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Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Product Manager

Mind the Product

Shaun Russell shares his journey into product management, sketching out the well-trodden path he took to getting started – reading, taking workshops, learning from peers, and so on. But being a product manager is really hard, and nothing can prepare you for it.

Effective Product Roadmaps

Melissa Perri

Product Roadmaps, in general, are confusing. The truth? Even the most experienced Product Managers still don’t have them fully figured out.

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Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

bpma ProductHub

Contributed by Greg Geracie. Actuation Consulting has been conducting research on what separates high performance product teams from the pack.

Are You Disrupting? 2 Tips for Innovation

Under10 Playbook

The managers in your organization who have most consistently delivered results in the past may be the least skilled at delivering success in new-growth businesses. -- Clayton M. Christensen , The Innovator’s Solution.

Mixing Qualitative & Quantitative Data with Storyboarding

Speaker: Tristan Kromer, Lean Agile Coach, Kromatic

Qualitative vs. Quantitative is a silly argument. Qualitative data from UXers should not compete against the quantitative data product owners need for their business model. Both are necessary to have a complete understanding of where the desirability of the product meets the viability of the business.

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A Product Manager’s Approach To Finding Love Online

The Accidental Product Manager

Love can be tricky to find online – unless a product manager helps out Image Credit: Moni Sertel. Let’s talk about love, shall we?

Product Management is About Making Mistakes

Mind the Product

Once upon a time, I met a product manager of a company who was leading a freemium model product, with some success.

Get Brochure: Professional Development and Training Courses Description

Spice Catalyst

The post Get Brochure: Professional Development and Training Courses Description appeared first on Spice Catalyst. Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing Product Planning Training

How to Create a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap

High Octane Product Management

Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. Atlanta, GA March 28, 2017: $795 per person. Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping Workshop. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to develop a strategic portfolio roadmap that drives new growth by shifting your inside-out product vision to an outside-in customer vision.

Creating the "Right" Product Roadmap With Data

Speaker: Sunil Parekh, Head of Product Management, SimplyInsured

Data can be qualitative or quantitative, and comes from multiple sources: customer interviews, product usage & funnel analytics, company financial performance, and internal stakeholders. How do you use that data to create a product roadmap that is aligned with your organization’s business needs?

Supercharge your team’s motivation

Lead on Purpose

The most successful companies have motivated leaders, and those leaders inspire motivation at all levels of the organization. Is it possible to create an environment where great work happens and everyone is motivated? There are organizations that advocate hiring the … Continue reading → Leadership Purpose accountability dedication motivation passion responsibility self-government

Innovation: Best Practice for Product Leaders

Mind the Product

In a world where the pace of change is constantly increasing and becoming more complex, can you really afford to stay still? Living and working in the United Arab Emirates, with its blindingly rich cities and unbelievably luxe lifestyles, I see that the value of innovation is obvious.

Importance of Product Positioning

Spice Catalyst

This video illustrates why it is vital to properly position a product or service in the market. Failure to do so will result in the problems illustrated here. Spice Catalyst teaches how to go about doing product positioning in its Product Market Strategy and Positioning Workshops and online courses.

Explaining UX to Kindergartners

Pragmatic Marketing

Plus a Few Lessons for UX Designers. A few months ago, my son’s kindergarten teacher asked me to share what I do after I drop my son off at school. I had to follow on the heels of one mother who is the vice principal of a middle school and another who is a professional stylist for children.

Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

Data analytics has transformed the way many product managers approach product enhancements, creating strong demand for product managers with skills and expertise in defining and analyzing product metrics to make more valuable product decisions. But there is one essential element that is often left out of the conversation, and that is strategy. How does my product decisions support the overall strategy of the business, and am I tracking the right metrics based upon that strategy?

The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

High Octane Product Management

Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. There’s a universal product management framework that takes product management, product marketing and sales enablement down to the lowest common denominator.

