Group Policy settings. Citrix Group Policy settings. Ensuring that a Citrix infrastructure is working well is no easy job! Here are several free tools and scripts that can help you with your daily activities. #1

Why Customer Success Managers Make Great Product Feedback Managers

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You can send out an internal email to staff, and you can let your customers know by updating your Product Feedback Policy, or by creating one if you haven’t already got one. Here’s a handy template that walks you through creating a Product Feedback Policy.

Data Protection: How to Prepare for GDPR by Creating a Culture of Stewardship

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As I mentioned in the GDPR article I believe a product person is the best placed to help a business implement a strong data protection policy – as you’ll have an understanding of how the data is used, and you’ll need to make sure any new features you roll out are compliant. Keep a clean desk policy in the office (i.e. the company moving the data around) must have a strong policy. Online payment provider Stripe, for example, has an excellent policy which covers this.

eG Enterprise Staffing Guidelines for Citrix Digital Workspace Services

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eG Administrator – Administers the eG Console and database, performs user management, sets policies for alarm, test, threshold, agent/license and configuration management. Manage Thresholds / Alarm / Maintenance / Mail Policies.

How Squarespace Addressed its Hidden Customer Segments

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Second, they considered the idea of changing policies, because the business models that they used didn’t always work for pro users. Next, they changed their policies.

How Can Product Managers Handle User Privacy

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Product Managers focus on how best to collect and exploit user data before creating a system to protect user privacy or write a privacy policy. Good UX and product practice means making privacy policies accessible, and this is what the GDPR now makes legally binding.

“I’ll Quit Unless…”

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So a more straightforward employee might say “I’ve been offered a job at Company X with more money and better title and generous work-from-home policy. (This post isn’t specific to product management, but a manager’s view of problematic communications.

GDPR: Who Should be Your Data Protection Officer?

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As the newly crowned DPO at my company I believe a product person is the best placed to help a business implement a strong data protection policy in readiness for GDPR next year: after all, a product person should have an overview of the business and know where data is used. Likewise your privacy policies and data protection policies may need to be reviewed. If there is appetite I’ll add some sample policies and risk registers to the Mind the Product Slack channels.

Leaving a Job? 5 Keys to Leaving a Positive Last Impression


Whatever your situation, honesty is the best policy. I’ve spent the past year as Marketing Coordinator at ProductPlan learning new skills, developing friendships, and working closely with a small team that achieves A LOT. It truly has been an invaluable experience for which I’m very grateful. Deciding to leave this company has not been easy. But it’s time for my next adventure.

Want to Land Speaking Engagements? Here’s How

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It’s important to keep in mind that most events have a policy of not paying speakers other than the keynote speaker, and possibly one or two featured speakers.

Product Trends to Watch in 2019

Mind the Product

I began my journey into systems thinking as a grad student studying public policy at NYU and I’ve been on the look-out for interesting thinkers in the space ever since. As 2019 gets underway, I’ve been enjoying taking stock of what we saw at Mind the Product Training over 2018. As a product manager I’m always looking for signals and patterns, and evaluating what early trends could mean for my products, and now for product practice.

How the Price of Victory led to Brexit

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By not committing from the inception of the European Union, Britain could not play an active part in the formulation of the policies and procedures according to how it was aligned.

Reducing Legal Exposure in Software License Auditing, a Data-Driven Approach


While the rulings and settlements were in SAP’s favor, the resultant widespread media coverage and “feedback” from the customer community was not as favorable, and ultimately, the vendor changed its licensing policies in response.

The Secret Ingredient For Perfect Product Marketing

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A Product Feedback Policy is a fantastic way of doing this. B2B SaaS companies pride themselves on constantly releasing new features and product improvements, but a lot of them fall flat when it comes to marketing those new releases.

California’s GDPR: The Impact of New Privacy Regulations on Product Teams

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Review (or define) your policies, roles and responsibilities for data management. Update your privacy policies (again). They say what starts in California, for better or worse, has an inclination to spread to the rest of the country. This may well be true of the Golden State’s new privacy regulation - the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018.

California’s GDPR: The Impact of New Privacy Regulations on Product Teams

Pragmatic Marketing

Review (or define) your policies, roles and responsibilities for data management. Update your privacy policies (again). They say what starts in California, for better or worse, has an inclination to spread to the rest of the country. This may well be true of the Golden State’s new privacy regulation - the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018.

Women in Product


I consider this one of the best new conferences for software engineers, and last year they had a very visible policy of non-discrimination, but this year they went further and offered “diversity scholarships” to try to actively increase the representation from under-represented groups. To me, that’s an example of not just having a policy against discrimination, but proactively working for meaningful change.

20 expert opinions on UI design trends for 2018


Allowing people to tick a box saying they’ve read a privacy policy will no longer cut it. Ensuring that people truly understand the policy will create new design challenges that I am personally looking forward to.”

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Product Love Podcast: Steve Johnson, author of Under10 Playbook


Privacy Policy. Skip to content. ProductCraft by Pendo. Subscribe. Best Practices. Perspectives. Profiles. Debates. Podcast. ProductStack. Podcast. Product Love Podcast: Steve Johnson, author of Under10 Playbook. By Eric Boduch – Aug. 7, 2018.