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This Is Not and Cannot Be “Business as Usual”

Johanna Rothman

Many organizations heeded the COVID-19 warnings and sent people home to work as remote teams. The managers want to proceed as if the people can work from home and have “business as usual.” ” They've made these requests to their staff: Work at home, as if you were at the office.

Three Tips for Managing Your Newly-Remote Day

Johanna Rothman

You're “working” from home. The kids are home, and you're supposed to lead their schooling. Your spouse is home. And, you're not supposed to go anywhere. Yeah, COVID-19 reality stinks. You CANNOT work the same way you did before.

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7 Tool Tips for Your Newly Distributed or Remote Team

Johanna Rothman

Yesterday, you worked in an office with everyone else. Today, you're supposed to work from home—and so is the rest of your team. And not just for the next few days, but for the next few weeks. What tools do you need?

Podcasts About Remote Teams

Johanna Rothman

Everyone's distributed/remote/dispersed in these days of COVID-19. Mark Kilby and I have had the pleasure of being guest on a couple of podcasts that released this week: We spoke with Shane Hastie at Agile 2019.

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Design Thinking for Product Teams: Leverage Human Insight Throughout Development

Product teams must increase their exposure hours with customers—seeing and hearing them. Human insights and the design thinking framework can be applied to your development cycle to help you build better products and experiences for your customers.

Five Meeting Tips for Newly-Remote Teams

Johanna Rothman

You probably went from the office to remote so fast, you're still recovering from the whiplash of working from home. I found the biggest change when I started to work remotely was how meetings changed. I've learned these tips over the years. You might find them helpful. Tip 1: Start With Cameras On.

Build Team Resilience: Work Together (Part 1)

Johanna Rothman

I've been working with clients who have brittle environments. Their brittleness doesn't show up all the time. When everything is good, they're able to finish work and deliver. But, someone checks in code that breaks something “over there.”

Effects of Separating “New” Work vs “Maintenance” Work

Johanna Rothman

Back when I was a manager, my senior management wanted to separate the “new” work from the “maintenance” work. I suggested that every new line after the first line of code was maintenance. The managers poo-poohed me.

Build Team Resilience: Shorten Feedback Loops (Part 2)

Johanna Rothman

This series is about helping a team create a less brittle environment—more resilience. Part 1 was about individual work. This part is about shortening feedback loops.

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Build Team Resilience Summary (Part 4)

Johanna Rothman

If you're like many of the teams I meet, you've sort of got a handle on things. You can release. Your product mostly works. And, then Something Happens. And, your team has trouble recovering. That's brittleness in the system. You can build resilience as a team.

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

In this eBook, we will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

Create & Manage the Project’s Bounds, Part 2 (Constraints and Floats)

Johanna Rothman

In Part 1 , I wrote about the origins of drivers, constraints, and floats. I needed them when we only could release the project once to the customers. You saw the questions that help people choose the project driver. What about the constraints and floats?

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Insubordination vs Caring About the System

Johanna Rothman

Do I advocate insubordination? Some of my Modern Management Made Easy technical reviewers wonder. And, when I looked at this definition of insubordination , I had to agree. However, when I read that definition, I don't see any mutual problem-solving. I also don't see any mutual purpose or respect.

Measure Cycle Time, Not Velocity

Johanna Rothman

I'm not a fan of measuring velocity. Velocity is a point-in-time measure of capacity. That means that when things change for the team or in the code, the velocity often changes. See Velocity is Not Acceleration.). Instead, I like to measure cycle time.

Build Team Resilience: Work “Anywhere” and “Anytime” (Part 3)

Johanna Rothman

When I started this series about team brittleness and resilience, I expected to discuss winter weather in the Boston area. Every year, we expect several large snowstorms. And, when it snows hard and long, we should stay off the roads so the plows can clear the snow.

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Announcement: Conference Proposal Book is Available

Johanna Rothman

I'm delighted to announce I published the Conference Proposal book! I collated all the conference proposal posts into a book. And, I added more content only available in the book. The book is through copyediting. You can buy it on Leanpub now in all electronic forms.

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Capitalizing Software During an Agile Transformation

Johanna Rothman

A client wants to know how best to calculate their software capitalization. They had a “standard” approach when they used waterfall. They no longer have all waterfall projects. They've started to use agile approaches. And, the projects don't all look the same.

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Create & Manage the Project’s Bounds, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

Do you know your project's bounds? Do you know what your sponsors want from your project? For many years, I heard about the “iron triangle.” ” Sometimes, the triangle was “Scope, Quality, Cost.” ” Sometimes, it was “Scope, Date, Cost.”

Cost and Value of Collecting Data

Johanna Rothman

Collecting data isn't free. There's a cost to every piece of data. There's also value. How do we balance the cost and value of data? As with all juicy questions, it depends. And, in general , the easier the data is to collect, the less value there is in the data.

Build vs Buy: 10 Hidden Costs of Building Analytics with UI Components

Many teams, as a logical first step, choose to build their own analytics with the help of UI components. But eventually you’ll find that doing it yourself and at scale has hidden costs. Consider these 10 factors when deciding whether you should build analytics features with UI components.

