Protecting UX with Feature Policy

Modus Create

Modern applications use Feature Policy to: Enforce permissions. Feature policies can help control such access. Feature policies can also help guardrail performance by denying access to such code. They can also be used to ensure properly optimized images are transferred to the browser, which makes Feature Policies a desirable performance enforcing mechanism. For maximum effectiveness, use Feature Policies in development environments to enforce the contract early on.

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How Well Do Your Policies Create Desired Outcomes and Trust?

Johanna Rothman

Every organization has policies of some sort. The smaller the organization, the fewer policies you might have. And, the larger the organization, the more policies you might think you need. I keep encountering policies that prevent people from delivering the outcomes the organization wants. Worse, the policies destroy trust. Why have policies anyway? We often need policies about how and when we spend money. Your policies create your culture.


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How to Increase SaaS Renewal Sales Using Policies


A popular topic for TSIA members is around implementing policies for improving revenue performance and how to deploy these policies in an effective manner. When companies either fail to deploy effective policies or deploy policies in an ineffective manner, they leave themselves venerable for revenue leakage, high cost to renew, confusion, and generally, experience poorly optimized renewal outcomes


How Policy Can Kill your IoT Product (Even Before You Launch It) with ChargePoint

Daniel Elizalde IoT Blog

In this episode of the IoT Product Leadership podcast, we discuss how policy can kill your IoT product even before you launch it. Director of Public Policy at ChargePoint, the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations. Anthony is a seasoned expert on Public policy; specifically he is an expert on how policy impacts technology and business strategy.

Policy Solutions for Big Tech

The Product Coalition

This article is a commentary on the charges against big tech and some of the bolder policy solutions being explored around the world. Again a number of policies and laws may address this. Big Tech CEOs testify before a House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust Law, July 29, 2020.

8 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Policies You Should Consider Tweaking

eG Innovations

You thought about what policies should apply in the environment, however you can’t possibly know them all. So, what you will want to do is to before deploying anything to end-users is shift through all the Citrix Policies on offer and configure them appropriately based on business needs and end-user requirements. There are many policies available. There are a couple of policy settings, though, that I’d like to make you aware of specifically. Citrix Policy Name.

How An Ambassador Can Unchain Your Innovation Teams By Creating A Bridge With The Core Business


Yet, we often see companies do not have a clear policy for how innovation teams can leverage key assets within the core business. One of the biggest advantages of building a corporate startup is having access to the abundance of resources and technical know-how that a typical startup would not have access to. Organizational Culture Books Management

4 Challenges To Overcome For Successful Telemedicine Implementation


With state and federal policies greatly democratizing and promoting the use of telemedicine, the industry is currently witnessing a huge surge in adoption of telemedicine. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are rapidly implementing telemedicine into their regular workflows.

The One Question You Need to Answer as a New Product Leader


Is it people, process, policies, vision, etc? Outline The One Question What Could Inhibit My Ability to Succeed? What do I have control over and what do I not? Do I have the influence i need to change things for the better? Prioritizing Potential Problem Areas Eisenhower Model – Urgency vs. Importance Avoid the time vampires and zombie efforts It’s not you, it’s me… Make a Plan to Tackle. Source. General_PM Uncategorized

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The Customer Isn't Always Right

Under 10 Consulting

for the new policy. Many companies implement new policies after every unreasonable scenario. He said, “What you should have done…” and launched into a long policy discussion. She admitted she knew the policy but had just made a one-time mistake—which was why she was calling her boss. Is our current policy vague? If it’s happening often, it may be time to reconsider your policies Is there such a thing as a bad customer? Yes, sometimes.

Platform Management by Brandon Chu

Mind the Product

While tight restrictions and policies may help earn trust with consumers, it can have the opposite effect on developers. Your purpose, policy, and business model must be aligned. Your business model is what you reward to move your purpose forward, and your policy is what you punish as it goes against it. Give them the courtesy of keeping them updated on changes that will affect them, apply policy consistently, and work with them to make them successful.

Product Takeoff

Product Takeoff

Just six days later , Tesla announced a new policy at supercharger stations across the US designed to correct the issue. Every product has a lifecycle of Introduction, growth , maturity and decline.With digital disruption in the market place it is very critical that we design products that stay in the growth phase for a longer period of time.

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Which Way is Up? Selling in an Uncertain Market


There is not even agreement on the shape of the recession as it is tied to public health, government policies, economic factors, fear, and the ongoing willingness to social distance. Q2 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most challenging environments for B2B sales. Not only was there a mass migration of employees from the office to home, but there were massive layoffs, halted projects, and considerable uncertainty around how long and deep the recession will be.