Product Management Workshops That Mean Business

Sequent Learning Networks Product Management Blog

The post Product Management Workshops That Mean Business appeared first on Sequent Learning Networks. BLOG PRODUCT MANAGEMENT

Why it is important to Agree on the Target Personas

Spice Catalyst

This video illustrates the typical problems that occur when a company does not agree on the persona that is being targeted. Spice Catalyst's Product Market Strategy and Personas workshops and online courses teach how to write a good persona. P39FDx-1LA

The Product Manager vs. the Strategist

Pragmatic Marketing

Your life is curated. The coffee you’re drinking, the videos you’re streaming and that pair of Converses you’re wearing—all your choices were driven by what was available and desirable. But who put those options there?

Hiring Agile Product Owners – Where to Find the Best Ones

High Octane Product Management

Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. What’s the ideal background for an Agile Product Owner and where should I look to find them? The Agile product owner is a hybrid role that’s part surrogate user and part product expert. The ideal product owner has strong expertise in the following areas: The job of the user — what they do, why they do it, how they do it and how they’re measured (on their performance review). How people use your products to do their job.

Get Brochure: Foundations in the Successful Management of Products

Spice Catalyst

Get Brochure: Foundations in the Successful Management of Products. The post Get Brochure: Foundations in the Successful Management of Products appeared first on Spice Catalyst. Newsletter Dave Product Management Product Marketing Uncategorized


Spice Catalyst

Foundations in Successful Management of Products. The post books appeared first on Spice Catalyst

That "Girl" From Procurement

Pragmatic Marketing

Organizations are only as good as the talent they employ, but finding that talent can be a massive challenge. Managers frequently rely on standard operating procedures and boring talk tracks to interview and fill open positions.

A Question About Pricing Models

Pragmatic Marketing

“Mark, I was in your pricing class yesterday (I was the obnoxious one wearing a baseball cap) and it was very informative, I learned a lot. “I know you’re very busy, and I apologize for the imposition, but one thing we didn’t go over were different pricing models.

A Practitioner's Guide to Product Message Maps

Pragmatic Marketing

Indulge me for a minute. Before you read this article, click on your company’s website and view the page associated with your flagship product. Jot down the key message headings. Now open the datasheet for that product and compare the message headings to those you wrote down. Do they match? Are they even close? If your company is like most, the answer is “no.”

Begin Your Revenue Marketing Journey

Pragmatic Marketing

What has changed so much about B2B marketing in the last few years that we’re now using a term like revenue marketing? In a nutshell: accountability. Ask yourself these two questions: Do you currently have any kind of revenue accountability? And if you don’t have revenue accountability today, will you be held accountable in the next 12 months? B2B marketers are in a period of extreme transformation.

What Does the VP of Product Really Do?

Pragmatic Marketing

I get a lot of emails every day. Some are from job candidates. Many are from customers. Plenty of junk as well. So when I get a thoughtful question from a friend, it stands out. The other day, I received just such an email. A friend working at an emerging B2B software company emailed me for some advice. He asked, “What do you recommend I do to become vice president of product?”

Product Training for Sales – More Buyer, Less Product!

High Octane Product Management

Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. Product training for sales is one of the more daunting tasks for product managers and marketers and one of the biggest product rollout challenges in high-tech companies. You’ve created textbook sales and marketing materials. You’ve spoon fed the information to the sales team on several occasions and in varying formats. You’ve accompanied them on sales calls.

Three Keys to a Successful Product Rollout

High Octane Product Management

Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. A product rollout is mostly tactical in nature and is focused primarily on internal readiness that prepares a company to market, sell, implement and support a new product, whereas a product launch is the execution of a marketing communications plan designed to call the markets attention to your value proposition. A successful rollout tees up a successful launch.

3 Dimensions of a B2B Product Portfolio Management Discipline

High Octane Product Management

Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. A product portfolio management discipline in B2B is more about your portfolio’s alignment to customer goals than it is to your own revenue and profitability goals. If you’re going to be a market-driven organization, everything needs to be aligned with the business goals of your target customers to ensure there’s a common focal point that’s meaningful across product, marketing and sales teams.