Geographically Distributed Agile Teams Webinar Dec 17, 2019

Johanna Rothman

I'm stoked to do a webinar with Tom Henrickson, 8 Principles for Successful Distributed Agile Teams. My slides are all ready. And, I bet Tom will ask me a question that sets me off on a rant. If you want to listen to me rant in real time, please join us.

Component Teams Create Coupling in Products and Organizations

Johanna Rothman

Many of my clients feel stuck with their component teams. They feel they must implement across the architecture, not through it. That's because the people are organized in component teams. As the organization grows, so does the number of component teams.

The Creation Experience Does Not Mirror a User’s Product Experience

Johanna Rothman

I wrote about how I felt about milestones after achieving a significant milestone last week ( How Do You Feel When You Achieve a Significant Milestone? ) I specifically wrote about my feelings.

Create a Conference Proposal the Conference Wants and Accepts, Part 6: Hook Your Reader with a Great Title

Johanna Rothman

You might wonder why I don't start writing a proposal with a title. In my experience, a great title is something I need to ponder and experiment with. I do often start with a placeholder title. When I developed this multitasking talk, I used this title: Stop the madness. End the multitasking.

More Effective Agile Leadership

Speaker: Steve McConnell, CEO, Construx Software

In this talk, Steve McConnell, CEO of Construx Software, distills hundreds of companies’-worth of real-world experience into the proven Agile leadership practices that work best. Steve will seamlessly thread together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all—creating an invaluable resource for Agile leaders, their teams, and their organizations.

Get Your Questions in for a Live Q&A on Remote Work

Johanna Rothman

Vasco Duarte of Scrum Master Toolbox fame has invited Mark Kilby and me to a Q&A about thriving with remote work. See Remote Work Live. Vasco is recording the sessions. My session with Mark is on Monday, March 23, 2020, 10 am Eastern. Yes, the page has time “translation.”). ”). Please do join us. We'll answer your questions live. The post Get Your Questions in for a Live Q&A on Remote Work appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

Product Roles, Part 1: Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Analysts

Johanna Rothman

We have many words for people who shepherd the business value of a product. The many words aren't a problem, as long as we can all agree on what these various people are and they take responsibility for.

Project Portfolio Problems Masquerade as Project Problems

Johanna Rothman

A potential client called me. “What's a good tool to see the state of my projects? I need a tool.” ” I asked, “What problems do you see?” ” “Everything is late. No one's synchronized. I can't tell where the projects are.” ” “How many projects do you have in progress?” ” “At least 100.” ” (I was pretty sure I now understood the problem.) “How many people do you have working on the projects?”

Summary for a Project’s Boundaries: Drivers, Constraints, & Floats

Johanna Rothman

In my experience, too many projects are under too much pressure. The sponsors want all of the features, completed in too-short time, with no defects.

Add User Tests to Your Agile Process: Reduce Risk in Shipping New Products

Agile has become the go-to methodology for companies that want to reduce the risk involved in shipping new products. But how do you prevent building items nobody wants? If you wait to get user feedback until after development, then you’ve waited too long.

Want to Work With Me to Start Your Consulting Practice?

Johanna Rothman

I'm conducting a Hudson Bay Start for a new offering: Advise, Influence, and Serve Clients for Mutual Profit: (Re)Start Your Consulting Practice. What do I mean? Several people have asked me for help in creating or sustaining their consulting practices.

Create & Manage the Project’s Bounds, Part 3 (Constraints and Floats for Infrequent Delivery)

Johanna Rothman

I wrote about how to pick a driver in Part 1. In Part 2 , I wrote about how you might finesse some of the constraints and floats if you can release frequently. What if you're like this organization, Acme? Acme has been working towards agility for the last couple of years.

Where I Think “Agile” is Headed, Part 1: Do You Need an Agile Approach?

Johanna Rothman

I spoke at Agile 2019 last week. I had both a great time and a heart-rending realization. The great time was meeting and reconnecting with people. The heart-rending realization is our industry is in big, big trouble. Here are my thoughts and where I think the “agile” industry is headed. Problems I See with “Agile” Here's a summary of problems I saw last week: Too many people think “agile” will solve all their problems.

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Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, or Product Owner?

Johanna Rothman

I spoke with a project manager recently. She told me her story. I used to facilitate project teams as a project manager. Why a project manager? Because the project had a beginning and an end. We had (and still have) too many products to keep the same teams on them for a long time.

Agile 65

3 Reasons to Prioritize On-Demand Customer Training

On-demand training is a powerful tool you can leverage to support new customer onboarding and ongoing education through the customer lifecycle. In this eBook, we’ll delve into the 3 key benefits of on-demand training for your customer onboarding process.

What Decision Will You Make Based on This Data?

Johanna Rothman

Does your team have to keep two sets of “books”? You have an agile roadmap to see where you're headed. You have a smallish backlog of the near/upcoming work. You're delivering on a frequent basis.

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