How to Build and Sustain Organizational Resilience

Agile Velocity

Organizational policies and practices (centralized). Policies and Practices. Leaders also need to examine and re-shape organizational policies and practices to enable teams to better handle adversity with resilience and grit.

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Data in the News: A Win for User Privacy, a Setback for Business Analytics and Personalization


Cookies have always been included in digital security and privacy debates so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Apple and Google continue to create and reinforce policies for web browser cookies to find the right balance between privacy and business. A few weeks ago, both Apple and Google announced their latest cookie policy changes regarding third-party cookies. What are the new policies? Overall, the reactions to these policy changes have been somewhat mixed.

Remote Work COVID-19 Special Edition: Distributed systems of work specialist Tim Buzza

The Product Coalition

If you, your team, or your business has rapidly decided to introduce a mass work-from-home policy in response to the COVID-19 issue, you need to listen in to this episode to discover what to do and not do, for this to be successful. There are a LOT of mistakes you can make when introducing a work from home policy.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Classroom Training


What happens to education revenue when it is highly dependent on face-to-face training and most of the world is mandating social distancing policies Current conditions across the globe are forcing everyone to rethink everything, from the simple, like the best way to wash your hands, (saw a great video demonstration for this on LinkedIn) to the complex, like how the world should behave in the midst of a pandemic.

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

Product Bookshelf

Good strategy contains a diagnosis, guiding policy, and coherent actions. The kernel consists of a diagnosis, a guiding policy, and coherent actions. The guiding policy is the approach used to address the obstacles identified in the diagnosis.

4 Steps for Designing a Healthy Interconnective Infrastructure

Lead on Purpose

It is important to realize that it doesn’t only encompass interpersonal relationships, it also incorporates your communication channels, organizational structure, policies, procedures, … Continue reading → Integrity Trust Innovation performance relationships strategyGuest post by Yvette Bethel Your interconnective infrastructure is the framework that facilitates interpersonal and other work relationships.

Celebrating the Birth of Product Management With the Industry Leaders of 2020

Product Management Unpacked

I’m passionate about spreading the word so that we have more human-centered products, services, policies and laws in the world.”. Just a few months ago, CMU MS in Product Management Program celebrated a very special day – 05/13/31. It was on this day, 89 years ago that Procter & Gamble promotions executive Neil H. McElroy wrote a memorandum that gave birth to the field of Product Management.

EU Tour | Remote Work COVID-19 Special Edition with distributed systems of work specialist Tim…

The Product Coalition

EU Tour | Remote Work COVID-19 Special Edition with distributed systems of work specialist Tim Buzza If you, your team, or your business has rapidly decided to introduce a mass work-from-home policy in response to the COVID-19 issue, you need to listen in to this episode to discover what to do and not do, for this to be successful. There are a LOT of mistakes you can make when introducing a work from home policy.

Create More Management Transparency

Johanna Rothman

We need to understand our organizational constraints—the policies, procedures, and everything else that creates our culture. But much of the rest of the policies, procedures, salaries and criteria for promotion? The more people know, the more they will reinforce the culture those policies and procedures generate. Those include all the organization's policies and procedures. Create Transparency At All Levels Principle.

Digital Transformation and Product Management

Roman Pichler

Take, for example, an insurance policy that helps people protect their home, and the digital products that help customers select and buy the right policy. Then align the physical and digital assets to create a consistent user experience, no matter if the policy is bought online or in a branch, for instance. We do software, not insurance policies.” Recognise the Importance of Product Management.

Kanban Best Practices & Cheat Sheet

Agile Velocity

Make Policies Explicit. Making policies explicit helps create a shared understanding about how teams will move work through their system. Explicit policies for Kanban may include WIP Limits, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, approval processes, and general team working agreements. Explicit Policies: Facilitates consensus (agreement) around improvement suggestions and minimizes the chance of misconceptions and lack of understanding.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Security with Lambda at Edge

Modus Create

Although these protections are largely unnecessary in modern browsers when sites implement a strong Content Security Policy that disables the use of inline JavaScript (‘unsafe-inline’), they can still provide protections for users of older web browsers that don’t yet support CSP. Content-Security-Policy. The Content-Security-Policy header helps prevent the vast majority of XSS attacks.

January Product Update


We encourage our customers review our Terms of Service ( here ) and our Privacy Policy ( here ) to familiarize themselves with our personal information and data protection policies. We’ve launched some features that we think you’ll love. Here is our January recap of the latest product releases : Scheduled Reports. Project Filters. At Indicative, we value our customers’ feedback.

Project Management and the 3 Deadly Foes that Destroy Business Agility


If you were to ask project managers in some enterprises that have tried to integrate business agility principles into their policies and workflows, they will tell a sad and painful story about over-promising and under-delivering. Business agility is advertised as a way for enterprises work faster, smarter, and more successfully. What’s not to love about this trifecta of happiness?

Intercom’s response to the spread of Covid-19

Inside Intercom

We extended this to a mandatory work from home policy on March 13th and this will remain in place until at least the end of day on Friday, April 10th. This mandatory work from home policy is a precautionary and proactive measure to reduce exposure to Covid-19 and to keep our employees and communities safe. Given how rapidly the Covid-19 situation is changing, we expect our responses and policies to continue to evolve.

Black Lives Matter in the Workplace: How to Discuss & Educate Among Coworkers


Many cited discomfort or fear as reasons, offering organizations, leaders, and teams the opportunity to set up policies that encourage open, honest, and respectful conversation. .

Sleeping Giants – Nandini Jammi on The Product Experience

Mind the Product

Acceptable use policies. Acceptable use policies. Nandini Jammi started out in product marketing and growth, but after the US elections in 2016 her career took an unexpected turn when she joined Sleeping Giants, an organisation that aims to make bigotry and sexism less profitable. In this episode of The Product Experience, learn how to apply this ethos to your products, where they go, and your whole way of working. Quote of the Episode.

Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban (STATIK) for Scrum Teams

Agile Velocity

Story : As team members, we need to model how work, information, and decisions flow through our team/system so that we have visibility to where we will need to define explicit policies and potential bottlenecks as we design our kanban system.

Data Protection: How to Prepare for GDPR by Creating a Culture of Stewardship

Mind the Product

As I mentioned in the GDPR article I believe a product person is the best placed to help a business implement a strong data protection policy – as you’ll have an understanding of how the data is used, and you’ll need to make sure any new features you roll out are compliant. Keep a clean desk policy in the office (i.e. the company moving the data around) must have a strong policy. Online payment provider Stripe, for example, has an excellent policy which covers this.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and user analytics: What you need to know


Since the legislation passed last year by a landslide in both state houses, Mixpanel has been working hard on updating our privacy policies and also helping our customers meet their CCPA obligations. The right to prohibit a company from selling their information to a third party via a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on the site’s homepage and privacy policy page. Our Privacy Policy explains in depth what information we collect and how we use it.

Working Remotely? 5 Ways to Help Your Product Team Thrive

Product Talk

Today, in response to COVID-19 , many companies are instituting mandatory work-from-home policies. Product teams should be co-located. This is an often-repeated “truth” in our industry. This is making co-location impossible for many teams. Thankfully, this “truth” was already on its way to being retired. In fact, it was never true for many companies. We have dozens of examples of successful 100% remote companies— Automattic , InVision , and Zapier are a few that come to mind.

Black Lives Matter in the Workplace: How to Discuss & Educate Among Coworkers


Many cited discomfort or fear as reasons, offering organizations, leaders, and teams the opportunity to set up policies that encourage open, honest, and respectful conversation. .

Black Lives Matter in the Workplace: How to Discuss & Educate Among Coworkers


Many cited discomfort or fear as reasons, offering organizations, leaders, and teams the opportunity to set up policies that encourage open, honest, and respectful conversation. .

5 Ways the Product Community Can Inspire the World

Modus Create

In the last few years we saw many companies operating under the mentality that “working from home is not our policy”. Well, surprise, that policy just changed, suddenly, without being noticed. Yes, I mean the government and politicians, who are more focused on elections as a vanity metrics than people, the users of the policies they create – what if we all would start to think of the public policies as state features made to solve people’s problems?

2018: Product Feedback Trends in B2B SaaS

The Product Coalition

Here are the trends we have been seeing over the course of the year: Trend #1: Product Feedback is Part of Business Policy Thanks to Pietro De Grandi, Unsplash Imagine running support with no SLAs in place or taking on customers with no contracts… the lack of policy would make is extremely hard to set expectations and offer customers the service they deserve. SaaS companies are realizing that product feedback requires a business policy to properly manage expectations on both sides.

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Are Product Leaders Listening to Customers?

280 Group

Your customers expect you to ask them for feedback, and this feedback is a massive opportunity to essentially have an insurance policy on your roadmap, and to ultimately improve customer loyalty. As a product leader, your goal is to constantly provide a better product to deepen engagement, grow your revenue, and delight your customers. In order to do so, you need to listen—we mean really listen—to customer feedback.

Why Commitment Culture Wins by Damian Hughes

Mind the Product

Bureaucratic: organisations are run by middle management, often based on policy, procedures, rules and regulations. This could be related to Netflix, and its “don’t tolerate brilliant jerks” policy. In this ProductTank Manchester talk, Damian Hughes proposes that we should strive to create “commitment cultures”, as this kind of culture more often wins than other forms of culture.